Friday, February 21, 2020

A Petkid #Photo And #Video Roundup - #Chinchilla #Westie #Cavapoo #Tortoise

Hi everyone. This is Logan the Cavapoo.

Mummy was playing with the flashy thing again recently, and she pointed it at us lots, so we thought you'd like to see the photos and videos it made. The ones Mummy didn't already show you herself anyway.

First, here's me, claiming my spot in what Mummy thinks is her chair. Ha! Keep dreaming, Mummy!

I'm 10 months old now, so take up lots of the chair. Inside I'm still just a little puppy though, so I did let Mummy share the chair after she said I could cuddle on her lap if I did. I love cuddle time! It's almost as good as food.

As Mummy told you herself, she made a playpen for the thing that moved in recently, which she says is a tortoise, which she won't let us play with (we aren't allowed to play with either the tortoise or the playpen). I think you already know the tortoise is called Artemis, even if you only come here for our posts on Fridays, since Artemis did a post on here a few weeks ago, and Mollie and Lilie both mentioned Artemis. Well, if you didn't, you do now. Either way, Artemis likes to wander around in the playpen Mummy made. I don't think it's much fun to watch, which is why Mummy was able to do some photos and videos while I played by myself nearby (you might hear my bell and tags jingling in the videos... If you can hear them over Mollie's TV shows and the stormy weather). Anyway, here's the photos and videos of Artemis wandering around in the little tortoise playpen, since you'll probably find it more interesting to watch than I did.

Now, this is something I can understand the tortoise being interested in. Artemis could spot another tortoise in the side of the playpen. Mummy says it's something called a reflection. Neither me or Artemis are sure what that means, but she says the same to me when I'm trying to make friends with the dog that floats outside the window when Mummy hasn't shut the curtains but the light is on some nights. I see the same dog in the bathroom mirror. It's so strange. Anyway, Mummy doesn't have a video of me making friends with the other dog, but she does have one of Artemis making friends with the other tortoise, and here it is.

Here's a photo of me again, just because I'm so cute:

Next, here's a closeup of Mollie, wanting to know what Mummy's doing pointing the flashy thing at us:

(I don't think she was too happy that Mummy pointed it at her when it was daytime... She doesn't seem to like getting up in daytime, and usually won't get up and say, "Hi," to me until dinner time, no matter how much I whine at her cage).

Mummy also got some videos with me and Lilie in. One where Lilie is barking...

A short one of me and Lilie playing together...

One of me and Lilie getting attention from Mummy...

(She put the camera on the table and made it film that one by itself).

And the last video Mummy got was one of Lilie impatiently waiting for Mummy to throw the ball, wishing she wouldn't drag it out so long. I don't blame Lilie for being impatient. Even I was starting to wish Mummy would throw the ball already.

Next, here are a couple of photos of me and Lilie:

Oh, and here's Artemis again, this time on the table, coming to check out Mummy's phone...

Mummy's phone had made noise, so she was seeing what it was about, and Artemis tried to look too, so Mummy did something with the phone that made it act like a camera, and took a photo of the tortoise.

Anyway, the last photo I have for you today is one of Lilie by herself. So, here it is:

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos and videos of us. Although, why wouldn't you? I mean, we're super cute... Especially me and Lilie!

Lots of licks,

P.S. Mummy says sorry if a lot of the photos and videos aren't great. It was stormy the day she did most of them (as you can hear in the videos... Especially the ones of Artemis in the tortoise playpen) plus she did them all herself, and because her eyes are broken she didn't realize it was dark enough that she should have put the light on in the living room (especially before trying to do videos).

Thursday, February 20, 2020

#AmReading + #AmWatching + #AmListening - Media Shares And #Reviews 20-02-20

The glory of a good tale is that it's limitless & fluid; a good tale belongs to each reader in its own particular way.
~Stephen King

Welcome to this week's weekly media shares and reviews post!

*Disclaimer: no matter what's being reviewed, all opinions in this post are entirely my own, and I reserve the right to have them, regardless of who may or may not share them. Feel free to express your own in the comments, but please respect my right - and the rights of other commenters - to have opinions that might differ from yours, and to express those opinions too.

Also, please remember that I read/watch/listen to things in a variety of genres, and for all ages, so you should make sure you check that the book/movie/show/song is suitable for the intended audience before reading/watching/listening to it, especially if children are involved. I take no responsibility for anything which may happen as a result of failing to do so.

If you want to know more about the book, or the author, click on whichever it is you want to learn more about, and it will take you to the appropriate page on Goodreads. Clicking on my rating should take you to my actual Goodreads review for the book in question. Please bear in mind that the format I've reviewed on Goodreads may not be the format I actually read.

Alternatively, if it's a movie or TV show you want to know more about, just click on the title to go to a page where you can find out more details about the movie or TV show in question; the title links will usually take you to a page on IMDB.

Unless otherwise stated, all music videos are via YouTube.

OK. Let's see what I've been reading, watching, and listening to, and which song I'm going to share this week, shall we? After all, that's the point of this post, and why you're here today, right?

  • Reading:
This week is another where I read a lot of short books, so ended up reading several, with the result that I read six books this week. All by the same author too. Yes, really. Like I said, they were short ones, though most definitely not because they were children's stories, so please bear that in mind. Anyway, here's what I read, along with my book reviews.

Male Lovers of Silvery Earth Volume 3Male Lovers of Silvery Earth Volume 3 by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I'm giving this the whole five stars, but my actual rating is 4.5 stars; I'm rounding up. Why? Because mostly the stories were fantastic, and in all cases the characters were interesting and the worldbuilding was wonderful, but I was a bit disappointed with the ending of "Princess Sapphire" which seemed to come too easily. Other than that though, this is another excellent collection of stories by this author, which are great additions to the overall series.

Relationships (5 Short Stories of Love and Friendship)Relationships by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a great collection of enjoyable and sweet stories.

Rogue (Star Minds Lone Wolves)Rogue by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is an excellent addition to this series, and it was great to get to learn more of Hal's story, while having more of the overall story filled in.

Mumbai DreamsMumbai Dreams by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
A sweet and enjoyable quick read.

Joint OperationsJoint Operations by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a fast-paced action-packed read, with great characters and an interesting plot.

More Fairy Tales Revisited on Silvery EarthMore Fairy Tales Revisited on Silvery Earth by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
These are really quite sweet fairy tale retellings. If you're a fan of m/m romance - or simply don't object to happily ever after not always being between people of different genders - and enjoy a good fairy tale retelling, you'll enjoy these stories.

  • Watching:
This week I watched very little. I watched Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and a few random episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" that happened to be on TV when I was in the living room. But that's it.

  • Listening:
This week I've been listening to a lot of different music, including "One Of A Kind" - the new song by one of my favourite artists, Ronan Keating (featuring Emeli Sandé) - which is the song I'm sharing with you this week.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

#WriterWednesday: Writerly #Quotes And Links + #WritersLife 19-02-20 - #AmWriting

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the music the words make.
~Truman Capote

This week wasn't nearly as productive as the past couple had been. I got some writing done, but very little, because the cold/flu thing had me feeling so drained it was taking me a while to get anything done. But never mind. I'm happy I got any writing done at all, so I'm not complaining.

No one can take writing away from u, but no one can give it to u, either
~Meg Wolitzer

Are you struggling to actually sit down and get some writing done, despite knowing you should, and wanting to write that book you keep saying you'll finish? Then take a look at these simple strategies for writing when you'd rather do literally everything else. You'll be glad you did. After all, it's not (just) about how much time you spend writing.

Bear in mind, talking about writing isn't a substitute for actually writing. So, what are you going to write today?

If you write 10k a day, you will end up with a book. If you write 1k a day, you will end up with a book. If you write 500 words every Tuesday, you will end up with a book. If you write 100 words before bed, or 50 whenever you can, you will end up with a book.
~Victoria Schwab

Whatever you're writing, remember: there are reasons why you should always finish your drafts, no matter how long it takes you to do so.

Sometimes, the best time to write is when no one's reading. But, if you're in the situation where you're getting all the work, none of the reward (yet) and it's getting you down, find ways to reward yourself for your work while you're trying to reach the point where you'll see your efforts paying off.

The hardest part is believing in yourself at the notebook stage. It's like believing in dreams in the morning.
~Erica JONG

Next, here's the 1 thing writers fear most (and how to keep writing anyway).

Of course, there will be moments where you're going to doubt whether or not it's all worth it. But, you know what? In some ways, doubt is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Yes, really.

Why write? To write. To make something.
~Claude Simon

OK, let's assume you're actually writing. So...

If you're a romance author - especially if it's romantic comedies you write - check out these posts on the things your female character needs to have and essential 'abilities' of the romantic hero.

When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.
~Ernest Hemingway

No matter what genre you write in, or the kinds of characters your book contains, check out these foreshadowing tips, and help the lead up to your book's main event be an exciting one.

Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.
~Stephen King

Have you considered the potential possibility of the duel use of fiction meta-content to both work on worldbuilding and character development, and also create content for marketing purposes at the same time? If you're the kind of person who does a lot of planning and outlining, perhaps you should consider it. If you want to read more about this idea, here's part 1 and part 2 of the series on the topic.

Keep your head in the clouds and your hands on the keyboard.
~Marissa Meyer

Speaking of things you can potentially use to aid in your marketing efforts: a lot of people say you should have social media - like Twitter, for example - if you're a writer. Well, maybe. Maybe not. After all, Twitter is distracting. It's also extremely beneficial to aspiring writers sometimes though. Same goes for all forms of social media. The thing is, you don't "have to" have them, but they can be great ways of connecting with fans, as well as like-minded individuals. Just remember to use them wisely, and not let yourself get sucked in to scrolling through your newsfeeds when it's meant to be writing time. Not that I know what that's like or anything. *whistles innocently*

Everything can nourish the writer. The dictionary, a new word, a voyage, an encounter...a book, a phrase learned.
~Anais Nin

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Being Featured, A Typing #Tortoise, Hoover Monsters, #StormDennis, Lingering Colds, And Delayed #ValentinesDay Plans

I was featured in this post about describing blindness to others, after having responded to Holly's Tweet on the topic recently. Feel free to check it out. In fact, if you want to understand more about what it's like living with blindness, Holly's blog would be a great one to explore in general, so you might want to go check out some of the other posts on Life Of A Blind Girl when you get the chance.

In the meantime, I'm going to fill you in on the things that happened during the past week, with a little help from Artemis...

Hmmm... Looks like Artemis wants to follow in Mummy's footsteps and do some writing. The tortoise will have a book out one of these days at this rate. Might take a while though... Artemis is fast for a tortoise, but... Well, Artemis is still a tortoise, and they aren't known for speed as a rule. Plus, poor Artemis is so light at this point the keyboard's keys were barely getting pressed when the tortoise was stepping on them.

In case you're wondering: yes, that is the hoover you can hear in the background. Kelly was using it in the other room. That's actually why Artemis was in the computer room with me... Apparently the tortoise doesn't like the hoover, since every time we use it in the room Artemis is in, the tortoise ends up getting agitated, and then has to be rescued from behind the tortoise cave in the vivarium. So I took Artemis out of the room this time around. It made for a much happier tortoise.

Luckily, Logan has no interest in Artemis, since he was in with us (he also hates the hoover monster). Mollie just ignores it, so thankfully she was fine. As for Lilie... Lilie tries to play with it. Yes, really. Especially if we're using the hose part to reach in to corners or whatever. One of these days, I'll try and get you a video to show you what she does.


There's still no sign of my snow. The promised snow didn't come, and then the snowy clouds went back North. We had a day where it was still quite chilly and windy, but sunny enough that I sat in a ray of sunshine for a while with Artemis so the tortoise could soak up some natural ultraviolet rays (something Artemis loves, which is also good for the tortoise). After that it went back to being rainy and the weather got really bad again.

As you may or may not know, we had a storm with a name again on the weekend. Storm Dennis. Or possibly Storm Denis, since nobody seemed sure whether it should have one "n" or two (though the version spelled "D.E.N.N.I.S" was most often used). At least it didn't have as many variations as the previous one, which nobody seemed sure whether to call Caira, Ceira, Ciara, or Ciera (I saw all four of those used by various sources to talk about the same storm). Not that the name really matters, especially not to those dealing with the damage the storms caused. Consistancy would be nice though. Either way, here's a short clip we took of Storm Denis on Saturday around lunch time:

And here's a longer one from a few hours later:

Yes, that's Lilie barking towards the end of the video. She has a habit of doing that.

As Kelly is in the middle of pointing out at the start of the video, there are other videos of Storm Dennis on YouTube too. Feel free to check those out later if you want, though I didn't grab links for any, so you'll need to look for them. A lot of them are likely better than mine, but I wanted my own to share. Kelly obviously got the hint when I shouted from the other room that I knew those existed, but those weren't my videos, because he kept recording the clip for me anyhow - or clips, rather, since he did both - as you can see from the fact the clips exist. *wink*

So, that was Storm Dennis, or Denis, or whatever.

Whatever the storms were called, both caused a lot of damage, which it looks like people won't have much time to clean up before the next big storm is due to hit, since that's due later this week (it's meant to be another very stormy weekend).

Anyway, apart from the fact there hasn't been much oppertunity for seeing the sun recently, soaking up some vitamin D from the sun between storms was probably a good thing for me as well as Artemis, especially since this cold/flu thing of mine is still lingering, so any extra vitamins of any sort that I could get were probably a good plan. It's had me feeling really drained this past week, so I've done very little that wasn't essential, and most of the non-essential things I did involved petkid playtime. Although, I suppose I could argue that petkid playtime is essential. Lilie would certainly say it is, and I expect Logan would agree. Mollie and Artemis - while not as quick to demand attention as the dogs - are usually glad for some attention too, so they might even agree with Lilie on this one as well. *wink*

The only other thing worth mentioning is that it was Valentine's Day this past Friday. Yes, I know you knew that. Anyway, we didn't do anything for it. We're having a late meal for it this coming Friday though. We'll either go somewhere after taking the dogs to the groomer, or order something for delivery after we're home, depending on whether Oscars is open, what the weather is like, and how I'm feeling. That's all we plan on doing to celebrate Valentine's Day. As I said to someone last week: we do stuff for each other all year round, so it's not a big deal if we do little or nothing for Valentine's Day. I do like to at least acknowledge it though, even if we don't do much, and what little we do is happening a week late.

At least this year, despite not feeling well because of this cold/flu thing, I wasn't feeling quite as bad as I had been last Valentine's Day, when I was only a week post surgery, so in a lot of pain (not to mention, dealing with what turned out to be allergies to the pain medication). Yeah... Last year I really didn't care that it was Valentine's Day, that's for sure. I'm sure you don't doubt that. *wink*

So, as I said on Facebook and Twitter that evening, I spent Valentine's Day like I spend almost every day: enjoying the company of those I love... Mollie, Lilie, Logan, and Artemis. Oh, and Kelly too, of course. *wink*

Anyway, that was my week. How was yours?

Monday, February 17, 2020

#Love & #Friendship #Quotes + Words Of #Wisdom For #ValentinesDay 17-02-20

Since Valentine's Day is this month, all the quotes in my Monday posts for February are about love or friendship. Enjoy!


Never lie to your partner even if the truth might hurt them. Lying loses trust.

Sometimes, being strong is to forgive in the name of love, to make someone smile when our own heart is broken, to comfort a friend when we ourselves needed help and to keep faith when we have lost hope.
~Brigitte Nicole

Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.
~A. W. Pinero

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.
~Barbra Johnson

Stop worrying about being that perfect person, because no one is perfect. Put your focus on being that right person that will love, understand and care for that other.
~Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Feelings should always be allowed to be free. You should not judge a future love by past suffering.
~Paulo Coelho

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.
~Martin Luther King

The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe.
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.
~William Wordsworth

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
~Marcus Aurelius

Friday, February 14, 2020

Friends Of #FurkidFriday: Bond

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the Westie.

I've got a new friend for you to meet today, so let's see who it is, shall we?

Hello friend, what’s your name? If you have an unusual name, or there’s an interesting story behind it, I’d love to hear about what your name means, or the story behind it, so please share.

My name is Bond. My full name is Mr. Bond, and I prefer my catnip shaken, not stirred. I’m a tuxedo cat, and my human sibling came up with my name. When I was rescued from the shelter, my name was Brad, but that was also the name of my human sibling’s best friend. It could have been weird for everyone if my family hadn’t changed it.

Yeah, that would have been pretty confusing. Oh, and I'll bear that in mind about the catnip. Personally, I'm not allowed any. Anyway, Bond, I know you're a cat, but what species and breed are you?

I’m a tuxedo cat, black and white, with a white chest.

Black and white, you say? That could mean some interesting markings, so please describe your appearance in more detail. Of course, I have the photo you provided to show everyone in a moment, but please describe yourself too, for the benefit of those who can’t see the photo.

Plenty of people have commented about my shiny coat and how handsome I am. If you look at my picture, you’ll see that they’re right. My eyes range from green to gold depending on the light, and I also have a little white mustache. Some people say it looks like a Hitler mustache—whatever that means. All four paws are white, too.

I don't know what the Hitler mustache comment means either, but I do know those who say you're handsome are right, because you are. Also, that's cool about your eyes. So, Bond, what sort of place do you live in? Who do you share it with?

My forever home is in Kentucky with my parents, and I have two human sibling brothers, but I don’t see them as often. One is at someplace called college and the other has a grownup job. Sometimes when he visits, he brings his cat, Sora. She used to be pretty small and I had fun intimidating her and swiping her toys. But not anymore. She grew, and now when she’s here, she claims my cat tower as her own, sleeps in my bed, and plays with my toys. There’s been quite a disturbance in the force, and the balance of power has shifted.

Sorry Sora has claimed the spot of top cat now. Logan tried to do that when he started getting bigger too, but I soon put a stop to that. I'm top dog around here. Anyway, when you're not dealing with Sora's attitude, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I like to sit on the screened porch and watch birds. Mom also puts me on a leash, which some people think is weird for a cat, and lets me out on the patio. One time I actually caught a bird and tried to take it inside to play with it. Mom kind of freaked out and took it away from me. I never understood what the big deal was.

Ah, yes. The humans have a thing about us dogs and cats not grabbing the birds and squeaky things. Not sure why. I mean, we only want to play with them. Speaking of playing, do you have a favourite toy? If yes, what is it?

My favorite toys are balls with bells inside and feathers attached, but I usually rip them off and leave them scattered around the house. If I can’t rip feathers off birds, that’s the next best thing. Sometimes I take the bells out of the balls and hide them. Mom says she can’t figure out how I do it, but that really doesn’t surprise me. Cats are more intelligent than humans.

Yes. Cats and dogs are both more intelligent than humans. Well, most of us. That fact is debatable where Logan is concerned. Regardless, sticking on the subject of favourite things, what’s your favourite food?

I’ll only eat one brand of dry food. When I first came to live here, Mom gave me some smelly stuff in a can, but I tried to cover it up. I also get some pretty tasty cat treats every day. People food doesn’t really interest me—unless it’s popcorn or cheese. Feta cheese and blue cheese are my favorites. I’ve gotten in trouble for helping myself to some in Mom’s salad when her back was turned.

At least you know what you like. As for you helping yourself to your Mom's cheese... Well, she shouldn't have had it within your reach if she didn't want you to share. Hey, speaking of your Mom, what’s the one thing your human does that you love most?

Putting me on my leash outside. In the fall on nice days, my parents like to sit on the patio—Dad watches football and Mom reads—and I’ll lay in the sun or curl up on the couch beside Mom and nap. Football Sundays are good days.

That definitely does sound good, and I can see why you'd love it so much. But we all know it's not always nice things like Football Sundays with the humans, is it? So, tell me, what’s the one thing your human does that you hate most?

Most cats seem to like it, but don’t get that brush thing around me. I might tolerate it for a few seconds, but then it’s just annoying and I attack it and the hand holding it.

Sorry you don't enjoy being brushed. I'm a big fan of it myself. Anyway, Bond, I know your human is a writer. Has she written anything about you? If yes, can you tell us about it? If no, do you think she will in the future?

She hasn’t written about me, but the idea for her first book came from their black cat, Shadow, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge before I lived with Mom and Dad. Since he inspired the story, Mom put a black cat in the book named Eby, short for Ebony. Seems fair to me. Maybe I’ll get my own story someday.

That's interesting about the cat in her first book, and I hope she does write a story featuring you one day. In the meantime, what do you do while your human writes?

I usually hang close. She talks to me a lot and asks for my opinion on things. Sometimes I’ll curl up beside her or she’ll write in the kitchen where she can watch me while I’m leashed on the patio. She doesn’t seem to like it when I walk across the laptop.

That's great that she asks for your opinion on things. I hope she's sensible enough to take your advice. Not sure what her problem about you walking across the laptop is, but when I mentioned it to Mummy, she said she didn't blame her for that. Humans! Anyway, I hear cats sleep a lot, and you're probably due for a cat nap, so I should let you go. Before you go though, is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

I’d really like people to know that because of some silly superstitions, black cats are the last to be rescued from shelters, if they’re adopted at all. My parents and their friends who’ve also chosen black cats say they’re full of personality and have a lot of unconditional love to give. And I promise we don’t come with any curses or bad juju. Give us a chance.

That's a great message to send out to people. Mummy says she agrees with it too. In fact, she says she had a black cat before - a long time before I was born - and agrees about the personality. So, people, give black cats a chance!

Thanks for inviting me over, Lilie! I don’t get many interview requests—even though I’m usually lying right beside Mom when she writes. More blogs should interview pets. We’re far more interesting than humans.

You're very welcome, and I completely agree! Thanks for coming over, and feel free to let any other animals you know who live with writers know we want to interview them, so they can get in touch too - regardless of what species they are.


About the human:
Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium. She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat. Her first novel, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was a horror finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Visit her online at

Contact Links:


Subject A36
If genetic engineering could guarantee you and your family perfect health and unparalleled beauty, would you pay top dollar for it? Would you kill for it?

Residents of the Colony would. And do.

Only the Insurgents can stop them.

Seventeen-year-old Asher Solomon is a premier operative with the Insurgents. He and his team have rescued countless hostages, saving them from painful deaths in Colony labs as desirable genetic traits are stripped from their bodies.

He's also suffered more losses than anyone should have to.

Then Asher gets intel that might give his people the upper hand. The Colony is searching for Subject A36. If the Insurgents determine the subject's identity first, they might be able to turn the tide of the war.

Asher and his team embark on their riskiest mission ever, and the stakes have never been higher. But even if he survives the physical dangers, the devastating secrets he uncovers might destroy him.

Grab your copy today from Amazon US or Amazon UK.


I hope you enjoyed getting to meet Bond, and learn more about him and his human, Teri. Show them how much you did by leaving a comment, or sharing this post. Better yet, make us all very happy by doing both!

By the way, we're always eager to make new friends, and looking for guests. It doesn't matter to us if you're furry, feathered, scaled, or whatever, we want to hear from you. So, if you're a bird, cat, chinchilla, degu, dog, fish, gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, rat, tortoise, or other non-human creature, you share your home with a human calling themselves a writer - yes, blogging counts - and you'd like to be our guest, please get in touch. To find out how, go to the "PetKid Pals" page (which used to be the "Friends Of Furkid Friday" page, but we're in the middle of changing things, so it will be "PetKid Pals" from now on) where you can not only find out how to get your turn in the spotlight, but can also meet all the PetKid Pals we've had as guests in the past. Don't forget to tell your friends to get in touch so we can get to know them too!

In the meantime, thanks for visiting.

Lots of licks,

Thursday, February 13, 2020

#AmReading + #AmWatching + #AmListening - Media Shares And #Reviews 13-02-20

A story can be like a mad, lovely visitor, with whom you spend a rather exciting weekend.
~Lorrie Moore

Welcome to this week's weekly media shares and reviews post!

*Disclaimer: no matter what's being reviewed, all opinions in this post are entirely my own, and I reserve the right to have them, regardless of who may or may not share them. Feel free to express your own in the comments, but please respect my right - and the rights of other commenters - to have opinions that might differ from yours, and to express those opinions too.

Also, please remember that I read/watch/listen to things in a variety of genres, and for all ages, so you should make sure you check that the book/movie/show/song is suitable for the intended audience before reading/watching/listening to it, especially if children are involved. I take no responsibility for anything which may happen as a result of failing to do so.

If you want to know more about the book, or the author, click on whichever it is you want to learn more about, and it will take you to the appropriate page on Goodreads. Clicking on my rating should take you to my actual Goodreads review for the book in question. Please bear in mind that the format I've reviewed on Goodreads may not be the format I actually read.

Alternatively, if it's a movie or TV show you want to know more about, just click on the title to go to a page where you can find out more details about the movie or TV show in question; the title links will usually take you to a page on IMDB.

Unless otherwise stated, all music videos are via YouTube.

OK. Let's see what I've been reading, watching, and listening to, and which song I'm going to share this week, shall we? After all, that's the point of this post, and why you're here today, right?

  • Reading:
This week was another busy reading week. Most of what I read were short books, which meant I ended up reading six books during the past week. So, here's what I read, along with my book reviews.

The Lords Of Terra (The Horus Heresy Primarchs)The Lords Of Terra by L.J. Goulding
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I've been reluctant to read more of these books, since I found the ones I have read kind of dark. But I'm taking part in a reading challenge where the whole point is to read something you've been reluctant to read, so read this anyway. As it happens, I'm glad I did, since I really enjoyed it. Yes, it's dark - and quite gory in places, especially the third of the stories - but I still devoured all three stories in one sitting. A new favourite? Definitely not. But I'm glad I read it.

The Case of the Mystery of the Bells: Davey & Derek Junior Detectives, Book 6The Case of the Mystery of the Bells: Davey & Derek Junior Detectives, Book 6 by Janice Spina
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was another great mystery by this author, which makes for a fun addition to this series, as well as an enjoyable read in its own right. The characters are wonderful, and I'm enjoying watching them grow and learn, while the story - which is a fantastic combination of mystery and paranormal elements - unfolds.

Subject A36 (The Colony, #1)Subject A36 by Teri Polen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I was eagerly anticipating this book, having thoroughly enjoyed the author's previous books, and was a little worried my hopes for it were so high I'd end up disappointed. I needn't have worried; I was not disappointed. This is a gripping read, with wonderful world building, a great cast of realistic and relatable characters, and an action-packed plot full of surprises. It had me hooked from the start, and took me on an emotional rollercoaster throughout, leaving me breathless at the end, but eager for another wild ride. The ending is tied up enough to leave a cliffhanger hater like me satisfied, while remaining open enough that I'd have immediately reached for the next book had it been out and available to read, because I'm desperate to know what happens next.
*NOTE: I was given a free advanced copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This fact has in no way influenced either my opinion of this book, or the contents of my review. All opinions given here are my own.

Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in WordsLife’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words by Sally Cronin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is an absolutely delightful collection of beautiful stories and poems, exploring a wide variety of genres and topics, and often featuring animals. It's impossible to pick a favourite, because they're all so well told, and stir the emotions and senses in one way or another. I devoured the book in one sitting, and would have gladly stayed up past bed time to continue had there been more of it to read. This is not the first book I have read by this author, and it most definitely will not be the last either.
*NOTE: I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This fact has in no way influenced either my opinion of this book, or the contents of my review. All opinions given here are my own.

Topsy and Tim: The Complete Audio CollectionTopsy and Tim: The Complete Audio Collection by Jean Adamson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a cute collection of stories, all of which are just as good as I remember from when I read them as a child.

Royal BloodRoyal Blood by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a great collection of tales, which are wonderful additions to the series, as well as being excellent stories in their own right. "TheWiddow" especially was a fantastic story.

  • Watching:
This week I watched the old animated "Dumbo" movie again (just because it was on). I caught snatches of several other Disney movies I've seen several times in the past too, since I had the Sky Disney Cinema channel on for Mollie, since I put it on as a quick option when she wasn't liking something on the other channel, and left it on when she seemed to be enjoying watching it (based on her sitting on one of the ledges in her cage, snacking on something while staring at the TV). I think I've found something other than crime shows that Mollie enjoys.

I also watched more of "NCIS" season 13. I might have finished it, but I also ended up watching some of season 12 again, because I asked Kelly to put it on for me, and he thought I was still on season 12, since I'd left the DVD on the coffee table (I'd forgotten to put it with the ones I'd already seen). When I was finding the episodes familiar, I thought at first it was where I'd seen some of the episodes randomly on TV. I only realized when I went to change disks (after having watched two DVDs, since Kelly changed the disks the first time they needed it, as well as having put the first one on, because I had Artemis in my arms both times) that something wasn't right. Oh well, I enjoyed watching the episodes again anyhow, and I know Mollie won't mind it taking me a bit longer to move on to a different show. *wink*

  • Listening:
This week I've been listening to mainly love songs, or music with an element of that kind of theme to it, because I could, and because it's the month of love, what with Valentine's Day being tomorrow and all that. With that in mind, here's "Truely Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

#WriterWednesday: WriterlyLinks And #WritersLife 12-02-20 - #AmWriting

A writer is a person who cares what words mean, what they say, how they say it. Writers know words are their way towards truth and freedom, and so they use them with care, with thought, with fear, with delight.
~Ursula K. Le Guin

Despite having a bit of a cold - though I have at least managed to stop it from becoming more than a bit of the sniffles, and a slight cough - so not feeling 100% during the past couple of weeks, it's been a much better couple of writing weeks for me. In fact, the past two weeks were excellent and extremely productive ones when it comes to my writing. Possibly - in fact, almost certainly - helped by the fact Lilie has decided naps are sometimes acceptable again. Plus, my current sleep schedule has me getting up early, and it's always easier to write when I'm up before anyone but Mollie of the petkids is alert and playful, so that's no doubt helping a lot too.

I managed to do quite a bit of work on the story I've been calling my main writing project - which is a story about dogs, inspired by Lilie and Logan, if you're interested (though I'm not telling you more than that until closer to when I'll be releasing it) - so it's now not so messy. It still needs some work, but it's looking a lot better at this point, and coming along very nicely, if I do say so myself.

I also wrote a few new poems. Actually, a lot of them, especially during the first Sunday of February, since it was a large part of what I did to celebrate Imbolc, as you'll know if you read my first Tuesday post of the month. Though I didn't mention in that post that part of that involved having fun with some poetry forms I don't use much, playing with a couple of the forms on these lists of poetry forms and Welsh poetic forms (I know I've shared the first link on here before, but not sure about the second). I only played with a couple of the forms, but got so in to it that I wrote something like eight poems. Added to the ones I'd written throughout January, and the couple I've written since Imbolc, this means I've already written two thirds of the number I wanted to write in 2020. In other words, I've so far written 20 poems this year.

So, like I said, a fun - and very productive - couple of writing weeks for sure!

Just as a good rain clears the air, a good writing day clears the psyche.
~Julia Cameron

If you're not having as much luck with your own writing, and it's because you just can't focus, take a look at this post on how to write when your 'focus mode' is broken. Hope it helps.

I learned to produce whether I wanted to or not. It would be easy to say oh, I have writer’s block, oh, I have to wait for my muse. I don’t. Chain that muse to your desk and get the job done.
~Barbara Kingsolver

If you write poetry like I often do, along with the links I posted above for the different poetry forms, you may find and useful. I think I may have posted the second of those links before, but it's a good one to have handy when writing poetry, since a lot of forms rely on counting syllables, so it's worth sharing again anyhow.

By the way, if you write stories, have you ever considered writing your story as immersive fiction? If you have - or even if you haven't, but my question made you want to read more about that idea - check out this advice on how to write immersive fiction, and help your readers really get inside your main character's mind.

Speaking of getting inside the mind of your character, here's an interesting post prompted by an author's dark running, which reminds us of the importance of drawing on personal experiences to put yourself in the minds of your characters, especially in situations where they might have to overcome fears, like the fear of the dark, for example.

You are safe inside your mind. No one can reach you there.
~Stephenie Meyer

Sticking on the theme of characters for a moment, here's a great post about writing the mentor archetype.

Also, still on the theme of characters: here are some ways you can make your protagonist more proactive, so your readers will be more likely to feel their story is worth reading.

A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.
~G.K. Chesterton

Remember: a writer's worst enemy isn't time management or a bad idea, it's the need for instant gratification. It takes hours and hours of working on your book before you'll have anything you can even show people to get feedback on it. Then takes just as long - likely longer - to build up enough of a following that people will notice when you publish something. So you need to be prepared for that. Make your own goals and milestones, and reward yourself when you reach them.

The writing life is essentially one of solitary confinement – if you can't deal with this you needn't apply.
~Will Self

Though it most often is a solitary activity, there are times when writing isn't a completely solitary activity, and you'll have to work with others - especially if you plan to publish. This means others sometimes the things on your to-do list will rely on others to do their part before you can check them off. But there are reasons why you can't set writing goals that (directly) involve other people. So just bear that in mind. You can make your goals work though, if you set the right ones. After all, anyone can achieve a writing goal - even if you never have before. So write every day - or at least on a regular basis - and make your goals ones you can be in control of. Then one day you'll achieve yours.

Just bear in mind that, while you can still do all the things you love as well as writing, if you want to make more time for writing, you'll have to give up these three things, because creating writing 'practice' time should be your first priority.

Oh, and this is how to set writing goals if you're bad at setting writing goals.

Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.
~Ray Bradbury

By the way, if you write for a middle grade audience, check out this post about writing the middle grade novel.

Even if you don't write for middle grade readers, here are some tips for writing for different age groups.

No matter what age you write for though, watch for those times when the plot of a story gets something wrong.

It takes a heap of sense to write good nonsense.
~Mark Twain

Next, here are some ways keeping a journal makes you a better writer, so you might want to consider doing it. I don't these days, but always used to... I went through quite a lot of journals and notebooks over the years. It may not be something that works for you, but it's worth thinking about the idea of keeping one. After all, as the post points out, there are ways it could potentially improve your writing. Or at least help you organize your thoughts about your writing future.

Everything you write is valuable. I’m finding that stuff I wrote a few years ago and shelved because I didn’t feel it worked is now slotting into place in my current project. Never delete anything. The future you will thank you for this.
~Lucy Mitchell

Speaking of organizing your thoughts (and feelings) as much as possible: if you suffer from anxiety - or even if you don't - you might want to check out these survival tricks for a creative's anxiety. If you're someone who needs to make use of things like that, I hope they help.

Finally, here's some advice for when life immitates fiction.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Medical Mutterings, #Vegan #Recipe Experiments, #Tortoise Playpens, And #StormCaira

Happy Tuesday! At least, I hope it's a happy one.

I appear to still be sick; my cold and cough are still lingering. I've thought they were getting better a few times, but apparently not. I'm still sniffly and coughing, especially at night and first thing in the morning. It starts to look like it's going to stop, and then starts back up again. At least it's not getting worse. That's something.

Anyway, another week has come and gone, so let's see what I've been up to, shall we?


Tuesday was my appointment with the dentist at the hospital to look at my tongue.

The consultant I saw had a look at it, and agrees with my regular dentist that it needs to be removed. He's going to do it himself in a few weeks. I'm booked to have it done on March 3rd at 4:10pm.

Officially, he could have booked me in sooner. However, there's a slight complication.

You see, they're insisting on having a sighted person signing for me - again.

At least this guy offered me an explanation that makes sense as to why though.

Basically, there's no official procedure for my situation. Normally people fall in to one of the following catagories:

  • People under a certain age, who require a parent or guardian to sign for them.
  • People old enough to sign for themselves, with no disability.
  • People with a physical disability that doesn't stop them being able to read and understand the document, so allows them to be able to sign for themselves. Such as people in wheelchairs.
  • People with a mental handicap, where another has to make decisions on their behalf, since they lack the ability to do so. In which case the person making the decisions would be the one who signs.
  • People with some kind of disability who have an assistant with them, who is generally expected to be the one signing on their behalf. This being what happens in most cases with blind patients.
  • People who can't make decisions because of the medical circumstances, so their next of kin needs to.

However, I'm a person with the kind of disability that prevents me from reading the document myself, who has the mental capacity and intelligence to make the ddecisions for myself, and is insisting on doing so. Something they don't usually encounter, so have no procedure put in place to deal with. So, since they have no procedure put in place for it, the consultant wants to follow the lead of the gynecologists, since everyone was obviously happy for things to be done that way, so he knows he won't get in trouble for it.

I guess it does kind of make sense, but is stupid, annoying, and a load of hastle that could be avoided if they just let me sign the ******* piece of paper myself. They could even just call Kelly (listed as my next of kin) ask him if he accepts my decision to sign myself, and then - when he tells them he does, which I know he will, since he agrees it's ridiculous that they won't let me - let me do it. But... No! They have to be awkward. *sigh*

So, what all that boils down to is that we need to enlist the help of our friends Andy and Lorna again - or one of them anyhow - to come sign for me. Either that, or put Lilie and Logan in doggy daycare for the day so Kelly can come do it. Either of which I needed time to arrange. Hence me being given four weeks between seeing the consultant and having them remove the lump, since we could guarantee that would be long enough to arrange doggy daycare if Lorna and/or Andy couldn't help. Or give them plenty of notice if they could, which is the case, since Lorna says she'll do it.

Yes, I can assign the job to anyone I want. They just have to be able to see to read what they're signing. Like I said, it makes sense, but is stupid, annoying, and involves some extra steps that are a waste of everyone's time.

Anyway, apparently it will take just 20 minutes to do, since they just give me a local anasthetic, do a quick cut, and send me home. So I should only be at the hospital for an hour or so at most. But they advise I don't eat anything for the first couple of hours, and then stick to a soft food diet for a few days afterwards.

Yeah? Ya think? I'd have done that even if they hadn't advised it. I'm pretty sure even that's not going to be fun for those first couple of days. But only drinking won't be an option, because the only painkiller I can take is ibuprofen, and taking that without food is not a good plan. Weetabix and soup are my plan for those few days... Soft but filling.

Logan is going to be unhappy come toast and sweetie ball time... Might have to have Kelly share some toast with him. Kelly's not a big toast eater, but he will eat toast, and I'm sure he'd do it for those few days so Logan will settle properly.

Yes, my dogs are spoiled. No, you won't change that. *wink*


Wednesday my monthly supplies of the vegan items that are tricky to get locally arrived (like my jars of jackfruit, and a few other things). So I had to get all those put in their places.

Also, this was the day I did a bit of a food experiment, and worked on an idea I had for a vegan cottage cheese recipe, so I could try it in a recipe that called for cottage cheese, which Deanna had posted.

It was the rice and bean pie recipe she posted recently, in case you were wondering. It's a great one as is for vegetarians, but needs some adjustments and replacements to be made for vegans. One of which is a vegan alternative to the cottage cheese.

Deanna did find this vegan cottage cheese recipe. But I had an idea that was simpler and quicker to do, so figured I'd try my own idea first. I might try that other cottage cheese recipe at some point though, as well as check out some of the other recipes on the Loving It Vegan website.

In the meantime, I made my own simpler tofu-based version - which may or may not be what others who have used tofu as a cottage cheese substitute have done in the past - which tasted pretty close to cottage cheese in my opinion, and Kelly said looked a lot like cottage cheese too. I tried it in the recipe, in tortillas with some refried beans, and also just plain on a bit of bread, so I've tested it chilled, as well as cooked with something. The recipe will eventually go up on my website, and I think Deanna is planning to add it to the recipe of hers I linked to in this post, but if you want me to share it on my blog too, let me know, and I'll post it next week.


Thursday I mostly enjoyed petkid time, only doing the day to day things that always "have to" get done, and tried to take it a bit easy, because apparently the two days one after another with things going on took a lot out of me. So, even though I thought - wrongly, as it turned out - the cold might have improved, I was feeling really drained and achy; I was extremely low on spoons, and didn't have it in me to do more than absolutely necessary that day.

I might be doing great compared to how I was before I had my hysterectomy, but I still have health issues to deal with, and still have days - sometimes a few in a row - like that, and this was one of them. Hey, even on these kinds of days I feel better than I did on my best days before the hysterectomy, so I'm definitely not complaining. But it's why I mostly try to do only a few things each day, and most of them can be done sitting down.


Friday we did the dogs' flea and worming stuff, and I marvelled - as I do every time - at how much easier Lilie and Logan are to do it than just about any other dog I've had to do it for. When it comes to their spot-on flea stuff, they'll both come to you when you call them for it (even though they've seen you getting it ready) and stand there patiently while you put it on them. As for the worming tablet: Logan takes it without a fuss, even without it being hidden in anything, and even Lilie will take it without issue if you put it in whatever her current favourite food item happens to be (right now that means ham). Two minutes at most, and you've got the stuff out, treated both dogs, and are done with it. Completely different to all the times I've had to crawl under beds and desks to capture hiding dogs.

Speaking of Lilie and Logan: on Friday I also called the groomer. Logan is booked in for a full grooming session on February 21st at 11:00am, and Lilie's booked to go in at the same time for her nails to be done (since she doesn't need a full grooming session again yet, but she doesn't wear her nails down properly, so those need trimming regularly). They'd have normally been on the same grooming schedule, but Logan missed the last one because of his upset stomach. I was going to just leave him until Lilie was due to be groomed again - especially since that would be right before we plan to get him neutered, so then his fur would be relatively short for them doing that - but he's starting to look really scruffy, and it's getting difficult to keep his fur from getting tangled and knotty (even with regular brushing) so I thought I better get him groomed now, before it becomes a problem for him.

I was still feeling kind of achy and drained - most likely not helped by my cough and cold deciding to inform me it hadn't left after all - so didn't really do much else on Friday, except sort a few eMails (since at least that didn't take much energy to achieve) and discover one of the blogs I follow was talking about this Little Library Cafe site, which I definitely need to check out some of the recipes on.


I wasn't feeling so drained and achy by Saturday, but had a mostly petkid play and DVD day anyhow, since it was the weekend. So, the main thing I achieved was to set up a playpen for Artemis. Actually, other than the "have to do" daily tasks, several games of fetch and tuggy, and watching of DVDs, it was the only thing I achieved. But that's fine.

Anyway, I needed - and wanted - Artemis to be able to come out of the vivarium for playtime without having to be cuddled the whole time (other than bath time, when we have a designated tortoise bath bowl that Artemis is in, which you may have seen in a recent post from Mollie) since it's good for the tortoise to have the change of scenery, exercise, etc. But the tortoise is too tiny to be wandering around loose (even if some people do that) and the pet playpens you can get are made of mesh, with gaps in the mesh that are either big enough that Artemis could easily fit through them, or just right for the tortoise to catch a foot or something. In short, not designed for tortoise playpens. So I improvised, emptied some stuff out of a plastic storage box, and made a little tortoise playpen out of it.

Artemis loved it!

The playpen isn't particularly large, but neither is the tortoise, so it's good enough. I'll look for a bigger box to make Artemis a larger playpen when I can, and sort out a few more toys for it when I do. For now, Artemis has space to stomp around out of the vivarium without getting lost or squished, a log tunnel thing to climb in and on in that space, and some sticks to play with. Like I said, Artemis seems pleased to have those things.

Here's a photo of Artemis in the tortoise playpen:


In a rare display of the weather reports being completely accurate, in the early hours of Sunday morning, "Storm Caira" showed up, bringing lots of wind, and a fair bit of rain too. Luckily, we had nowhere we needed to go that day, since we wouldn't have wanted to be out there. Even Lilie didn't want to go out there. There was nothing much we had to do either, which meant I could enjoy more DVD watching and petkid playtime while listening to the storm.

We tried to get a video of Artemis in the tortoise playpen, but Artemis wasn't in the mood to play. All we got was a tortoise who refused to do more than stomp a little in one spot and look kind of sulky. I'm sharing the clip anyway.

Listen to that wind. Is it any wonder the tortoise was feeling kind of cranky? I mean, look at the storm:

The jingling you hear in both clips is the tags and bell on Lilie's collar. That's her barking in both clips too.

Artemis did play some later, so I tried to get a video of that. In fact, I did a few short videos, and a couple of photos too. But I did them myself, and Kelly hasn't had a chance to look at those to see if the tortoise is actually in them.

I also tried to get some photos and videos of Mollie, Lilie, and Logan. But, again, Kelly hasn't had a chance to sort through them yet. I'll share any that successfully got animals in them in the near future. Probably in a Friday post.


Monday was still stormy, with lots of wind and a fair amount of rain, though the weather was calmer than it had been Sunday. The sun even tried to shine a few times. There was still a weather warning alert on for the area though, complete with a flood warning. Some parts of the country got some snow, and the snow is meant to be heading South, but doesn't seem to have made it as far South as where I am. At least, it hasn't as of writing this, though it still could. I won't hold my breath, but I will hope, especially since some areas only a couple of hours drive from us have seen some.

I spent some time sorting eMails between when I woke up and when it was time to deal with the petkids, and then spent the rest of the morning alternating between dealing with chores, seeing to the petkids, and helping my Mam with something over the phone. The afternoon was mainly spent beta reading a story for an author friend, with some time squeezed in to finish putting this post together and sort a few more eMails between sending her my notes on it by eMail, and needing to go start preparing dinner.


So, that was my week. How was yours?

Monday, February 10, 2020

#Love & #Friendship #Quotes + Words Of #Wisdom For #ValentinesDay 10-02-20

Since Valentine's Day is this month, all my quotes for the Mondays in February are about love and friendship. Enjoy!


Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~Henry Van Dyke

Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.

If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.
~Maxwell Maltz

All the positive states of mind such as love, compassion, insight and so on, have the quality that you can enhance their capacity and increase their potential to a limitless degree, if you regularly practice them through training and by developing constant familiarity with them.
~Dalai Lama

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad.
~Arnold H. Glasow

Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more and dream more.
~Augusto Cury

Women, you are not rehabilitation centers for badly raised men. It’s not your job to fix him, change him, parent or raise him. You want a partner not a project.
~Julia Roberts

The first duty of love is to listen.
~Paul Tillich

Today I will tell myself I'm lovable. Just because some people haven't been able to love me in ways that worked doesn't mean I'm unlovable. I've had lessons to learn, & some of them have hurt deeply, but I can still love, & I still am loved.
~Melody Beattie

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.
~Paulo Coelho

What keeps us from being monsters are the great artists who teach us to love.
~Ken Kesey

sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
~Winnie the Pooh

Friday, February 07, 2020

Lilie The #Westie On Friends Of #FurkidFriday Becoming PetKid Pals

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the westie.

As you may or may not know, Mummy's been messing about with things on this blog.

She calls it, "Rebranding the pet feature," and says it's because she feels like she's leaving Artemis out when she says, "Furkids."

Daddy and I are pretty sure Artemis doesn't mind too much - if at all - as long as Mummy continues to provide the tortoise with food, cuddles, and those special lamps it needs, and doesn't make Artemis go in the water more than she absolutely has to.

But Mummy's the kind of human who worries about these things, and Artemis agrees with whatever Mummy says in hopes it will mean less bath time. Or possibly in hopes it will mean extras of her favourite veggies and fruits, since that tortoise is as bad as Logan when it comes to food. Mollie's not much better.

I swear I'm the only one around here who thinks about things other than food.

Although, if there are treats or scraps going, I wouldn't mind seeing what's on offer, in case it is something I like...

Hey, a girl's gotta keep her energy up for playing ball, after all.

Anyway, Mummy and Artemis liked Rita's suggestion of saying, "PetKids," instead. So Mummy has decided we should change the "Friends Of Furkid Friday" feature to "PetKid Pals" as from this month, and not add the "Furkid Friday" bit to our posts.

Since the rest of us don't really care, but know keeping Mummy happy means extra play time for us - yes, Logan, a potential chance of extra food too, if you insist I add that - we agreed to go along with the changes.

So, we have one more post going up with the label "Friends Of Furkid Friday" on it - which goes up next week - and after that it will be "PetKid Pals" instead, no matter if you're interviewed by me...



Or Artemis...

I just thought I'd let you know.

Lots of licks,

Thursday, February 06, 2020

#AmReading + #AmWatching + #AmListening - Media Shares And #Reviews 06-02-20

She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.
~Annie Dillard

Welcome to this week's weekly media shares and reviews post!

*Disclaimer: no matter what's being reviewed, all opinions in this post are entirely my own, and I reserve the right to have them, regardless of who may or may not share them. Feel free to express your own in the comments, but please respect my right - and the rights of other commenters - to have opinions that might differ from yours, and to express those opinions too.

Also, please remember that I read/watch/listen to things in a variety of genres, and for all ages, so you should make sure you check that the book/movie/show/song is suitable for the intended audience before reading/watching/listening to it, especially if children are involved. I take no responsibility for anything which may happen as a result of failing to do so.

If you want to know more about the book, or the author, click on whichever it is you want to learn more about, and it will take you to the appropriate page on Goodreads. Clicking on my rating should take you to my actual Goodreads review for the book in question. Please bear in mind that the format I've reviewed on Goodreads may not be the format I actually read.

Alternatively, if it's a movie or TV show you want to know more about, just click on the title to go to a page where you can find out more details about the movie or TV show in question; the title links will usually take you to a page on IMDB.

Unless otherwise stated, all music videos are via YouTube.

OK. Let's see what I've been reading, watching, and listening to, and which song I'm going to share this week, shall we? After all, that's the point of this post, and why you're here today, right?

  • Reading:
Thanks in part to my main focus being on reading and writing over the weekend, and also in part to the relatively short length of three of them, this week I read five books. So, here's what I read, along with my book reviews.

Airships (Future Earth Chronicles Book 5)Airships by Barbara G. Tarn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was an excellent ending to the adventure, and a fantastic read in its own right. Wonderful worldbuilding, great characters, plus a nice blend of cyber punk, appocalyptic, and paranormal elements.

Laughter Lines: Life from the Tail EndLaughter Lines: Life from the Tail End by Sue Vincent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a marvelous and entertaining collection of poems. I'm already a fan of Ani from her blog posts and previous book, but I'm sure this book would have made me fall in love with her if I hadn't been. That dog is such a character, and the stories told in these poems are delightful.

Doggerel: Life with the Small DogDoggerel: Life with the Small Dog by Sue Vincent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is another delightfully entertaining collection of poems. I loved catching up with more of Ani and Sue's adventures through the stories told in them. If you're a fan of dogs and poetry, I have no doubt you'll enjoy them too.

Open a new door: a collection of poemsOpen a new door: a collection of poems by Robbie Cheadle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a beautiful collection of poems. The glimpse of South Africa we get in the poetry from that section is fascinating to someone like me who has never been there, and is unlikely ever to do so. Then there are the poems in the sections about family, work, and other personal experiences of the two poets, which will touch your heart, even if you can't relate to the exact same experience. In short, this is a wonderfully written collection of poetry, which I highly recommend.

Death of a Crafty Knitter (Stormy Day Mystery #2)Death of a Crafty Knitter by Angela Pepper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
My actual rating is 3.5 stars, but I rounded up. This was a pretty good read, but not as enjoyable as the first book. I kind of felt like the author was focussing more on the sarcasm and sense of humour of the main character than on the mystery at times. Also, the title kind of bugs me, because the knitting club essentially seemed to be there just to create a link between something in the story and the title (not to mention, I have to wonder how they finish any projects if their gatherings are like the one we saw all the time, since the little knitting they did during it seemed to just be an excuse to play a drinking game with their wool). So, a good read, but not a fantastic one. Good enough that I want to continue the series though.

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This week I curled up on the sofa with Logan and watched some episodes of "NCIS" season 13. I also watched one of the versions of "The Jungle Book" (it was the old animated movie, which I've seen so many times I've lost count).

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This week I haven't really been listening to anything. With that in mind, here's "The Bare Necessities" - sung by Bill Murray and Kermit Ruffins - from Disney's "The Jungle Book" (though not the version I watched this week) for your listening pleasure, since - though I haven't seen the version of the movie this version of the song comes from - this is my favourite song from the version of the movie I have seen. Anyway, enjoy!