Thursday, November 26, 2015

Looking ahead to December holidays - part 2

What are you thankful for today?

If you're in America, chances are you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, and don't want to think beyond that. If that's the case, have a very happy Thanksgiving, and feel free to come back and read this tomorrow. If it isn't, then please read on. Mind you, since you're here, you might want to just read on anyway.

Anyway, if you're not already thinking about your prefered December holiday - be it Christmas, the Solstice, or whatever - you're going to need to start doing so soon.

Last week, as you may remember, I told you about Jeanie's first post on this supject, which was about cards and gifts. Now she's done her second, which is all about decorating for the holidays, and which can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday's writing related ramblings - November 25th 2015

The following books of mine are now also available as paperbacks from CreateSpace and Amazon:

Toby's Tales, book 4: Toby's Games
Toby's Tales, book 5: Toby's Special School
Zeena Dragon Fae, book 1: Zeena And The Dryad
Zeena Dragon Fae, book 2: Zeena And The Gryphon

(Click on the book titles to go to their CreateSpace pages).

So, that's 37 of my 42 already published books available as both eBooks and paperbacks; just four older books, and the new degu book, to get the proofs for and make available. Those five will follow as soon as they can be arranged; most likely early next year, due to how close we are to the end of the year now. After that, it will just be a case of arranging the paperback versions of each new book as I publish it.

These 37 books are available as eBooks from Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes &
Noble, Kobo, and a few other eBook retailers that Smashwords distributes to, as well as being available to order as eBooks via many libraries that support e-lending. They are also available as paperbacks via CreateSpace and Amazon, as well as being available to request via bookstores and libraries who order books via CreateSpace.

Well, most of them are. Some of them may not have reached some retailers yet, since it can take a couple of months in some cases. Though they are all most definitely available from the retailers I actually named. But, anyway, they're available in a format that should work for you whether you prefer to read physical books, or have a spacific eReader or reading app you prefer to use.

And the rest will be soon too!


If you're a writer too, how's your own writing going?

November is almost over. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo or PiBoIdMo? If so, how are you doing with that?

For those participating in NaNoWriMo... Is your novel coming along well?

For those participating in PiBoIdMo... Are your ideas still flowing? If not, remember that observations and daydreams can be great for inspiring ideas. Not to mention, random comments that others consider strange, are normal for a writer, and can also be great inspiration for stories. Despite being blind, I know for a fact I've had that "yes, dear," look a lot... You don't always need to be able to see in order to know someone is giving you funny looks... Just saying!


Regardless of the software you use, if you're a writer too, make sure you take the time to learn to understand the tools of your trade... Especially if you're new to using your chosen software. After all, knowing the basics of how your software works wil help a lot with both editing and formatting.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Battle Abbey - part 2

OK, here are the rest of the photos my Dad took at Battle Abbey. At least, the rest of the ones I plan to share.

If you missed the post with the first half of these photos in, go here.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Battle Abbey - part 1

At the end of September, when we had the big family visit, we were supposed to go with them to Battle Abbey. Except Kelly and I didn't end up going, since we decided to go by ourselves some other time... Preferably when it's not been as wet as it had been leading up to that weekend.

We haven't gotten there yet, but my Dad said I could swipe some of his photos to post on my blog and Facebook.

There are a lot of them, so I'm splitting the ones I plan to share in to two posts. Here's the first batch:

Come back tomorrow for part 2.