Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last day of January 2007

OK, so here's the last entry for January of 2007. Next time I post it'll be February. How about that then? Man time has gone so quick!!! Or is it just my month that flew by faster than the speed of light???

Anyway... the toy Kero has in front of him in this pic is the toy he picked out himself when we went to the pet store on Friday while we were in town. It's a spider... I hate spiders!!!

Well, I forgot to get the flea drops and the scart thingy that I wanted again yesterday. I did, however, get another shelving unit for my movies. We weren't in desporate need of it, but the store keeps changing what they sell and the one I wanted was different int he new catalogue so I'd hoped to get the old version before they stopped doing them. Unfortunately I was a bit late. Never mind, it's almost exactly the same as the others.

Mam and her friend Nicola came down mine and put the shelving unit together tonight while Kelly was up with Wayne helping him with some of his quests on World Of Warcraft (it's easier to help if you are sat beside the person than if you aren't). It looks pretty good (the unit I mean). So now I have plenty of room for the other movies I plan on buying. LOL!

I had both my lunch and my dinner at my parents' place today. Usually when I go up there on a Wednesday I only have lunch there. But I was there longer today because of the change of plans for the evening. Anyway, after lunch Mam and I took Willow for a walk. Well, actually, more like a run because I guess Willow decided walking was too boring or something since she ran us all the way around and neither of us could persuade her to slow down.

By the way, I just wanted to say - in case you miss seeing it in the comments section of my weekly weigh-in post for this week - the amount I lost was 0 lbs but I copied from two weeks ago not last week so thinking I was grabbing last week's one and that it would have already said 0 lbs I didn't change the amount. I never even noticed it until everyone was saying "well done on the 2 lbs" and I was like "What the fuck??? I didn't loose anything!!!" So, I checked, and sure enough it said 2 lbs. But it was wrong. Unfortunately! But 'aunt flow' came back to visit today (can't get the bitch to stay away long, lol) so I'm not surprised that I didn't loose anything. Hopefully next week we should see some kind of loss. Even if it's only like 1 or 2 lbs. And also, hopefully next week I will check the amount is right BEFORE I publish the post. LOL!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tigger's 16th Birthday

Since I didn't get on to post yesterday I never managed to tell you all that yesterday (January 29th 2007) was my Mam's tom cat Tigger's 16th birthday. So, I'm posting a late "Happy Birthday Tigger!!!"


Weekly Weigh-In - Jan 30th 2007

Weight today: 15 stone 11 lbs (221 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 0 lbs
Weight before Christmas: 15 stone 8 lbs (218 lbs)
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 13 lbs (27 lbs)
Weight to end goal of 12 stone: 3 stone 11 lbs (53 lbs)

Yep, that's right, I still didn't loose any weight.

Oh, well, better luck next month... I hope!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday's blog is full of stuff

So, like I said we were going to, we took Kero in to town Friday. Took him to the vet before we went anywhere else so I could get his anal gland cleaned again (yuck) 'cause he was biting at it. They sorted that and gave him what the vet refered to as "a sort of antibiotic cocktail" to get him to leave his tail end alone so it can heal since he keeps biting at it so much he's got a nasty sore patch where his tail joins his body. I have to take him back if it doesn't start showing signs of healing pretty soon.

We were meant to pick up flea drops while we were in town but I forgot them so I'll have to get them when I go in to do my weekly shop and weigh on Tuesday.

We were also meant to get an adapotr thing so we can run two things that use a scart on a TV with only one scart socket, since on Thursday Mam and Dad gave us a DVD player they weren't using any more to put on the TV in the bedroom. It's not the greatest DVD player in the world, but, hey, it's a free DVD player, so we're not complaining! LOL! But, anyways, that's something else I'll have to try and remember to get on Tuesday... LOL!

I had Elizabeth and Shireen tuned into both my streams this weekend. I hope they both enjoyed them. Shireen says she did, and since she was at the PC for at least most of it - I know she was because she was talking to me on MSN - she must have enjoyed it. I mean, I don't know about you, but I've never known an 8 year old stay still for something they aren't enjoying. LOL! Tiff talked to MsNitro about the age thing on the room and said MsNitro says Shireen can come in the room for my streams only as long as she leaves right after it, but I'd rather stick to the "no, you're too young" response that I've already given her because it's not fair to bend the rules for someone and make everyone watch what they say just because we are bending the rules. Besides, once you tell a kid no you can't keep changing your mind.

Ended up not paying much attention to Kerry's stream today because I was so busy playing "I Spy" with Shireen. I feel bad about it though because first I miss two Friday streams in a row, then I only half listen on Sunday... *smacks herself across the back of the hand*... sorry about that Kerry.

Anyway... as you may or may not have noticed - I'm guessing you probably did notice though, lol - I've been fiddling with the template of my blog yet again. Maybe one of these days I'll stick with one? Then again, maybe not! LOL! And I've decorated the blog for Valentines Day. I know we have Imbolc first, but since for one thing most people don't even know what Imbolic is, and for another, it's hard to decorate a blog for Imbolc I figured we'd skip right to Valentines Day decorating. LOL!

Well, I'm sorry to be ending this nice cheerful post on such a sad note, but... my Aunty Beryl (Grandma's sister) died on Friday January 26th 2007. She went for an operation on her heart because she had a huge blood clot and then she was in intensive care and... well, all I know is that she died on Friday. I guess she didn't respond to the medication well enough or something? As you can probably imagine, the family - especially Grandma and my Nan - are very sad.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kero & Butters on the bed

OK, it's not as good as the original - which I still can't find - because neither Butters nor Kero would look towards me, where as in the original I'd managed to get them both looking in my dirction. But, anyway, here's the promised new photo of Kero and Butters on the bed.

Anyway, as predicted, Kero was NOT impressed when he found out that the reason he got to come out with me was because he was having a shower. It took longer to get him to let go of me and get in the shower than it did to shower him. LOL! Poor little guy. He looks so cute and white and fluffy now though. And, don't tell him, but on Friday we're getting his flea drops while we're in town... shhh! He thinks we're just going for a day out and for him to pick out a toy and treat from the pet store. Well, we are doing that, but we're picking up flea drops for Kero, Sakura, Megan and Chance too. I don't do the hamsters. They do have a 'small animal' flea drop that is meant for rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs, etc, but I don't do it because... well, I've never needed to. If I was to have a problem with getting rid of fleas (like I did when I first got Megan) then I would use it to get rid of them. But, Grandma will tell you, my animals are flea free at least 99.9% of the time. I mean, first thing she did when I got Jayde to her was check for fleas and there was NOT one single flea on that pup. And there probably still isn't knowing how well Grandma looks after that little girl.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough for one day. So, I'm going to drink my cup of tea, go and get dressed and then take Kero out for a nice long walk in our still snowless - *pout* - park.


Note added 11:00 am: OK, I'm putting this on here so I can look it up if I forget all the details. Kero's groomer just called and said she will be away the week he was due to be groomed so his appointment has now been changed to Wednesday March 21st 2007 at 11:00 am.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good morning to you all

Nope, you aren't seeing things. I have indeed changed the layout on my blog... AGAIN! At least I'm being consistand with the color theme though, eh? LMAO!

We had a light dusting of snow last night. Unfortunately though it doesn't look as though any of it has stayed put. So I'm hoping that either it's because it's just so dark that it looks like it hasn't stayed or more comes later. LOL!

Kero and I are going to my parents' place today because I can't shower Kero very well here. There's not enough room in the shower for me and him to get in the shower so I have to have the curtains open and the floor ends up getting most of the water, where as they - my parents - have a nice big shower. So, he's going on the bus with me to see his 'Mamgu' and 'Dadcu' and, or course, Willow. And to have a shower, of course, but I haven't told him about the shower part yet though. He is SO going to hate it when he finds out. He HATES water and always has. But he's FILTHY and I can't put it off much longer. I'm going to have to get something to use as a doggy bath for him so I can do him myself at home and still keep at least most of the water where it belongs. LOL!

I just realised something. I have so far been up for about 2 or 3 hours and only now am I starting to think about eating. Bearing in mind the last time I ate was just before 6:00 pm last night. Looks like the small plate thing is working! If you don't know what I mean, don't worry about it.

I've finished watching series 5 of Full House. Now I just have to wait for the rest of it to come out on DVD so I can buy that too. I think there should be 8 in total. I wish they'd hurry up though!

Kelly started his own guild on Monday (yes, on World Of Warcraft). His guild is a horde guild, and it's on a different realm to the realms Dad, Wayne and I have our guilds. Dad has two... an alliance guild and a horde guild... both on Moonglade. Wayne's guild is on The Venture Co and it's an alliance guild. And my guild is on Darkmoon Faire and it's an alliance guild. I doubt any of this will mean much to you, but it makes sense to me and will be useful for Grandma to know when she finally gets the game installed and gets her account set up and starts making characters.

OK, I think that'll do for now.


Added 8:37 am: OK, now that it's light out I went and checked and sure enough, the snow has gone... I guess I have to stick to my second hope and hope more comes later *sigh*

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In - Jan 23rd 2007

Weight today: 15 stone 11 lbs (221 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 0 lbs
Weight before Christmas: 15 stone 8 lbs (218 lbs)
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 13 lbs (27 lbs)
Weight to end goal of 12 stone: 3 stone 11 lbs (53 lbs)

I have to say, I'm not really all that bothered that I didn't loose any this week. I mean, my original goal was 7 lb a month and I've lost 9 lbs this month and there's still a chance I'll loose more next month. Besides, if it all just goes pouring off it's all going to come back on. As long as I don't get stuck at 15 stone 11 lbs for too long I don't mind. If I get stuck this weight for too long though I'll be changing my mind about not minding and I'll start complaining. LOL!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Looking for the rewind button

Well, here it is... Monday morning again and a brand new week starting up. Can I go back to Friday night and start again? LOL!

I feel like all I did all weekend was sleep. Possibly because that is mostly what I did. I've been trying to get stuff done but where I've been trying to fit so many things in each day - at least I assume that's the reason - my system crashed! If it helps though, I feel better after all my sleeping. LOL!

Our weather can't make its mind up. One minute it's sunny and just a bit chilly, the next minute it's freezing cold, pouring with rain and there are winds so strong I have to keep one hand on my hat the whole time I'm out to stop it blowing away. And Kero refuses to go out longer than it takes to have a pee in that weather... not that I blame him! LOL! Apparently we're getting snow some time this week. I hope so. That would mean that in the last few months we would have had all the main weather types. We've had tornados and earthquakes (only small ones but we still got them), thunder storms and hail storms, rain and wind and the odd patch of sun. So, we just need the snow now.

OK, I can't remember what else I was going to say, so, since I have Megan 'helping' me type and I have to go get showered and dressed and such I think I'll just end it here and get on with stuff.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good Morning

Got up at 7:00 am Friday morning. By 8:00 am I was out of the house heading for the bus stop to go to Swansea for the day with Mam. We got some really nice stuff. I got a white shirt with a pink Welsh dragon on it, a pair of trousers that are blue with a white stripe down the leg, a couple of white hats (and some clothing dye to make change their colours so I can have hats in colours I've been looking for and can't find) and a book called "Kittens In The Kitchen by Lucy Daniels". And Mam got some nice clothes too. Most of which are white things that are going in the dye with my hats.

Went to McDonalds at lunch time and had a Cheeseburger Happy Meal. I also had a SubWay sub before we came home since we'd had food early before so were getting hungry before we could get home, if that makes sense. But since I was walking all day, and since I didn't have anything else other than a small bowl of cereal the rest of the day, then I think I deserved those. Besides, it was McDonalds and SubWay or to a bakery for pasties. LOL!

We got home about 4:30 pm and about 5:30 pm I decided to go for a short nap so I could be up for Kerry's stream at 11:00 pm. BUT about 2:30 am I woke up... Oops! I think I was tired, don't you? LOL!

OK, that's it for now.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello, hello...

We had quite nice weather yesterday, unfortunately, today it's back to pouring with rain and being VERY cold and windy. Yuck!!!

Well, as most of you know - and if you don't, where have you been??? - the Burning Crusade expansion for World Of Warcraft came out just a couple of days ago (11 pm Monday evening to be exact). And there in lies the explanation for where I've been over the past couple of days. LMAO!!!

I got series five of Full House the other day too. I'm only getting to start watching it today though. I'm watching the first episode of the first disk of it at the memonet actually. I don't think I need to tell you that I'm enjoying it. LOL!

OK, that'll have to do for now since I've got stuff to do plus I keep getting into the show and forgetting whatever it is I was going to say... LOL!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In - Jan 16th 2007

Weight today: 15 stone 11 lbs (221 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 2 lbs
Weight before Christmas: 15 stone 8 lbs (218 lbs)
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 13 lbs (27 lbs)
Weight to end goal of 12 stone: 3 stone 11 lbs (53 lbs)

3 lbs more and I have lost what I put on at Christmas.
8 lbs more and my Grandma will owe me £10

My goal is to loose at least another 4 lbs this month... I think that's a realistic goal. Obviously if I loose more than that again then that would be awesome, but I'm trying not to aim to high each month. So, I'd like to end January weighing 15 stone 7 lbs (217 lbs) or less. So, that means I have two more weeks to loose the 4 lbs. I think I should be able to manage that, don't you?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

R. I. P. Hamlet De Hammie

Hamlet De Hammie

26th May 2004 - 13th January 2007


OK, firstly, here is the promised picture of my character in my guild tabard.



There was a tie breaker between me and AliceKay - we both got the 40 points plue the bonus point so we both got the whole 41 points for this week - and I WON IN THE TIE BREAKER!!!

*Doing a little happy dance*

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wet...... AGAIN!!!

Been another cold and wet day and nobody wants to go outside. All three cats have been in all day (without any persuation) and the one time I persuaded Kero to go 'walkies' with me, we were bearly half an hour. LOL!

Today I made a new guild on the realm on World Of Warcraft where we were in the Blood Knights. My new guild is called 'Y Ddraegau' - Welsh for 'The Dragons' and I have 15 members already! How cool is that? And we even have our tabard. Was going to do a screen shot of me wearing it and post it today but forgot and since as it is I'm trying to do this and listen to Kerry's stream and chat with Kerry and Maree at the same time I will have to leave it now.

Today is also my friend Angela's birthday. She says she's 19 again and staying that way... we all believe her I'm sure! LOL! Anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE!!!


Thursday, January 11, 2007


Did I mention IT'S HERE!!!

I did? Oh, OK then... LOL!

And now most of you are thinking something along the lines of... "What's here? Come on woman! Stop yelling 'IT'S HERE' and tell us what the hell you are talking about!"

Well, I'll tell you...


I was SO excited when it got here that I just grabbed it from the mailman and ran off... Kelly had to go sign for it for me. LMAO!!! Oops! Oh, well... the mailman got a laugh out of it... LOL!

Kerry probably figured out what I was yelling about from the start. And even if all the shouting "IT'S HERE" didn't tell her, the photo would have, since the thing Kero's chewing on in the photo is one of the MANY treats that she sent him... OMG! So many dog treats!!! You should have seen Kero when he saw all those treats! I'm not going to need to buy him any treats until his birthday (May 23rd) now... LOL! I'm going to have to get some more to send to Scotty since I didn't even get him half of what Kerry got Kero!

And, of course, there's all the CDs... gonna have loads of fun listening to all that new music and loading them on to the PC over the next few days. Hmmm... I wonder how much of it I can get done in time for my stream on Saturday... LOL!

So, all that's left to say is....... THANK YOU KERRY!!!

Oh, yeah... Sakura, Megan and Chance say thank you for their new toy, Kerry. And if you're wondering what toy... the box the stuff came in. LOL!

And, go take a look at my new video clips. There are about 7 of them... and one of them is Kero with the treat you see in the photo in this post.


Added 5:23 pm: Chance is a brat! I have spent the last six months searching for a treat he will eat because the girls were having treats and Kero was having treats and the hamsters were having treats and I didn't want him left out. I tried every treat I could find and he didn't want to know. And today... today he eats a damn KitBit!!! That was the first thing I tried him on!!! I mean, I have had KitBits in my house for over 2 years now, because Sakura likes them, and since he came here in May he has REFUSED to even sniff at them. And today he eats one! So, I gave him another.... and he ate that too! I ended up giving him about six of them because I couldn't believe it and wanted to make sure I was seeing right. Little sod! I swear he just did that "I don't like that one" routine to see what I'd do!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Signature & Blood Knights

Isn't this a cool signature??? I had it made for me by someone on the MSN groups. Purple and a photo of Kero..... what more could someone ask for in a signature???

Anyway, I went up to my parents' place because I was having lunch with my Mam today. I do most Wednesdays. We had 'Cheesy Egg & Tomatoes' (eggs mixed with flour, water, tomatoes & cheese) with a piece of toast and some mushrooms. The 'Cheesy Egg & Tomatoes' was a recipe from Grandma and I have to say it was DELICIOUS!!! Then we had a 'Banana & Apple Fritter'. With both bits of food we made what the recipe said for two people but because we were having both shared it between the three of us (a friend of my Mam's was there too and she's doing the Weight Watchers diet with Mam). And I spent a couple of hours up there like I do most weeks.

To be honest, I haven't really done much else. I really enjoyed my walks with Kero today though because it was actually quite a nice day today. It wasn't really all that warm, but it was sunny and nice and dry. Sakura came with us and we all had a good time.

Still no sign of the parcel from Kerry. I think it's been 4 weeks now, so, if it's not here in 2 more weeks Kerry can call them again and yell at them for me. I WANT MY PARCEL!!!

The new expansion for World Of Warcraft comes out on Tuesday. I ordered a copy of it for Kelly Monday but wasn't sure if we could use the same disk so had to wait to talk to Dad before ordering one for myself because it's £17.99 per disk and I didn't want to buy two of them if we didn't need to. Turns out we do (apparently it says on the site, which I never read... LOL!) So, I'll be ordering myself one in a few minutes. In theory they should both arrive either Monday or Tuesday. That's how Play usually works anyway.

And speaking of World Of Warcraft. I wont need to worry about guild meetings any more since I am no longer in the Blood Knights guild. I only stayed because of the fact my Dad was running it and now that he isn't I will be leaving. There are some nice people in that guild, but most of them are so childish and abusive. One member in particular takes things way too far and it gets too much after a while. I wont say any more than that on the subject though. The game itself is great and I love playing it. I will admit I only started playing it because everyone else was playing it, but I'm really enjoying it now. And, now that I'm not in the Blood Knights I can work on my characters on the other realms a bit so that Diero, Mackenzee, Bramblethorn, Jaydyn and any other characters I decide to make can catch up with Zararose a bit. And if you are wondering who Diero, Mackenzee, Bramblethorn, Jaydyn and Zararose are... you need to read Kelly's blog.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In - Jan 9th 2007

Well, looks like Kerry wont be hearing me scream after all, because.....

Weight today: 15 stone 13 lbs (223 lbs)
Weight lost this week: 7 lbs!!!
Weight before Christmas: 15 stone 8 lbs (218 lbs)
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 11 lbs (25 lbs)
Weight to end goal of 12 stone: 3 stone 13 lbs (55 lbs)

5 lbs more and I lost what I put on over the holidays!!!


Monday, January 08, 2007


I have been through EVERY photo I have of Kero and do you know I can't find that photo of him and Butters on the bed? I'll have to do another one I guess. Anyway, I was able to find this one from when Kero was a fair bit younger (he was about six or seven months old, I think) of him with Stew Pot the rabbit when we still had her.


I was glad today that we live in council property where maintenance is paid for by them (as long as we call their people to fix it) because - after spending the weekend without hot water - we called someone out today and it turned out that when we turned the heating off we slid the switch too far and turned the hot water off too. So, the poor guy came out for nothing. And if we'd had to pay for it we'd have wasted about £40... oops! Oh, well, it seems to be fixed now and that's the main thing. LOL!

Got my kitchen stuff from my next door neighbour now and it looks really nice in my kitchen. Even the bowl in the sink now matches the rest of the stuff. LOL! She had a T. V. in her kitchen too which she decided she was also selling and - though I have no intention of putting it in the kitchen - I decided I'd take it too. So, that one's now in our bedroom and the old one that was in our room is in the spare room for guests to be able to watch. And hopefully in the not too distant future for our first kid to use. It's costing me less than £100 for all the kitchen stuff and the TV and, like I said, they are all almost brand new. And, besides, since half of what we have is from when I first moved out of my parents place when I was 17... well, it was time to replace it. LOL!

I just realised, we've been living in this place over 18 months and we are only now actually getting sorted properly. Not good! So, guess what I'm adding to my list of "things to achieve this year"? Yes, that's right... sort this damn house - oh, ok, flat - out! LMAO!!!

Today's my Nan's birthday - not Nan as in Grandma, my other Nan - and though I doubt she'll be coming on here and seeing this, I'd just like to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN!!!

OK, well, I'm going to go make sure I have everything on the shopping list for tomorrow and do a few other things I need to do and then I'm going to bed since I've got to get up early in the morning.

Tomorrow is weigh day... let me tell you now, if I didn't loose anything, Kerry's gonna hear me screaming all the way over in Canada! Because I have been a very good girl all week and if I haven't lost weight I willl be one VERY upset person!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kero and the hamsters - play time

We were discussing dog behaviour earlier and I said about how well Kero gets on with my hamsters and so, I was looking for a spacific photo of Kero on the bed with Butterscotch but for some reason I can't find it. So, until I do I thought I'd post this one of Kero with Hamlet (yellow ball) and Sirius (green ball).

And also, these videos of Kero playing with the hamsters.


The first NTT for 2007

Well, made it to Name That Tune and guess what? I got all 40 points PLUS 4 of the 6 bonus points that Kerry put in. So, I got 44 out of 46. The bonus points were for album titles if you were wondering.

So, I would have been in the tie-breaker this week if it wasn't for those album titles. And, guess what? I knew the tie-breaker song! So, if Kerry hadn't wanted album names I might have won this week!!!

Anyway... the tie-breaker ended up being between Pilem and AliceKay (big surprise there... lol) and Pilem won it! Man, it's either Pilem or AliceKay almost every week (since Voodooman doesn't seem to be around to play). Would've been great to steal the title of NTT winner for the week!

At least I got all the 40 points for the main game though! And 44 points out of 46 points is pretty good really, doncha think?


Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've had quite an eventful day today

My Mam came down today and helped me sort out a few ideas for meals and such. She has some good ideas. All the meal ideas we've come up with so far are on my recipe page (along with a load of other recipes).

And when she was out having a smoke - I don't allow people to smoke in my house... but, hey, I even provide an ashtray out on my window ledge for people who visit me and smoke to use - my next door neighbour yelled her and asked if she'd get me. So, I went out and was offered a microwave, a kettle, a toaster and some other bits all for £40. Yes, this is the same neighbour who I got the Christmas stuff off of. It turns out she's changed her colour scheme to her kitchen so most of her stuff doesn't match and she's got the new stuff and wants to get rid of the old stuff - which I happen to know is almost new itself, 'cause I remember her getting it all and I've only known her for a year and a bit - but she doesn't really want to just give it away. Anyway, she said we can just add it to the money we still owe her for the Christmas decorations (am paying my share of that on Tuesday or Wednesday) and in the meantime I get brand new kitchen stuff. She's even washing everything - not that it'll be dirty since I swear she sleeps with a cloth in her hand, lol!

AND... I also managed to say "no" to more food before the meal was all gone today. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a big deal to me. I mean, I'm usually the one who - after eating all my food - finishes off all the leftovers of everyone else's meals. So, for me to say "no" to more is a big deal and something that I'm extremely proud of myself for doing!

And Carl listened to my whole stream today and he said he really enjoyed it!

OK, so, I'm going to go and see if I can get a little nap in so I can be awake for Name That Tune later.

Before I go though... today is my Auntie Lizzie's birthday. So, I'd just like to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE LIZZIE!!!


Friday, January 05, 2007

The McGee Diet...

Click on the picture and enlarge it to read all about the McGee diet...

Someone put this up on one of the MSN groups I go to, and I just 'had to' share it!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

KB & MP3

I'm borrowing my Mam's old mp3 player - since she got a new one for Christmas - until I get myself one. I think this mp3 player is only about 256 MB though, so, it doesn't hold nearly enough songs. Still, it's nice to have some music to listen to when Kero and I go for walks. It does last long enough for that before repeating songs, but that's about it. LOL!

Got carried away walking today. Had Kero at the park - so he was off his leash as usual - and Kero stopped for a sniff and I just kept going and next thing I know he's thundering along behind me trying to catch up. Oops! LOL! I usually see him stop and stop too, but he was on my left side and I can't see a thing on that side, so, he stopped, I didn't and poor Kero got left behind. He didn't seem bothered though. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the run. LOL!

So, as you can see I've been playing with my blog template again. I was browsing the templates and saw this one and liked it.

Wayne's here for the afternoon and he's playing a card game thing with Kelly. Not sure what kind it is - and not bothered about finding out either, lol - but they're playing it all the same. Wayne's having dinner here but he brought his own meal since, as I pointed out to him, Kelly and I are making for ourselves this week since we're using up stuff from the freezer from before and I'm eating the healthy stuff he's eating the other stuff. Then on Tuesday I'll do a proper shop and get the stuff we need to make our various meals.

Anyway, since Wayne keeps talking to me, so, I'm gonna end this now.


Note - added 5:30 pm: OK, well, as you probably figured it would, curiosity got the better of me and I asked Wayne and Kelly what they were playing. It's the World Of Warcraft card game. So now you know too. LOL!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Raining... again!

I Got up at about 9:00 am this morning, had my breakfast, fed the animals, got dressed, then walked Kero. Got home and then headed back out to get the bus to go to my Mam's place. Had lunch with Mam and stayed there for the afternoon.

Mam got a wind chime making kit thingy for Christmas - I think it might have been from Grandma - so we did that. I think it looks pretty good, if I say so myself. And I didn't even get messy. LMAO!!!

So... I've been looking for different recipe ideas for healthy foods for me and I have a book that I'm writing them down in. Found some tasty looking stuff actually. I think some of them are a little bit over the rough 300 calories per meal estimate, but since most of them are under it then I think that shouldn't be an issue really. Especially since the stuff I have for breakfast usually is under 200 calories. I'm going to keep on looking for more meal ideas though so I can keep having a nice variety of meals. Especially since I don't want this to start feeling like a diet.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


yes... "ouch"... that was the only thing I could say without swearing when I got weighed today. I'm thinking Grandma's £10 is quite safe for a while. I'm also thinking my "hey. it's Christmas, what the hell?" approach to food over the past few weeks was a very bad idea! Why? Well, because I got weighed today and... well, the result here will tell you all you need to know!

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?


Weight today: 16 stone 6 lbs (230 lbs)
Weight before Christmas: 15 stone 8 lbs (218 lbs)
Total weight lost so far: 1 stone 4 lbs (18 lbs)


So, as of last night I was on my 'healthy eating, exercise and proper routine". And after this result I'm even more determined to ignore those snacks, because I've got to get this weight back off and the rest of it off to get down to being at least close to 12 stone (168 lbs) by June this year.

Anyway, I'm off to go make me some dinner.