Friday, May 18, 2007

A long post about stuff

Yesterday, was one of those days when the way your morning starts out is not really an accurate indication of how the rest of your day is going to be.

When I woke up, it was to a miserable, cold, wet, and grey morning. The first thing I noticed was that the TV wasn't working (read yesterday's post for more on that), and I somehow managed to hit my toe on the gate as I was taking Kero outside for a pee. So, all in all, not a very good morning.

A few hours later, however, my day turned around.

First, the sun came out, and we were left with a beautiful day. So warm and dry that I was able to not only cut across the field when I took Kero out for a walk, I was also able to wear my sandals that I got the other day. And it stayed that beautiful for the rest of the day.

Then, when the delivery guys showed up with my table and chairs, I was informed that they had my sofa too! I thought I'd have another two weeks to wait for it, but no! I now have a nice new sofa to go with all my other new furniture. And, Kero and the cats - especially Sakura - very much approve of the new sofa.

Kero, Sakura, Chance and I spent the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa together. The cats and Kero were sleeping, and I was reading. Megan was kind of there too. She was asleep on the bag my scatter cushions were in. Apparently, a carrier bag is far more comfortable than a sofa. LOL! I got a good couple of chapters of my book read. I'm about to start reading chapter ten of thirteen, so, it wont be long before I've finished this book too!

We were messing about with the camera yesterday afternoon (and earlier this morning) and ended up getting a few nice shots.. I'll put them in the albums some time tomorrow, since I'll have the photos from Kero's party to post anyway.

That's right, you don't know about his party. Well, Kero's third birthday is on Wednesday, so tomorrow (Saturday) we are having a birthday party for him. His only guest is Willow (we'd have invited Jayde if there was a way my Grandma could get her here in time). There will be a special meal consisting of a beef burger, a bit of bacon, a slice or two of ham and a sprinkling of cheese for the dogs, and a small jam and cream sponge cake for the four of us (Mam, Willow, Kero and myself) to share. After the party, we'll all go for a walk, and, if it's a nice day, we'll take a ball with us to the park and have a game of football. We only decided on Tuesday to do him a party. I was going to get a little cake like what we used to do for my Mam's Cocket Spaniel, Tela, and Mam suggested that I do it on a Saturday so I could bring some to the park for Willow, and it just went from there.

Kero was meant to be waiting until just before his party to have his new collar on, but he kept seeing where I had it, and getting upset. I don't think he realised that he still had one on, so I think he thought he was going to be put under the shower. Which is what usually happens when he has his collar off. So, I gave in and put his new collar on him yesterday afternoon. He's SO proud of it! It's just a plain blue collar, but he posed for the camera to show it off, and held his head up high when we went out for our walk. He acted like I'd just put a jewel encrusted collar on him or something. Bless him!

He hasn't made the connection that the new lead is his though. It's a retractable one. I never got him one before, because I never found one that looked even slightly strong (without paying about £30) and, though Kero doesn't pull, there's always that chance he might see something that scares him or whatever. But, I went in Wilkinsons on Tuesday and saw one that a: looked strong enough to be pulled on, and b: only cost about £8. So, I decided that since he needed a new lead, now would be a good time to get him one. He does get to go loose when we go out, for the most part, but there is the odd time that I need him on a lead. They only had a choice of yellow, green or black though. His stuff is normally blue, but beggars can't be choosers. I got him the black one. For one thing, I'm not big on green, and didn't want yellow. For another thing, I could see the lead part of the black one, so, I knew it was what they said, I couldn't see the lead bits of the other two colours, because of how they'd been put in the packages.

In keeping with the 'sorting stuff out' theme of my activities lately. I have moved the pets' food trays so that they are beside each other. The cats did have theirs on the worktop, because when we had Jayde and Lucy it was easier, and when we had Bella it was the only way the cats could get to their dinner. But, I've put their tray back on the floor by Kero's tray. Kero doesn't like to eat alone, so I'm hoping this will encourage him to eat his dinner on his tray rather than us having to bring his bowl to wherever we are. Also, it means all the pet stuff is in one place instead of it being all over the place. They've only had one meal with this arrangement, and so far everyone considers it to be acceptable.

Right, well, I think I've rambled on enough for one day. So, I'm going to go make a cup of tea, put some dishes in to soak, and put some laundry on to wash.


Added 9:45 am: I just had a call from Wilkinsons to say that my placemats with the cats on them that go with the coasters and such that I got for my new table have arrived. They said they'll keep them for a week. If they'd called about ten minutes sooner I could have asked Kelly to get them for me while he's in town. Too late now, because even if he'd remembered to take his phone, and I'd remembered to put credit on mine, he'd need my card to get money to pay for them. So, I told them I'd come in for them on Tuesday, which is when I'm planning on going to town next anyway.


Robyn said... sure do write a lot!
Aynyway, the lead was a bit of good lucfk. Was your toe bleeding or anything?

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, I can write (and talk) a fair bit at times, lol! At least I warned you it was going to be a long post.

Nah, my toe just hurt a bit for a couple of hours. It was fine after that. No blood, no bruises.

Speaking of cut that bleed though, my one on my ankle is healing nicely, and I was able to wear my shoes without having to have a plaster on it today.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

our tori can talk the hind legs of a donkey , lol but there is never a dull moment when you are in her company and me being her" grandma" can vouch for that and i wouldnt have her any other way bless her .

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

Awwww, thanks Grandma