Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Late Midsummer stroll pics & clips

It's taken me a couple of days, but I've finally gotten around to getting the photos from my walk with Kero and Sakura on Saturday.

This first one, is just to show you what the sky looked like. Not exactly the nicest looking sky. You'd think we'd have a beautiful blue sky around Midsummer, wouldn't you? But, nope! We have yucky, grey clouds instead. It never rained that day though. It took until Monday for that to happen.

Here's a photo of Kero and Sakura running along the bridge to me. Well, Kero's running to me, Sakura's running over to Kero. She actually smacked him right after I took this. Not sure why exactly, but I think maybe she wasn't too keen on the idea of him running on the bridge. She's not a huge fan of the bridges, and only crosses them because she has to in order to come with us if we either go for a long walk, or go to the park.

And this is one of the photos I took of Kero while we were on the walk. There's more photos of him - and some of Sakura too - in my photo albums section.

I did a couple of short video clips too.

They're both in my video clips section, but I'll put them in this post as well so you can just click on the little pictures and go right to them.



AliceKay said...

Nice pics. :) What amazes me is how Sakura will walk along with you and Kero.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks AK.

Sometimes Chance and Megan come too. I'm not sure why the cats come for walks with us. They just followed us one time, then it became more and more often. People always stop me and ask how I get the cats to come with me. And I tell them I don't, they just come with me because they want to.

But then, my cats can also 'beg' and 'come' on command. Though, Sakura will only do those things if she's in the mood. And, Megan also does 'sit' sometimes.