Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beautiful, blue sky

We've had a beautiful, warm, sunny day today. All day!

As you can see, if you look at the three photos that I've put in this post, I managed to get some photos of the beautiful, blue sky we had. And, no, I didn't use a filter or anything on my camera to be able to get the sky to actually look blue. I just used the camera on the setting that's meant to be best for doing scenic photos, and hoped for the best. Turns out I got some nice photos, if I do say so myself.

Kero, Sakura, Chance and I went for a nice, long, walk this afternoon. Even though it was quite warm, there was a bit of a breeze, which made the temperature much easier to deal with. Plus, during most of the walk, I was able to keep in the shade, because there are trees all along the path by the river where we walk. So, it was a thoroughly enjoyable walk. I nearly took my camera with me to take some photos along the walk. I got it ready and everything, but I forgot to pick it up when I left. Oops! Since I forgot to take the camera with me, I took these photos in our yard. I didn't want to miss out on the chance to get a photo of a nice, blue sky!

Anyway, tomorrow is the premier of the fifth Harry Potter movie - Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - and, as I mentioned about a week ago, we've booked tickets to see it. We're going to the 1:00 pm showing. I can't wait! It looks like it's going to be really good. But then, it's a Harry Potter movie, so, of course it looks good! LOL! And Wayne, who's watching Kero for us, is hoping to go and see it in the evening with his friend, Robert.

That's all I've got to say today.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

wow what a change to see lovely blue sky for a change , and you did very well to get the lovely photo's that put on here , well done to you .

grandma x

AliceKay said...

*tries again* (blogger just told me my comment couldn't be processed) :-\

Great pics, Tori. The sky looks so nice and clean. It's been hot and humid here but tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.

Hope you enjoy the Harry Potter movie. We wait til they come out on dvd and then buy them for our movie library. We have surround sound connected to our dvd player so it sounds really good when watching movies.

Robyn said...

I do hope the film is good! It sounds like its' been a lovely day. I prefer to go for my walks in the evening when the clouds are pinkish and pretty. Anyway, sounds like you had a great day!

LadyStyx said...

Let me know what you think on the movie. Just a "it was really good" or "dont waste your money" as we have plans to see it next week. Hubby's a sci-fi and comic book fiend so we go to see all types of movies like that.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks Grandma.

Glad you managed to get your comments to post. And, thanks (about the pics).

We have Sky Movies, so for the most part we wait for them to come on Sky movies and watch them, then see if we want to buy them. But, I've seen every single Harry Potter movie the day it's come out, because I haven't wanted to wait. In fact, the first one, I managed to get in on the press release date because I wasdoing a media class at the time (never finished it though, but that's another story). There's the occassional other movie I've wanted to rush to see, but there are very few that I'm happy to rush out to the cinema to watch. Although, we are considering going to the cinema to see Shrek 3, which is showing at the moment and something we ALL want to see. But, for the most part, I either do what you do, or wait for the premier on Sky Movies (which is usually around the date the DVD is released) and watch it in the comfort of my own home.

I like walking at that time of day too. Unfortunately, it keeps raining by the time the evening is rolling in. So, at the moment, I'm just grabbing my walks when I can.

I'll be posting a movie review in a few minutes. I will say right now though... it's NOT a waste of money!