Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's been going on?

I haven't done a 'proper' blog post in a while, so I thought maybe I should do one now.

Tuesday was shopping day. I had to do two weeks shopping because of the fact I'll be going away next Tuesday, so I had to make sure that Kelly will have what he's going to need for himself and the 'kids' while I'm away. I'm only going to be away for four days, but I'm going away on shopping day, and don't have time to go shopping the day before I leave, and it's difficult to go shopping on the weekend here if you don't have a car. So it was easier to do two weeks worth of shopping this week and fill the freezers. My poor freezers couldn't hold much more if I wanted them to! LOL!

I also got a new mp3 player. My old one wouldn't work. I'm not entirely sure what happened to it. Maybe it got wet one time when it was in my pocket? Or, maybe I dropped it one too many times? Either way, it was broken, and I needed a new one, so I got myself one.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to my parents' place and helped out a bit with redecorating their spare room, which is looking beautiful. I gave them a wall rug to put in the room. It's got a picture of some horses playing in a field on it.

While I was up there, Dad and I sorted out our homepage, so, if you click on the 'homepage' link on the sidebar, you can check out the completed page.

I stayed with them for dinner, then came home. I was only home a couple of hours before I was in bed and asleep. I was too tired to read last night, which means I'm still not even half way through the Harry Potter book.

As those of you who have been visiting my blog for some time will know, I went to see the gynaecologist five weeks ago and he was writing to my doctor to get me some pills. Well, I FINALLY have the pills (Mam picked them up for me on Tuesday afternoon) but I can't take them yet. Why? Because I don't know when to take them, that's why. On the box it said to see the leaflet enclosed, but there wasn't one. So, we asked the pharmacist, and she said to take them the first five days of my cycle. BUT I don't have a cycle. The pharmacist didn't know what to do, and told us to call the doctor. It took until yesterday afternoon to get to speak to the doctor, who said she needs to speak to my gynaecologist to find out what he wants me to do. So, I have the pills, but until we get a call back from the doctor to tell us when to take them, they're in their box in the medicine cabinet waiting for me to be able to take them. Hope the doctor calls soon, it's already taken five weeks, and I'm getting a bit fed up with all this waiting around and such.

I wish it would stop raining. It's meant to still be Summer, but the way it's raining, you'd think it was the middle of Winter. Sheesh!.

Oh, and I missed a couple of birthdays... July 22nd was my friend Tracy's birthday, and July 25th was my friend Nancy's birthday. So, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!

Anyway, I think that's just about everything that matters.



LadyStyx said...

At week 2 I would have been calling the dr back. My best advice is get on the phone this week and check back with them DAILY. Eventually they'll get sick of you calling and get things done. That method worked well for me at least. I figure a week of you calling everyday will get things moving. If not, threaten to call twice a day or maybe go sit in their waitingroom all day so the nurse HAS to see your face as she's dealing with everyone else. I hope one of these ideas helps.

Tori_Z said...

I started calling after the first week. I called at least twice a week, every week from then on. But things don't get done quickly in this country.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori what can i add to what has already been said , apart from i hope you get the direction for those pills pretty damn quick cos you have waited long enough already .

the best of luck with them

grandma x

Debby said...

Isn't waiting so frustrating? I hope you are enjoying Harry Potter as much as I am. I've been so busy lately, and haven't had a lot of time to read. When I do get a chance I hate to put it down. My husbands black cat named Deems died yesterday. Today we buried her and planted a tree in her memory. I was allergic to her, well all cats. Her life changed so drasticaly when I moved in. Anyway, have a great weekend. I also want to apologize if I sound cranky I don't mean to be. Hugs

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about Deems. I bet you have mixed feelings about that. I've never been allergic to cats but I know a lot of people who are.

Tori_Z said...

Sorry to hear about Deems.

Yes, I am enjoying the book. I'm not getting as much time to read it as I'd like to, because I'm spending so much time trying to get an answer from these doctors, and making sure everything's sorted for when I go away next week, that I'm only getting a bit of time before bed, really. And, because I'm so tired, I'm bearly getting any of the book read before I have to put it down or I'll fall asleep using it as a pillow. LOL! I'm going to take it with me though, so I should get a large part of it read on the train.

Debby said...

I've been trying to read it at night as well. The book is so heavy I have to mount it on a pillow. I fell asleep reading last night. I woke up rather suddenly when the book fell on my face. Hugs

Tori_Z said...

I can think of much better ways to be woken up, that's for sure!