Monday, July 23, 2007

Why I say 'apparently'

I decided to answer ChicagoLady's comment in a post instead of as a comment, because it's a kind of long answer.

Anyway, I have a few issues with the whole man landing on the moon thing.

For one thing, if Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, who filmed him getting off the shuttle?

For another, if there's no gravity on the moon, why is the camera staying still enough so that we can see that Neil Armstrong isn't able to stand still in one place? Shouldn't it be moving about as much as he is?

For another thing, how is the flag waving when Neil Armstrong puts the pole into the moon? I thought there was no air up there!

So, that's why I said 'apparently'.

I'd love to believe it really happened, but those things don't add up, so how can I?

I know it might sound weird for someone who believes in the Loch Ness Monster to be doubting that man landed on the moon. But people have seen Nessie with their own eyes since before most people could even read and write. Where as we only got to see Neil Armstrong land on the moon on TV.

Now, if it wasn't for the issues with the camera and the flag, I would have no problem believing it. So, if someone can answer those questions, I would be happy to take back my 'apparently' and believe that man really did land on the moon.


Note - Added Tuesday July 24th 2007 @ 6:20 pm: After receiving the answers to my questions in a way that satisfies me, I am happy to take back my 'apparently' and agree that man did land on the moon.


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well my lovely little grandaughter and " i dont believe it "little person, i really do think you have a point there ( but ) as i am ( just old enough ) lol, to have been on earth when niel ( supposedly ) landed on the moon and i was one of the " millions " to see it , i am sorry love but i cant help you, (was it a put up job ) well i am afraid we will never know, but seeing all what they have put up in and on our lovely moon , i still think in my ( own mind ) that the first man on the moon was ( the-man-in-the-moon )that we have always been told about ( what say you !!!!! ).

Robyn said...

Someone told me Nasa had lost the footage of Neil Armstrong was 'on the moon.'
Never thought about it before but reading that psot makes you wonder.

Robyn said...

But the same person told me the flag was starched to look as if it was waving.

Intense Guy said...

The camera that showed Neil Armstrong climbing down a ladder to the moon was on the outside of the spacecraft, and not on the moon. Later the other astronaut held a camera will filming activities on the surface.

The moon does have gravity. It is 1/6 as strong as the Earth's - but its more than enough to hold you down. A 200 pound / 97 Kg man (in space suit) would weigh over 33 pounds / 14 Kg.

The flag had wires in it to hold it up, and the wires were bent so that the flag appears to "wave" but it is quite stationary.

Debby said...

Thanks Iggy I was going to post all of that. There is so much information on the moon landing I don't see how one could think it didn't really happen. A person can take any information and try to make a conspiracy of it. Any conspiracy dealing with the moon landing is just that. I remember the day man landed on the moon. It was thrilling to be part of that history in the making.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks for that Iggy.

I wasn't alive for the moon landing. It was about 15 years before my time. I hadn't seen the information that Iggy posted before now, and I certainly didn't see the moon landing happen. I just knew there was some question about these things, and needed them answered.

LadyStyx said...

Thanks for the explanation iggy. I was wondering how best to explain it. I never got to see it either as it happened less than a month before my birthday (literally). I agree with Debby, they can make conspiracy theories out of nearly everything.