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For those who aren't big on hearing what other people think of various books and movies, scroll past this post, there's another one. For the rest of you, read on, but if you haven't already read today's other post, don't forget to read it when you're done with this one.



"The Story Of Tracy Beaker" and "The Dare Game" are the main two books in "The Tracy Beaker Collection" by Jaqueline Wilson. They are both really good books that tell the story of a young girl named Tracy Beaker who is living in care, and who has a VERY vivid imagination. I wont tell you any more than that though, except to say there is a T.V. series based on the books, and that both the books and T.V. series are very good. There's a movie too, but I haven't seen it yet. This might not be some of you guys' idea of a good set of books though, because it's aimed at young-ish girls (I think 9 plus).

"Ugly" is a book by Constance Briscou, which is, I'm sorry to say, her autobiography (or the first part of it anyway). And the reason I say "I'm sorry to say" is that some parts of it are quite distressing. Despite some of the terrible things Constance recounts from her childhood, however, "Ugly" is a very good book.

I've read "Blue Fire" by Phyllis A Whitney before, but find it to be a fantastic book, which I have enjoyed every time I've read.

I borrowed "Gardens Of Delight" by Erica James from the local library. I wasn't sure what I thought of Erica James' books, having not read any before (to my knowledge anyway). Anyway, I enjoyed it. Some people may find it difficult to follow though, because it follows a few different people's stories at once. But, if you can follow it easily enough, it's a great book.

Another book I borrowed from the library was "A Form Of Death" by Roy Lewis. I didn't think much of it though. It was hard to get in to, and didn't make sense to me. I found myself reading (ok, listening to, if you want to be picky) the same part over, and over, and over, and still couldn't figure out what was meant to be going on. Definately NOT one I recommend.

"A Wing And A Prayer" by Lynn Andrews is one I definately would recommend though. Especially to readers who enjoy reading about the second world war, and the people who suffered through it.

The other one I borrowed from the library was called "Poisoned Cherries" by Quentine Jardeen. It was a good book, but kinda weird in places. I'm not sure I could begin to describe the basics of the story for you, because it was a bit of a complicated plot, but it was really good nether the less.



"Candleshoe" is a sort of "Anastasia" story with a bit of a twist. I thought it was a really good movie.

I didn't think much of "Monster House" though. The plot idea was pretty good, but they seemed to waste a lot of time doing nothing. Or, maybe I just couldn't get into it? Either way I didn't think much of it.

I've never seen the first Dungeons And Dragons movie, but "Dungeons And Dragons 2" was just starting when we turned on the T.V. and Kelly wanted to watch it, so I decided to watch it too. It was pretty good. It would be especially enjoyable to those of you who enjoy the Dungeons And Dragons RP (role playing) games.

When I was visiting Carl and Rachel, Mam, Rachel and I watched "Love Actually" while Carl was still at work. It was a really good movie, with quite a few funny bits.

I watched "Twitches 2" last night. I've never seen the first one, but the second one was on, so I watched it. It was an OK movie, but the plot seemed to drag, like they had a short plot and needed to stretch it to fit an hour long movie. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but I've definately seen better.


And those are the reviews I promised.



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