Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Proper post

OK, let me think...

Yesterday (Monday) my Mam came down to spend the afternoon with me, and she and Elizabeth stayed around for dinner. Mam didn't stay as long as she would have liked though, because she had things to do at home. Plus, she's still not feeling too great.

That reminds me, she says, "Thank you," to those of you who sent hugs and get well wishes to her via either my blog or her own.

We didn't do a whole lot, but it was a nice afternoon anyway.

After Mam left I started listening to "The Worst Witch" series, but I'll tell you about it after I'm done listening to it, because I can't be bothered right now. Besides, I'd only have to say again when telling you what I thought about it. And most of you probably know what it's about anyway. Didn't listen to much of it though, because I fell asleep (not because I wasn't enjoying it, I was just really tired).

Today (Tuesday) I got up almost three hours earlier than I needed to - not intensionally either - which gave me time to do a bit of catching up with blogs and e-mails before going to Asda with Mam and her friend, Kelly.

Didn't get anything of interest in Asda, just did some food shopping. About the most interesting thing that happened in Asda was that a little one who was sat in a trolley beside me at one point (I'd say she was somewhere between 2 and 3, judging by her speech skills) felt the need to inform me that she was a girl, her Mami was a girl, but not her Dadi, because he's a boy. So, I told her she was very clever, but she told me, "No, Dadi told me." LOL! So, there you have it. If someone tells you something, even though you now have the knowledge, you aren't clever. LOL!

And, speaking of little kids...

The other day we heard a really loud "bang" from upstairs. We weren't sure if we should go see if everything was OK or not, and ended up not going, because after listening for a while everything seemed fine. Well, yesterday we found out what caused it. It seems that little Cerys has learned a new game (or she thinks it's a game anyway). She's learned that she's got enough room to run on the bed, which is fine, but she hasn't yet learned that when you're about to run out of bed to run on you should stop. I'm sure you've all just figured out the source of the bang. Yep, that's right. She kept on running, ran out of bed and hit the floor. Oops! She doesn't seem to be any the worse for it though. I wonder if it has taught her not to do it again, or if she's one of those toddlers who find things like that funny... Despite the pain. LOL!


When I got home today I phoned the people from Sky (again). Lucky for them I was tired, so couldn't be bothered with getting in to an argument, so, when asked what they could do for me, I very nicely replied that they could, "Tell me why exactly I'm getting letters asking me to pay my monthly subscription when I have asked for it to be cancelled." The woman I spoke to (I forget her name, but unless it's family, friends, or neighbours I have a lot to do with that are "sort of" friends, I don't usually use names on here anyway) told me if I gave her my details so she could bring my account up on her computer she'd find out for me. So, I gave her the details. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the computer "apparently" automatically issues those letters if the monthly subscription hasn't been paid unless someone goes in to tell it not to, which it doesn't appear anyone has done (ya think?) So, my account IS getting cancelled, the billing computer just hadn't been told this. Hmm... OK, fine, if you say so. Anyway, she told me to just ignore any bill that comes in that doesn't say "final bill" and have the amount of £28 as the amount due. She then appologised several times, and - funnily enough - made no attempts to try and talk me out of leaving them (probably thought under the circumstances it would be best not to). I asked her when I could expect that bill, she said I'd get it "probably around the end of Feb" (it's due on Feb 27th, but might get sent out a bit early, then again, it might get sent out a bit late). I told her that was fine, but that I would appreciate it if the billing computer could be informed that I'm getting sick of having someone come and read the same letter to me every couple of days, and that if at the end of Feb my bill says anything more than £28 then my next phone call will NOT be a polite one. I'd fully intended this one not being polite, but having been up since around 5:30 am I was quite tired by this time (it was around 4:00 pm). I usually go straight for a nap after doing the shopping, but - even though I'd been home for a couple of hours - I hadn't yet made it for my nap (I did get my nap afterwards though).

Today is "pancake day" but we didn't have pancakes for our tea. For one thing we'd planned for about two weeks that we were going to have "sloppy joes" today and had forgotten that today was going to be pancake day. For another thing, we're having pancakes with Mam and Dad lunch time tomorrow, and I don't really want them two days in a row. But we've got some "real Canadian maple syrrup" that I got today (or, it better be the real stuff for how much I paid for the damn stuff) and we're going to have that with our pancakes tomorrow. We also have some lemon juice, because I know Mam and Dad like that with a bit of sugar on their pancakes.

So, Kelly made "sloppy joes" for dinner. I've never had a sloppy joe before. Doubt I ever will again either. I really didn't think much of them. I think Kelly was a bit disappointed that I didn't really like them, but I told him I think it's just the fact I'm not used to the taste. A lot of the stuff I've had that people seem to eat (and enjoy) a lot in Canada I've not really thought much of. I think it's because of not being used to them. I mean, I was raised on sausage mash and peas, roast dinners, risole and chips, bubble and squeak, shepherds' pie, toad in the hole... that sort of thing. So, things like sloppy joes are strange to me. I mean, the mince meat stuff that's in it (the stuff that's called "hamburger" in Canada, and I think the U.S. too) is what you put in sheperds' pie, or use to make spaghetti bolognese... who's bright idea was it to mix it with a sort of tomato paste thing and stick it in a giant burger bun? Anyway, I have discovered that I don't really like sloppy joes. But, at least I can say I tried one. And, I know it wasn't just Kelly's cooking skills, because I have learned over these past six months or so that he's actually a fantastic cook. Wish I'd known sooner, because then he could have done more of the cooking before. LOL!

I think that's just about it, apart from one thing...

You're almost out of chances to ask me questions. If I'm not mistaken I only need to do one more post after this one for the question post to disappear from the front page of my blog, so if you want to get a question in you need to do it quickly, or you wont get to ask it (well, unless the topic comes up some time in the future and you get the oppertunity).

Anyway... Enjoy the rest of your day :)



KAYLEE said...

VERY NICE POST Hope you are well! glad your mam is better!!!!

Tori_Z said...

Thanks Kaylee :)

I'm a bit tired, but otherwise fine. You?

KAYLEE said...

I am good I guess :)

Tori_Z said...

That's great! It's been a while since you've been able to say anything that possitive :)

KAYLEE said...

Yes it has and I am glad that I am able too :)

AliceKay said...

toad in the hole???

LadyStyx said...

*looks up Toad in a Hole* OHHH. they're what my first husband always called Hole in Ones. I love those (only good suggestion the man ever had!), but I dont like the yolks runny at all so I end up poking the yolk to make sure it cooks all the way thru.

Shepard's Pie...my mom made something similar but she'd use corn instead of carrots (us kids were picky on veggies) but she called it "NewlyWed Special" because it was made out of the cheapest ingredients possible.

*looks up the rest and cant come up with an equivilant in her life and gives up*

Sloppy joes...love em but hubby isnt fond of tomatoes or tomato sauces. Thankfully Hunts makes not only a regular Manwich sauce (canned sloppy joe sauce) but one in a barbeque flavor which he quite likes. You may want to try that sometime. Like you said, it's simply that you arent used to that style of food. Kind of like us and the Bubble and Squeaks and some of the other foods you mention.... ~smiles~

Is Cerys ok? My nephew is one of those that thinks it's hysterical bouncing around like that and causing the adults around him to have heart failure.

Tori_Z said...

So am I :)

Toad in the hole is basically sausages cooked in a pan full of batter. Quite often other things (like tomatoes or onions) are added in too. There's a basic recipe on my recipe page.

I've never known it have eggs that are visible after it's cooked. Unless he used to slap a fried egg with a runny yolk on top of it?

Sheperds' pie doesn't "have to" contain veg, but a lot of people do add it in. With how many people we cook for we usually don't because we don't have a big enough cassarole dish to make enough for everyone that way. When we had it on Sunday it was just Kelly and I though, so we put some peas in it (it's meant to have peas and carrots, but we couldn't be bothered to add them).

Bubble and squeak is mashed potato mixed with cabbage.

A risole is basically corned beef with herbs in it rolled in to a ball and covered in bread crumbs. You can only get those in Wales (unless you make them yourself). Everywhere else will tell you that "nobody called Russel works here" which is funny, but doesn't help you to get a risole. LOL!

I think that's all the things I said.

Cerys is fine. She's still running around just fine, and Kelly saw her yesterday and she ran up to Kero and gave him the wrapper from her sweets. LOL! Not sure why she decided she should do that, but Kero just dropped it on the floor for Kelly to pick up anyway, so it doesn't matter. Anyway, she's fine. Haven't heard any loud "bangs" for a couple of days though, so maybe she really did learn not to do it any more? Then again, maybe her parents just closed the door and she can't open it to get in and run on the bed? LOL!

Tori_Z said...

Oh, and LadyStyx:
We can't get a canned sloppy joe sauce over here, and I prefer tomato sauces to barbeque sauces. I quite like tomato sauces usually (especially tomato ketchup).

Intense Guy said...

I enjoy Shepards Pie and some nice hot steaming Bubble and Squeak on a cold night.

I'm just sitting here thankful my name isn't Joe.

Imagine seeing Sloppy Joe around you all the time?

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

flipping heck tori how on earth do i follow all these comments.

but i did like " intense guy's remeark " very good and yes who the heck would want a sloppy joe round you all the time,lol.

and i just love bubble & squeek fried in bacon fat very naughty but very-very nice,lol.

glad to hear cerys is ok and yes may be her mam has shut the door.

KAYLEE said...

is cerys your neighbor? glad she is ok

Tori_Z said...

LOL! Yeah, I wouldn't want a sloppy Joe around all the time.

As long as you can follow the posts and any comments directed at you then we don't mind if you can't follow everything :)

Cerys is the 2 year old daughter of the people who live above us (the ones who had baby Catrin just before Christmas).