Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dogs and dinosaurs

I haven't really done much today, but since I'm kinda bored I thought I'd blog about the few things that did happen today.

While unpacking stuff I found my unassembled model dinosaurs. I'd already put the TRex together, but the Diplodocus and Triceratops were still in pieces in the box. So, I started to put them together today. I've got the body and legs of the Diplodocus all together, but they need to set properly before I can put the rest of him together. Not doing the Triceratops until I've done the Diplodocus because I don't want too many things on the go at once. Anyway, Kelly says he'll take a photo of them when I'm done for me to put on here.

I'd ended up with a tidy stack of papers to sort out again. Mostly this was from just adding any papers I found while unpacking to the pile instead of finding out what they were and either shredding them or putting them where they belong straight away. I'd managed to keep my desk clear, but this was only due to my cunning idea of using one of the shelves on it to put the pile of papers on. LOL! Anyway, I had Kelly help me sort them out today and now all paperwork is where it belongs... Well, until the next lot of mail arrives, LOL!

There's a field near the kiddy play park where it's fenced off but people can take their dogs in and let them loose. So, early this evening - when it was starting to cool down - Kelly took Kero there to have a run around. Apparently Kero loved it. They weren't gone long though, because Kero never stays out very long if I don't go for some reason. Besides, this place isn't far from us, so they were probably there in less than a minute with how fast the two of them walk without me. LOL!

There you go... Those are the highlights of my day. LOL! Hope your day has been more exciting so far, and that you enjoy whatever's left of it. :)



AliceKay said...

The weather was very nice here in Pennsylvania today. It was warm and sunny. I have all of our windows open tonight and a nice, light breeze is coming thru. Rain is expected tomorrow night and again on the weekend tho.

LadyStyx said...

We had a nice sunny day too. First time in 2-3 days. Actually got up into the 70's...it was 49 or colder the last couple days. Those wooden model dinos sound like alot of fun. I'll have to grab one sometime and try my hand at it.

Intense Guy said...

The Dinosaur you took a picture of was really nice. I hope we can see the others. Sounds like you will have a "herd" of them soon.


Tori_z said...

AK & LadyStyx:
Glad You're getting some nice weather, :)

LadyStyx & Iggy:
The wooden one was actually a dragon. I do have another like that one (an owl) but I haven't even opened it yet. The dinosaurs are plastic and "have to" be glued. Personally, I like the wooden ones a bit more because I HATE the glue you have to use for the plastic models... It smells awful! The wooden ones slot in to place so you don't even have to use any glue if you don't want to. But, anyway, I'll make sure to get Kelly to get a photo of the dinosaurs when I've finished them (and the owl too, when I do it) so you can see them.