Friday, May 02, 2008

Kelly's birthday 2008

Today is Kelly (my hubby)'s birthday. So, of course, II'm going to say, "happy birthday," to him before I do anything else! :)

It's been a pretty good day, I think. He says he's enjoyed his birthday anyway. LOL! I gave him some money to do as he wants with and he's using it towards some Warhammer figures he wants. He had some money from a couple of other people too, as well as a few little pressies. Like I said, he says he's enjoyed his birthday, which is always good!

I've had a pretty good day myself. A couple of parcels I've been waiting for finally arrived, and so did a couple of audio books sent to me from my Grandma from a friend of hers. Haven't started listening to those yet, but I did have a good look at the braille astronomy book I'd ordered that arrived today. It's really good (or, what I've read of it is).

I also finally got a braille writing frame thing I'd ordered. It's a small, pocket-sized writing frame with a "stylus" (a little tool with a sharp point designed to push through the gaps in the frame to make the dots for the letters) and little notepad of braille paper in a little pouch. It's designed as a sort of braille notebook and pen. Based on the old way that braille was written before the introduction of braillers, and braille printers. I thought it would be handy to use as a little notebook like the one I used to carry around for any writing ideas when out and about. Much quicker to set up than a laptop, but not as bulky (or heavy) as an actual brailler. Using it is a slow process because you have to write the letters backwards because of doing them with the frame, but it seems to work for what I wanted it for, so I'm happy with it.


I didn't go in to town today because I thought I'd spend the day at home with Kelly instead. We didn't "need" anything anyway. We didn't end up doing much. Just investigating our newly aquired possessions and enjoying each others' company. But, we enjoyed the day, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

Will let this do for today.



LadyStyx said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!

Sounds like the two of you had a wonderful day.

Tori_z said...

Yes, we did have a good day. It even prompted Kelly to do a blog post on his own blog, LOL! :)

AliceKay said...

Yep, that's all that mattered.

Sorry I'm behind in your blogs again. :(

Happy belated birthday to Kelly.

Tori_z said...

No worries. It happens, :)

I'm sure Kelly appreciates the birthday wishes.