Monday, June 16, 2008


My dinosaurs are all finally finished. So, while Kelly had the camera out to take those photos of Kero yesterday (Sunday) I had him take a photo of them too.
The T-Rex was put together a few years ago. I just never got around to doing the Stegasaurus and Triceratops back then.
The Stegasaurus was definately the hardest to do. I had to have Kelly help with putting those spikey bits on its back. It was getting that sorted that made putting them together take so long. Even Kelly had to do one, let it completely dry, then do another... And so on. Very time consuming!
The Triceratops was more complicated than the T-Rex, but not nearly as difficult to do as the Stegasaurus. I got that one done while waiting for the Stegasaurus to get finished.
Triceratops are my favourite kind of dinosaur.
By the way - not sure how well you can see in the picture - but, just in case you can see... The T-Rex's left "hand" is a bit deformed because it got chewed on. I put the T-Rex together when Kero was a puppy, and he got hold of the arm (I obviously dropped it) and chewed on it. I rescued it, but it now looks kinda like the T-Rex had a bit of an accident that cost him the use of that arm.
And, before anyone asks, no... I'm not getting them painted. If I could do it myself, I'd paint them. But, I don't want anyone doing it for me, otherwise I didn't make them myself. As it was I had to have Kelly help put the Stegasaurus' spikes on its back.


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well you did very well with those lovely little creature's despite the " wonky leg", and i recon they look very nice without any paint on them.

Tori_z said...

Thanks Grandma. :)

AliceKay said...

Yep, you done good. Doesn't look like they need any painting at all.

Tori_z said...

Thanks AK. :)

I only said about the painting because a couple of people here have asked about it, so I thought I'd get in there first this time. LOL!

Intense Guy said...

They look really neat! I like the unpainted look too. Poor Kero... He probably will never eat dinosaur meat again.

Tori_z said...

Thanks :)

And, LOL @ the comment about Kero

Kati said...

*grin* They do look good!!! Hope you're having a good week!

Tori_z said...

Thanks Kati :)

LadyStyx said...

*laffz* I was about halfway thru the entry when I thought to myself how awesome they'd be if a coat of paint was slapped on them! They look wonderful though.

Tori_z said...

*Grins @ LadyStyx*

Knew someone had to be thinking that! :)

If I could paint them myself I'd have them painted by now, I just don't want anyone to do it for me, and don't feel I could do a good enough job myself.