Friday, August 29, 2008

Where to start... (LBE & FD)

I've got a lot to say - not that that's unusual, lol - and I'm not 100% sure where to start. I think the best thing to do would be to start from when I did my last "proper" post and discuss things in the order they come up. Yep, that makes the most sense!


Wednesday... Mam and Dad came for dinner, and Mam made a lovely toad in the hole (sausage, onion and tomatoes cooked in a batter) with roast potatoes, peas and carrots. There was some left so we've put it in the freezer for Kelly and I to have some time in the near future.

Despite the fact it was a bit drizzly, Mam and I took Kero for a walk before dinner. It wasn't raining all that much, besides all of us - especially Kero and I - needed to get out and do a bit of exercise. It was a nice little walk. Would have been better without the dampness, but we do live in Wales after all. LOL!

During our walk - and while Mam made dinner - Mam and I were talking about finding me things to do. The thing is, a lot of what I was doing a year or so ago (and had been doing all or most of my life) needs eyesight... Computer games, drawing, photography, cross stitch... You get the idea. So now that I can't do those things I'm finding that I'm getting VERY bored.

Yes, OK, there are still things I can do that I did before. Like reading, listening to music, watching movies... Etc... But between the weather and my as yet not fully regained confidence the walking thing isn't very easy right now, which means that I'm feeling as though I'm spending all my time either in front of the TV screen or in front of the laptop... With the occasional break to read or listen to a book.

The result of this boredom is that I've started boredom eating. I'd gotten out of the habit of it when I was so engrossed in playing World Of Warcraft, but in this last year I've gotten back in to the habit of it and as a result have put back on all the weight I'd managed to get off. :(


Mam and I were trying to come up with ideas. The best one we could think of was to find things to keep my hands busy. After all, if my hands are busy doing something then I can't pick up the snack food. ;)

So yesterday (Thursday) my Mam and Dad got me some new "toys" to keep my hands busy.

My Dad got me some Meccano and some Magnetix. The Meccano you'll probably all be familiar with... It's that toy where you get different shaped bits of metal with holes in and some screws and stuff so you can build things. The Magnetix is a new-ish thing... It consists of plastic rods with magnets in them and little ball bearings, and the idea is that you use the magnetic rods and those little balls to build stuff. They brought them in early evening yesterday and it was around midnight when I realised what the time was and thought maybe it was time to pack up and go to bed. LOL!

My Mam got me some bits too, but she wont let me have them until when she comes tomorrow. :(

She did let me have the new cup she'd gotten me though. It's got butterflies on it. It's one of those tactile ones that I've taken to using. They're plastic (so less likely to break when dropped... Though they do crack after a lot of contact with the floor from a great height) and the pictures and/or writing on them is tactile so I then know which cup I've got and that it's definately my cup. I've now got 8 of them. Two of which are replacement for my "Princess" one and the one with my name on it... Those two cups are how I know that getting dropped too many times cracks the cups. *Blushes*

Anyway... Back to Wednesday...

After dinner my Mam finished reading "Pongwiffy And The Spellovision Song Contest" by "Kaye Umansky" to me. I love the Pongwiffy books! This one and one other I hadn't heard/read before. They were in my "need to read" pile before I gave my Mam my print books. Anyway... The Pongwiffy books are about a filthy, smelly witch called "Pongwiffy" and all the things she gets up to. They're all cute, funny childrens' stories that can amuse children and adults alike with some of the things said and done in them. And this book was no exception!

It was while we were reading Pongwiffy that the moth incedent I posted about yesterday happened.

I didn't really do much on Thursday... In fact, I don't really remember any of what I did before Mam and Dad came with my pressies. LOL! I think I was just fiddling on the laptop or something. *Shrugs*

Oh, yeah... There was the yummy Chinese food we had (though if I'd known my Mam and Dad were popping in I'd have waited and had them grab it from my favourite place). I had sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice and a couple of spring rolls. Took me most of the evening to eat it all. LOL!


Today (Friday) has flown by! I'm hoping I manage to keep myself as occupied - at least most days - as I was today, because with everything I was doing I haven't been snacking. :)

First of all, due to the fact I was up until a later time than I have been lately (I mean, I was on here doing my random question post at about 12:45 am ish) I never got up until around 10:00 am (lately I've been up by 7:00 am). And when I got up I had to sort out some washing. By the time I'd done that (and gotten some dishes that didn't get done last night washed) Kelly had gone in to town and been gone for a bit. I knew he was bringing me a baguette home so I didn't see the point in having anything and figured I'd wait for my baguette.

While he was in town he'd grabbed a magazine he likes to get, and it has some free Warhammer figures with it this issue. He got a couple of copies because it works out cheaper for the figures that way (and they're ones he wants) and since he doesn't want his orcs he said he was giving them to Dad. But I decided I wanted an orc. Don't ask me why, but I did. So, he gave me one. I put it together this afternoon... Kelly's going to paint it for me, then we'll put it on the shelves with my ornaments. Dad can have the rest of the orcs though... LOL!

While I was putting my orc together my mind wandered - as it often does - and for some reason came to rest on hobbits. I don't know if it was the fact I was putting together a fantasy game model, or if it was the mention earlier in the day about my Dad's comment that I remind him of his hobbit on the Lord Of The Rings game they play (short, barefoot and no objections to living in a dark hole in the ground). Or maybe a combination of these things? But whatever the reason, my mind settled on the subject of hobbits. It was then that inspiration hit me!

I remembered that there is a Lord Of The Rings game like the Warhammer game and that you can have a hobbit army. So I decided I wanted a hobbit. Just one little hobbit to put together, have painted and call my own. But when we went on the Games Workshop web site I ran in to a problem... There are so many hobbits to choose from... How do I pick just one little hobbit? Especially when they come in packs of two or more... LOL! After some consideration I decided that I most liked the pack with one hobbit on foot and another on a horse. Yep, that sounded like the perfect hobbit pack! And yet... The other hobbits sound so cool too... So I was back to square one! Until, that is, I decided that the only way to deal with my problem was to just get the lot. LOL! So I'm going to have a hobbit army. I doubt I'll ever use them to play the game. But they'll be fun to collect and put together anyway. LOL!

And with my little hobbits to put together and all the new things we're buying to keep my hands busy, hopefully we'll keep me away from the snacks long enough to get some weight off me. ;)

We're trying to make sure that the things we find me to do are on-going things... Things where there will be new bits to collect, or where you can do so many different things with them that by the time you've done them all you can go back and start again without thinking "I've already done this... This is boring!" And if both of those things are covered - like with Lego, Meccano, etc - then so much the better.

We've found some ideas... But if anyone has any others then feel free to make suggestions. If I don't like them I just wont use them... But I will definately appreciate your effort. :)


I think that covers everything worth mentioning... And even if it doesn't, this post is long enough now, I think. LOL!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



LadyStyx said...

I've heard of Magnetix (they were new out when I was working at Toys R Us about 5 years ago or so) but never heard of the Meccano. I suspect that one's alot like the old time Erector sets? You may also like to get your hands on some TinkerToys. I remember enjoying playing with those as a kid. Now a days they're making them in plastic but I do believe the classic wooden versions can still be found around.

AliceKay said...

I had never heard of Meccano either, so I googled it. Looks like something to keep your hands busy for awhile.

I have a problem too. I come home from work, sit down here to catch up on email and blogs (or a friend's stream) and munch on potato chips trying to decide what to eat for lunch. Too many calories and too little activity...not a good combination. Hope your idea works out for you. *hugs*

KAYLEE said...

What toys did mam get you?

Tori_z said...

Tinker toys???

Yup... That's how it goes... Nasty habit to get in to, and hard one to break.

Will post later or tomorrow to say... You'll have to keep guessing 'til then. ;)

LadyStyx said...

OK so the last comment wouldnt put the links in right. *sigh*

Tinker Toys:

Their home page:

AliceKay said...

Tinker Toys were fun to play with. I remember playing with them when I was a kid, and we bought some for our kids when they were young. I still see them in the stores occasionally.

Tori_z said...

You can always remember the most fun toys best. :)