Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photos from our Sunday afternoon walk (LBE)

On Sunday we managed to get a long enough break in the rain to go out for a walk. And this time the camera's batteries were charged, so we managed to take a few photos.

This first one I took. Kelly says it's a pretty good shot, but he might just be saying it to make me feel good. LOL! But either way... I wanted to have a photo of him walking Kero (don't know why, I just did) so I let them get ahead of me then called their names and snapped the photo... Hoping they'd turned enough before I clicked.

Where we walk here Kero can't be loose for most of the walk. The path and the grass on one side of it is public, but on the other side of the path are some people's open planned gardens, and we don't think people would be too happy to find him scratching up their grass or whatever.


These next few photos are ones Kelly took of Kero when we were on the part of the walk where there's a nice big patch of grass where Kero can run free for a bit.

As you can see from the photos, Kero had a great time and found a few interesting smells to sniff.

He also got very dirty paws from all the muddy grass he ran through. LOL!

Here's another photo I took of Kelly and Kero. With this one I told Kero to come to me. He's pretty good at coming when I call him... Even if he has to drag whoever has hold of his lead - in this case, Kelly - with him. LOL!

I told Kelly before we left that if he saw any "interesting looking bits of scenery" then he was to take photos for me.

Since the bushes block the river from view on one side, and there are houses on the other, there wasn't much in the way of scenic photos. However, he did spot this "flowery bush" and took a photo of it for me to post.

He also spotted these flowers...

They were in one of the gardens, but he figured he'd grab photos of them for me to share with those of you who enjoy looking at photos of flowers, plants and scenery in general.



Intense Guy said...

It looks a little chilly and damp there - but nice conditions for walking in.

Kero and Kelly turned completely and are smiling at you in the first picture.

Kero looks like he had a wonderful time - the grass is so green there! One of your neighbors has a garden some folks in the USA strive for - and would kill for!

Ausgrl said...

HI Tori, I thought I would pop over and take a look at your blog. Kero looks like he is having a wonderful time sniffing about there. I have a Jack Russel and if I were to let him run like that he would get himself into all sorts of trouble. He thinks himself a lot tougher than he is and tries to take on the bigger dogs LOL. Yet he hides from the cats.

LadyStyx said...

Looks like Kero had a great time sniffing around for the "doggy news". He sure is a cutie pie.

Punkn said...

Kero is just darling. Everything is so lush green! I guess with all the rain, though, it would be, huh.

Tori_z said...

Good. I'm glad they turned in time. :)

That's about as dry as it's gotten around here lately. :(

I'd love to have a garden with loads of beautiful flowers of different colours with different scents... Something that would be pleasing to the eye, but still enjoyable to those who can't see it. But things like that take work. And it's not like I have the greenest of thumbs.

Thanks for visiting. :)

You're little dog sounds cute. Kero got on well with our cats. I think he misses them. :(

Kero's too much of a whimp to go far from me. There's the odd time something's spooked him so he's set off as fast as his little paws can carry him. But he always goes home. And there's been times when the gate's been open and I didn't know and next thing we know he's heading off in the direction of town (we think for a sausage roll, lol). But for the most part he's really good. I can't let him loose when I'm on my own with him though, because I might not be able to tell if he "can't" come or if it's one of his moments of refusing to listen (or being so in to something he doesn't realise I'm speaking).

Kero loves being out and catching up on all the news. He also likes "marking" everything in sight to remind local animals that this is his part of the world. LOL!

Yes, all that rain makes for some beautiful greenery. I always used to love taking photos of it... Especially the mountains!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

Well tori you certainly did a good job of the photo's of " kelly & kero " well dont to you :).

And the other photo's are also very good , i do love photo's with flowers ect in them as you well know,

And as for " kero " well yep i recon he certainly enjoyed his walk on and of the lead, so well done to both you and kelly taking the photo's so we can see them . :) .

Jess said...

I like one of the photos of Kero where he looks like he is running through the grass and looking ectatically wild and free.

The whole green grass white dog effect is great! lol.

Ig should be seeing a lot of incredibly green grass on his UK mile thingumy. Perhaps he should steal some and sneak it home.

Tori_z said...

Glad you liked the photos. And... Thanks. :)

Glad you enjoyed the pics. :)

Hmm... I wonder what they'd say if Iggy showed up at the airport with a rolled up strip of green grass under his arm? LMAO!

AliceKay said...

They would probably think he was a bit odd, Tori. LOL

I was reading your blog earlier today when my cable internet went out again. It kept going on and off so I stayed off for awhile. Great pics. Kero sure looked like he was having a fun time. And I think Kelly was as well. :)

ChicagoLady said...

You did a great job with the photos, Tori! Better than some people do with full vision.

Kero looks like he was really enjoying himself, running around in the grass, getting his feet dirty.

Tori_z said...

Glad your signal got better afterwards. :)
Yeah... I think "very odd" might be more accurate though. ;)

We all enjoyed the walk (you can't see it with me though because I was lucky enough to escape having my photo taken... LOL!)

Thanks! :)

Yes, Kero loves his walks!