Friday, September 05, 2008

Thoughts and things for Friday (LBE & FD)

Firstly... thank you for all the comments on the sleep subject, but I do know what the problem is. I'm not doing enough through the day to make myself tired enough to sleep properly at night. It's as simple as that. And I know it is because - though I had nights when I couldn't sleep before - the actual problem started around the time I lost my eye (and with it my confidence) and as a result began avoiding going places (especially if it meant walking a lot). And I don't think it's a coincidence that the night after our five Hour shopping trip in Norwich (which consisted almost entirely of walking around the city or one or the other of the shops) I slept fantastically. Where as yesterday, for example, I spent most of the day sitting down doing stuff. Yes, my hands were busy and so was my mind... But not my body. If it would stop raining long enough it would be harder for me to make excuses not to go for walks, and that would help. But this is Wales. And it's even a lot of rain compared to what we're used to. When Kelly went in to town today he discovered that some of the roads were actually flooded. We can't take Kero out in floods (and he wouldn't go anyway) and it's hard enough trusting a cane when you aren't wading through water, so going by myself isn't an option in weather like this. Even my Nan (who usually goes to town no matter the weather) stayed home today.

I know, I know... It's not like it's this bad all the time. I've really got to stop making excuses and start going out more. But it's so much easier not to go. And it's easier on people if they don't take me. So it's so easy to make excuses that people will accept.

Like today...

Mam and her friend Kelly invited me to go with them to check out the new shop (£ Stretcher, I think) that's opened not too far from here. I said, "no," because I didn't have a lot of money free to spend there, so I didn't see the point. I could have gone just for the change of scenery and the excercise I'd have gotten walking around the shop (and all the other shops near it that my Mam would have wanted to look in too, LOL!) But nope! I made an excuse. A valid one admittedly, but an excuse none the less.

And that's why I'm not sleeping. Because instead of going out for a wander - be it in to town, along the riverside with Kero, or around some shops somewhere else with my Mam - I'm staying home and just fiddling with my "toys" or messing about on the laptop, or watching a DVD/Video, or reading/listening to a book/audiobook.

Anyway, enough of that...


My parents were here on Wednesday and my Mam made dinner. She made a sort of pasta bolagnese type thing with some peas. It was OK, but even she agreed she'd have been better off putting it in the oven rather than a saucepan because the pasta all sort of stuck together and became a yucky lump. The Welsh cakes she made are really tasty though!

Then yesterday (Thursday) a lot happened in a short amount of time. LOL!

Kero left with his groomer a little after 8:30 am. The postman brought a stack of parcels about 10:30 am. We'd just finished sorting them out and putting the stuff away when the delivery guy showed up with our table and my Hungry Hippos game (can't have a game collection without having a Hungry Hippos game). He'd hardly left when Kero came home. And we'd just finished doing Kero's after grooming photo shoot (photos will be posted tomorrow) when Wayne arrived (it's his week to spend the night with us to give my parents a bit of time to themselves).

The parcels the postman brought contained the rest of Carl's birthday and Christmas presents. An audiobook I'd ordered, my hobbits (photos of them to come tomorrow too) and a Warhammer box set Kelly'd ordered when ordering my hobbits (the set that's not actually released until tomorrow, lol!)

It was sorting out the books and getting the ones I wanted him to have for Christmas and the ones I wanted him to have for his birthday seporated that took the longest amount of time. Partly - I have to admit - due to my stopping half way through to investigate my hobbits. I've got one that looks just like my Dad... But more on that when I post the photo tomorrow... LOL!


Speaking of photos...

Rachel (my sister-in-law) posted the info on how to see the photos done by the photographer on the day of hers and Carl's wedding. So if you want to go take a look then go check out her blog (link is on our links page) and scroll down to the first post she did on September 1st 2008 (you might want to stop and look at the photos in the 2nd one first though) and follow her instructions.


We had fish fingers and chips for dinner last night, and after dinner I listened to some stories on the radio for a bit then went and read a while before "trying" to get some sleep. You all know already how that went.

I did go back to bed for a while this morning. I went back to bed around 7:30 am and sort of dozed on and off between 8:00 am and about 10:30 am, but didn't actually go in to a "proper" sleep.

Wayne left this morning when Kelly went in to town (about 11:30 am ish). And I just alternated between fiddling with things and doing the dishes.

Kelly came home a little before 1:00 pm and it turned out he'd met the postman on his way home, so he came home with a couple of parcels in his arms as well as the stuff he'd gone to town for.

Today's parcels contained most of the books I've been waiting for. There's still one more to come from the RNIB, and I'm still waiting for some from "Future Aids - The Braille Superstore" but most of my books are here now. Most of the ones from Future Aids I'm not worried about as yet since, after all, they do have to make it half way around the world, and the estimated delivery dates haven't arrived yet. I am getting a bit worried about one of them though. It was meant to be here by September 3rd at the latest. It's now September 5th. Even allowing for time difference it should be here by now. I'm giving it until Monday evening (afternoon over there) which gives it two more days that it could possibly arrive (Saturday and Monday). If it's not here after that I think I'll give them a call. I want to ask them about something anyway.


Kelly and I needed new dressing gowns badly. My Mam did give me one she hasn't really used, but it only just fits and is a bit shorter than I like my dressing gowns to be. I said I'd keep it though since it'll come for either her to use when she's here or for me to use when mine needs washing and Kelly's wearing his so I can't borrow it. LOL!

That was the main reason for Kelly's trip in to town today. When he asked on Tuesday about when they'd have some in they said to give a couple of days to get them out because they had just arrived but hadn't been unpacked yet. So we decided to have him go get us one each now while we knew they had some, since we know from experience that waiting too long for something like that - which they only stock from now until about December ish - means you aren't going to get it.

My new robe is grey and fluffy, and nice and snuggly! I like it! It is a shame that the one I had from my Mam for my birthday last year has gotten very tatty and has to be thrown out though. It's one of those ones you pull over the head and it has a cat picture on it. That one's grey too. My new one is the ordinary kind with the "rope" type thing you tie it closed with. And no cat picture. But I still like it! :)


Monday we have someone coming to do a check on the heating (and, hopefully, the gas fire too). They sent a letter saying they were coming out, which saves us a call, because we had intended calling soon since I'd like the fire checked before we try to use it "just in case."

I'm hoping they come before 3:00 pm because I've got an appointment for something at 3:35 pm and it'll be easier for them to do the check if I'm here to take Kero off in to the kitchen or bedroom or something while Kelly deals with them. Otherwise Kero will be "helping"... And I'm sure you all know how that works. ;)


I think I'm going to go eat the Welsh cakes that are left from Wednesday... Yep, that sounds like a good idea! Welsh cakes with some "proper" Welsh butter on them... Mmm! Yup, that's what I'll do. And then I'll finish off with a nice cup of Cocoa and go read some... I've almost finished the book I'm reading, so maybe I can finish that and start the next one tonight?

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



KAYLEE said...

Oh lovely :)

Kati said...

Oh, so I found that recipe on your recipes page for Welsh Cakes, and I made a batch using dried cherries (instead of currants, which I've never had and didn't know that I'd like), and they were VERY yummy! *grin* Best the first day or two. Kind stale by now. THANK YOU for the recipe!!! I think they'll be something Tay and I enjoy again.

I hope you find a way to start getting more fresh air and excercise. Is it possible to maybe even just walk in place in your living room while watching a movie???? That's what I do, during the winter. Not nearly as stimulating as going for a stroll, but at least it's some sort of physical activity, when it's too dreary to go outside. Either way, best of luck with the sleep issues!!!

Looking forward to seeing your hobbits. They sound fantastic!

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed them. Yeah, you really do need to eat them within a few days (keeping them in the fridge does help to keep them fresh a bit longer though). When they start getting stale is a good time to spread a bit of butter on them before eating them.

Dried cherries... Interesting idea!

I do move about when listening to music or watching TV a lot of the time. And I play with Kero which involves us ending up going from room to room in search of toys I've thrown in the general direction of the hallway for him to chase and need to find. LOL! But I don't think it's enough (and gets a bit boring after a bit).

Hobbit photos will be posted very soon. :)

Jess said...

Sounds like you're pretty busy even if you aren't getting mucn exercise!

You know what else is fun - dancing! You can do that in your living room - Loud music, cushions. Heaven!

Tori_z said...

*Nods* Yep, apart from the fact I'm not doing enough physical activity I'm certainly doing a lot. ;)

ChicagoLady said...

Perhaps you and Kelly can make it part of your regular routine for him to walk with you and Kero outside for a bit (he should be able to hold your arm and an umbrella at the same time) while you hold Kero. That way all three of you can get some exercise. Even if they aren't long 2 hour walks, just 15-30 minutes, breathing the fresh air, will help you sleep better.

Tori_z said...

Good idea, but... Since when have men been able to multi task? LOL!