Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkins and bears

Originally we hadn't made any plans for Samhain/Halloween because we thought I'd probably be in hospital. But since I wasn't and had mentioned wanting to get a pumpkin and wanting to make pumpkin pie Kelly got me a pumpkin yesterday. So my Mam came down to do some baking. I'll let her tell you about that though since she intends doing a blog about that part.

I will tell you though that the stuff she made was VERY tasty. :)

And, if you're wondering why we didn't do the baking tomorrow... It's because we've got other stuff planned for tomorrow evening. But I'll tell you about that either tomorrow night or over the weekend.


What I want to post about is the photos. We made sure the batteries for my camera were charged so we could get some photos of the pumpkin. The ones we did of just the pumpkin never came out (we're going to try again tomorrow when we have it lit for the kiddies). But here are the rest of the pics...

Firstly... Mam and I with the pumpkin...

And Kero with the pumpkin...

This is the first time Kero's ever met a pumpkin. He's almost 4 & 1/2 years old, but this is the first time in his life we've bothered with one. He seems to like it. I'm really glad we didn't have it lit when we let him see it though, because he seems to think it's a ball.

I hope it's OK for dogs to eat pumpkins, because he bit a tiny bit off and ate it.

Anyway, like I said, we're going to try again with photos of the pumpkin itself tomorrow evening.


While we had the camera out we thought we'd grab a photo of Kero with the new teddy we got him the other day. I know Christmas is just around the corner, but with me in and out of hospital and such Kero seemed a bit out of sorts. So we thought a pressie would cheer him up.

He seems to like his new bear. At any rate he's playing with it a lot.


That's all for now... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



Intense Guy said...

Awww! Those are neat pictures Tori! You can tell Kero likes both the Pumpkin and the teddy bear. You will have to watch him though, he'll be wrapping something up to give his lady friends.

Tori_z said...

LOL Iggy!

It's OK. We let him give them a rawhide shoe each on Tuesday and he seems satisfied with that. And we've promised him we'll help him pick out something for them for Christmas. ;)

MarmiteToasty said...

I dont believe they are pumpkins at all, I think they are the severed head of your Kelly and that is why he aint in any photo lol..... :)


LadyStyx said...

Awesome pix. LOL Kero giving his girlfriends each a chewie! Look out, looks like he's got the makings of a poochie harem.

AliceKay said...

Great looking jack-o-lanterns. Our trick or treat night was tonight and we had 86 kids show up at our door.

Little Ariana walked up the driveway with her mom and dad and she was so cute. She had on a little cow costume that a friend of my sisters had made. Angela says to her, what do cows say? And Ariana says...moooo. :) So cute.

ChicagoLady said...

Cute jack-o-lantern. I don't think that little bit of pumpkin will hurt Kero, but you might not want him eating too much of it. Unless it's going to part of the face.

Punkn said...

Great pictures. You look mighty happy considering all you've been through. Kero is so cute. I think his lady friends should be giving him presents!
LOL Marmie that sounded like a challenge to me - now she has to post a picture of Kelly!

Celticspirit said...

Great pictures! Kero is just adorable sitting there with his teddy bear. You and Mam are adorable too of course. Love the pumpkins.

Tori_z said...

LOL! He does his best not to be in pics. He was the one behind the camera.


Awww! That sounds SO cute!

Thanks... I never really intended him eating any, but when we put the pumpkin beside him on the floor he thought it was a ball and snapped at it like he does with balls too big to go in his mouth. Next thing we know he's happily munching away on a little chunk of pumpkin. Good thing is that where he got it from he made getting the top off to light and extinguish the candle easier. LOL!

*Shrugs* Halloween/Samhain (whichever you want to call it) is my favourite holiday and I'd resigned myself to the fact I'd end up stuck in hospital and not able to enjoy it. So I was thrilled at being home to have fun instead. Besides, I've spent so much time in hospital that I think I've learned to push thoughts of it aside and have fun when something else is going on. Enjoy the fun moments while they last sort of thing!

LOL! OK... I'll see what I can do about a pic of Kelly. If I can persuade him to let my Mam take one while we're doing the pumpkin photos later then I'll post it on the weekend some time.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I'm pretty sure Kero's a lot more adorable than I am though. ;)

Jess said...

I've always wanted to make pumpkin pie. Apparently its very similar to treacle tart but a bit spicy tasting.
I'm still curious.

Intense Guy said...

I think Marmite's most favorite holiday ever is Halloween! :)

..and who can blame her??

Tori_z said...

Yes it is. You really need to try it to appreciate it though. My Dad kept saying he didn't like it... He quite happily ate 1/4 of a pie though. LOL!

I can't blame her that's for sure.

Hope the kids survived another year of trick-or-treating at Toasty's. LOL! ;)