Monday, January 12, 2009

Recipes and other rubbish (FD)

For anyone interested, I've posted some new recipes on my recipe page. If you want to take a look then you can either click on the link on the sidebar, or use the links I'm about to post here for you to go directly to a spacific type of recipe.

The recipe catagories available are: Desert, Drink, Meal, Other, Sauce and Snack.

You'll need to click on "older posts" at least once in most of the catagories to view all the new recipes since only 14 recipes are displayed on a page at any one time.


It's a VERY wet day today. So wet that it's next to impossible to even convince Kero to go outside. So I'm not taking him out. I don't see the point in getting my shoes and coat on just to get as far as the gate - if we even get that far - before Kero decides to do an about turn and head back indoors. So I decided to forget the idea of going anywhere. Besides, I got so caught up with finding new recipes that the morning got away from me, and - as a result - I only had my bath about lunch time, which means that my hair is still damp. It might sound stupid to worry about going out in to the rain with damp hair, but I was always taught not to do it. So... *Shrugs*... And my Mam and Dad popped in today and Mam agrees, so that's good enough for me. LOL! Besides, I'm going shopping with my Mam tomorrow, and since it involves clothes shopping I'm sure I'll more than make up for the calories I didn't burn today. ;)

I did consider going on the rowing machine, but I haven't gotten there yet... Maybe later?

Speaking of the rowing machine... Mam did go to check how many calories I'd burned while she was here on Saturday. But the machine resets itself after a few minutes of inactivity, so she couldn't find out for me.


I've lost a day somewhere... I was convinced that today was January 13th for some reason. It took until early this afternoon for me to be persuaded otherwise. I'm not sure why I got it in to my head that it was the 13th instead of the 12th. I mean, I was on the blogs earlier reading posts from yesterday with "Sunday January 11th 2009" written above the titles. So you'd think that would give me a clue, right? But... NO! I was having none of it! LOL!


Since we've established that today is - whether I like it or not - the 12th of January, that means that it's my friend Angie's birthday today, so... Happy birthday Angie! :)


Um... I think that's everything I've got to say today.

Well, there's another thing I could post about, but I think I'll let the person in question post about that themselves. You'll just have to wait to find out. ;)

So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Intense Guy said...

LOL...I lost 4 days - well sort of... I was reading December's calendar thinking it was January's and the first Monday in December was the 8th.. so this morning its been January 8th, 2009...until I was startled to learn it was Jnauary 12th...

Tori_z said...

Glad it's not just me who loses days. LOL!

LadyStyx said...

On a bad week, I lose and gain days...

ChicagoLady said...

I lost a year today. I wrote 2008 in an email today, had to go back and fix it before I sent it, lol.

Tori_z said...

LOL Chicago... OK, you win! I'm not as confused as you are! ;)