Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes, that's right, another award! :)

I got an award from Wifey (yep, again!) You can see the post where she gave me the awardhere. Thanks Wifey! :)

The rules are that I am suppose to link who gave this to me and give it to 15 other bloggers.

OK... Well... It's a good thing it's not more, because I only know about 15 people that Wifey didn't give it to. LOL! So - in no particular order - here are my 15 people:

1. MarmiteToasty
2. Kati
3. WhimsicalBrainPan
4. Karen (Mam)
5. Guineapiglou
6. Punkn
7. Matt
8. CelticSpirit
9. Kayla
10. Jayde_Bramblerose (Grandma)
11. Jess
12. Lainie
13. Rachel
14. AliceKay - private blog, so you may not be able to read it
15. Kelly_Z (hubby)

I wont be surprised if many of these don't pass it on, because several of them don't follow many blogs. But other than wifey herself - and a few of the people she gave it to - the only other people I know from the blogs haven't posted in eight or more months. So, I kinda had to pick the 15 I did (no offense guuys, but it's the truth). Still, at least it made the decision easy for me. LOL!