Wednesday, February 04, 2009


By the time I went to bed Monday night we had about an inch and a half - maybe 2 inches - of snow. When I got up Tuesday morning we had about 4 inches of snow and it was still falling thick and fast. By lunch time (so about 2 hours later, lol) we had about 5 inches, and still the snow was falling!

So, I decided I wanted to make a snowman. Then - remembering Iggy's comment - changed my mind and made a snowdog instead. :)

So, I grabbed my gloves, put on some wooly socks and headed outside to make a snowdog.

I hardly had to move to get the snow I needed to make it. I just gathered up the snow from around where I was making it. There was more than enough... Even though I was building it right where I'd been grabbing snow from when I was trying - and failing - to persuade Kero to chase some snowballs for me.

I haven't seen this much snow in a long time! :)

I'd have made it more detailed, but even with my gloves on - bearing in mind they're the kind with two layers that you can wear both layers (one is fingerless, the other has fingers) - my hands were becoming VERY cold. And - despite the pair of regular socks and pair of wooly socks I was wearing - so were my feet. So I decided to call it quits, put my Griffindor scarf on "Snow Dog" and asked Kelly to take a photo to put on here.

We ended up with something like 6 inches of snow before it stopped snowing. My Mam says they got more - despite them only being a few miles away - but since they live a little way up the mountain we're not surprised about that.

The temperature dropped really low once the sun set yesterday, and some of the snow froze. Then - when the sun came up today - the ice and snow started to melt. I knew it would soon.

I don't mind... I've had my snow. I've thrown some snowballs, I've made a snowman... Er, snowdog... And a snowcastle... So I'm happy now! :)

Snowdog lasted a little over 24 hours... His head fell off a little while ago from bits melting off him, which made his neck too weak to support his head. I guess Kero aproved of him, because he didn't try and trample Snow Dog like he did to my snowcastle... LOL!

And Kelly said he thinks my birdy friends enjoyed the snow too... They were singing happily in the garden (I knew that bit) and Kelly says there were little birdy footprints all over the snow... Even before I gave them their breakfast Monday. I'd have mentioned it in Monday's post, but he never said anything until after I'd done the post, and I couldn't be bothered to go in and edit it.

OK, I think that will do for now.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Guineapiglou said...

Cool snowdog :)

Intense Guy said...

:) You got me grinning from ear to ear with the snowdog! LOL!

Frosty, the snowdog! was a jolly happy soul, With a coiled up scarf and a cute lil nose - And two eyes made out of snow.

Frosty the snowdog is as cute as can be, they say, He was made of snow but the children - Know how he came to life one day.

LadyStyx said...

Oh look! It's Harry Pupter!

ChicagoLady said...

Cute snowdog. Your story of his head falling off reminds me of a commercial we have here in the US for a mobile phone company. It's narrated by the main character of the commercial, in this case a snowman named Snowball, appropriately enough. Anyway, during the commercial, Snowball starts falling apart because of warming temperatures, like his head falling off, lol. Here's the link:

Maybe Kelly can explain what's happening to Snowball to help you better understand it.

MarmiteToasty said...

Laffing at 'his head fell off' LMFAO.....

All out snow has gone now, but I did get a herd of mooses in me back garden *wink*


AliceKay said...

I'm glad you got some snow and were able to get out in it. Cute snowdog. LOL

Tori_z said...

Thanks! :)

LOL! Cool version! :)


Sounds funny... Will have to watch it when Kelly or Mam are free to give descriptions. :)

Ours is pretty much gone now too. There are piles here and there, but most of it's gone. Snow Dog is now just a little heap of snow.

LOL @ herd of mooses!

MarmiteToasty said...

Yep gone, cos its now hailing right proper hard as I type this...... so all our snow has gone, well except for the 10 big snowballs that me and our Sam put in me freezer to use in the week when people least expect them LMFAO

and stop laffing at me mooses...... Im gonna Twaddle about them in a few days and then you will be eating humble pie LOL


Tori_z said...

Mooses are funny in general... Or, I think so. LOL!

MarmiteToasty said...

Dont you be disrespecting mooses girl LMFAO......... ya knows I love mooses more then anything LOL...


Celticspirit said...

Adorable snow dog. I'm very sorry to hear he's been beheaded. Maybe like Frosty, he will come back to life as soon as there is more snow. ;)
It sure does sound like you had fun making him.

Tori_z said...

Glad you like him. LOL!

I'm not disrespecting mooses... They're funny in a good way. Funny as in unusual and weird... Like Platapuses (or is it platipi?)... Funny things they are. LOL!

Maybe, but I'm not sure... I couldn't find the magic hat they used for Frosty... Unless the scarf has enough magic in it? It is a proper Griffindor scarf after all... I got it when I went to see the second Harry Potter movie. We'll have to see. :)

Punkn said...

What a cute snow dog! I fully expected you to say that Kero peed on it. I hope you remembered to retrieve your Grifindorf scarf :)

Tori_z said...

For all I know he might have done afterwards... LOL!

I didn't leave the scarf on it... I was worried the scarf would get forgotten then ruined if I left it out there.

whimsical brainpan said...

Very cool Tori!

We finally got about four inches here. It was beautiful to see but way too cold to go out and play in.

Tori_z said...

I take longer than most people to feel cold. I mean, I wasn't exactly dressed for snowy weather when I was out there. My feet get cold quickly, but the rest of me... Not so much... My hands only got cold when they did because of actually handling the snow for so long. After all - as I mentioned in the post - I'd been throwing snowballs for a while before I started making the snowdog. If I'd thought to go inside and warm my hands a bit before starting him I could have stayed out long enough to add some detail.