Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday (FD)

When I got up today (Wednesday) I was convinced I'd slept late. So I jumped out of bed and got on with my morning routine. After a bit it occurred to me to check how much I'd over-slept. So, I checked the time... Only to find I hadn't over-slept. In fact, I'd gotten up THREE hours before I actually needed to! As it turned out, I'd gone to bed just before 2:00 am, and ended up getting up just after 5:00 am. But, of course, by the time I realised I was wide awake, so I knew there was no point trying for more sleep. *Sigh*

The reason I needed to get up at 8:00 am was because Kero's groomer was coming to get him. I used to get up only ten minutes or so before she was due, but I found I wasn't prepared so had to chase Kero around the flat in order to catch him so she could take him (he doesn't like going to the groomer). So I've started getting up more than half an hour before she's due so that I have time to be properly awake and alert. It certainly worked today. I had Kero's lead hidden in my pocket when she arrived, and while Kelly went and opened the door to her, I quickly grabbed Kero - who was beside me on the sofa - and clipped the lead on. The other end of his lead was being handed to her before he actually realised what was going on. Kelly says I got a filthy look for it. But I was forgiven by the time he got home, so no harm done. And it was certainly a lot easier than the groomer waiting patiently at the door while Kelly and I chased Kero around the flat in an attempt to catch him... A lot less tiring too! LOL!

Sorry, no photos of him freshly groomed... It's often difficult to get people to take photos for me... Everyone's always busy. *Sigh*

He's got to go again in May. I don't know when. It's not that I can't remember, it's that nobody's told me. Kelly took the card and looked at it, but when I asked him afterwards he could only remember the month. And I forgot to ask Mam to look for me. Oh well, I'll have someone look for me a bit closer.


After Kero left for the groomer, we cleaned up the toys and treats he'd somehow managed to get scattered over every room. Then I put his bowls in hot water to soak, since I figured while he was out was a good time to give his bowls a really good soak to get them nice and clean for him. I do clean them regularly, but I gave them a LONG soak this time, since I had a good few hours before he would be home and needing them. Then I gave my Grandma a quick call to thank her for the wool she'd sent me. She sent me some white wool, and some terquoise (sp?) wool. She wasn't really using it and had it going spare, I guess, and she offered it to me when I spoke to her last time. I told her I didn't mind either way, but if she wanted to send it then I wouldn't say no. So, she sent it. And it arrived this morning.

After that I laid on the sofa for a bit while I waited for Mam and Dad to get here. They arrived a little before noon, and Mam made us all some egg sandwiches for lunch.

Mam brought her knitting down, and I talked to her while she knitted. I didn't do mine, because I was tired and didn't want to be doing it when I was tired. I did show her what I'd done so far though, and she was impressed, so that's good. :)

Mam and Dad stayed for dinner, and Mam made lemon chicken with potatoes, parsnips and mixed vegetables. It was very tasty! There was some left over, so it's been put aside for me to have for dinner tomorrow (Thursday).

After dinner Mam and Dad went home and I ended up going to bed. I was too tired to even consider trying to stay up. It was a little after 5:00 pm I went to bed, I think. And I slept until around 10:00 pm. A good sleep, but - unfortunately - it means I'll be up most of tonight. Oh well, my sleeping pattern was already messed up anyway. LOL!



ChicagoLady said...

I hate it when I wake up thinking I've overslept and instead I'm way early.

That was great how you worked it with Kero and his lead. Poor fella is probably going to think about new ways to hide from you now.

Yummy dinner you had with your mam and dad.

Punkn said...

That Kero is one pampered pup :)
I'm sure he looks just precious after his grooming.
At least you weren't rushed this time!

Intense Guy said...

I can just image that look Kero gave you! He's not gonna fall for that again... LMAO!

whimsical brainpan said...

What a way to wake up and start your day!

I'm glad it went well though.

AliceKay said...

Yeah, I can just imagine "the look" Kero gave you, too. (sneaky Tori) LOL