Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's in my bag?

WifeORiley and LadyStyx did a tag thingy on their blogs where you show a picture of your bag and tell people what's in it. I'm going to do it, but I wont be posting a photo, because I can't take one myself and Kelly's busy sorting out screen shots for a new post on his blog right now. Yes, I could wait for him to be done, but I don't want to. So instead I'm going to just list the contents of my bag.

The bag itself is an Eeyore shoulder bag. It's got a couple of keyrings atatched to it. They are:

1. A soft Eeyore shaped keyring (it came with the bag)
2. A pikachu keyring that used to light up (I don't think it lights up any more though)
3. A keyring with a Celtic knot and my name on it (I brought it in a shop near to the breeder Kero came from the first time we went to see him, and I've had it on my bag ever since)

There's also a little bell atatched to one of the zips... I got it from around the neck of a chocolate father Christmas a little over a year ago.

As for the contents...

1. a plain black wallet
2. A set of keys... Keys to my place, a key to my parents' place, and a key to the disabled toilets (you can buy them from the council office if you have proof you're disabled in some way... I don't use it often, but it's sometimes useful)
3. A dog whistle (I used it to train Kero... I rarely need it now though)
4. A pen knife with a few atatchments (such as scissors, a small screwdriver, and a couple of other things)
5. Lipsil (well, lips get chapped in cold weather)
6. Tissues (you never know when you'll need tissues)
7. Scented baggies (used for disposing of used tissues or to hand to people to pick up mess if Kero's with us)
8. A trolley coin (useful if you don't have a £1 coin to put in the trolley)
9. A cheque book (not that I ever use it)
10. A paying in book for my savings account (hardly used)
11. Some plasters AKA "bandaids" (well, you never know when you'll need one)
12. A plastic egg with some silly putty in it (boredom buster)
13. A small notepad and a pen to use with it (no use to me, but could be useful to whoever's with me)
14. A pen in the shape of a frog (I don't know either... lol!)
15. A small braille writing frame with a stylus in a little cloth pouch (useful note taker for me)
16. A notebook for the braille writing frame
17. A little plastic signature guide (for when I need to sign things)
18. A wooly hat (in case my ears get cold)
19. My blue badge (the badge that enables people to legally park in disabled parking spots)
20. The clock that goes with the badge (for use when there's a limit to how long you can park in that spot)
21. A recording key chain in the shape of a tear drop (used to record short messages or cool sounds)
22. My passport (my only form of ID, so useful to keep on hand)
23. Kelly's passport (since it seemed sensible to keep the passports together)
24. A small amethyst in the shape of a ball (it used to be in a little cage thing atatched to a string that I wore around my neck, but the wire of the cage thing bent and the amethyst fell out, so I just put it in my bag)
25. Some coupons for meal deals at Subway (if I don't use those soon they'll be running out)
26. My asthma inhaler (just in case... Though I haven't needed it in MONTHS)
27. Pads (all I'll say is... Sometimes you get caught unaware... Especially when you're as irregular as me)

My ipod and mobile phone are often in there too, but not at the moment... They're on my computer desk.

There you go... That's what's in my bag. Just a couple of things (compared to the contents of some bags).



Punkn said...

The thing about bags/purses is us women carry all this stuff around just in case we need it and then can't find it when we do need it because the purses are stuffed too full. Well, that's been my experience anyway. Interesting post, Tori.

ChicagoLady said...

My first question is, what good is a disable toilet? And why would you want the key to it? Does the key enable it?

J/K, I knew what you meant, it was just the way I read it, sounded weird to me. LOL

I'd love to see a picture of your signature guide. Is it a cut-out of your signature, or just something someone can line up where you're to sign, so you stay on the line?

The placards we have here for people who are disabled are good anywhere, and I believe they can park in a metered spot and don't have to pay.

Quite a bit of stuff you have in your purse!

Tori_z said...

I don't have that problem too often, but there are times when I do. My Mam has the problem constantly... That's why I have a notepad and pen in my bag for her to use too. I'm thinking I should keep a lighter in there as well... She's constantly loosing t hose. LOL!

LOL! Well, there are plenty of disabled toilets in the sense you mean. That's partly why we have plumbers, isn't it? ;)

The signature guide is a little plastic thing people can line up for me to know where to sign. It's about the size of a credit card and has a strip with no plastic in it. People line that strip up with the area I need to be signing and I sign inside that strip. Then the signature is basically where it's meant to be.