Saturday, August 01, 2009

Last Saturday (FD)

I'm sure many of you know what it's like when you have a friend from early childhood. Most of the time, as you grow up, you and that friend will start living your seporate lives and lose touch a bit. That's what happened with me and Pia. So - on top of still wondering what I did last Saturday (July 25th) - now you'll be wondering who Pia is? Well, don't worry, because I'm about to answer both questions.

First of all, the one about who Pia is.

Pia is the eldest daughter (second to youngest child) of a friend my Mam has had since they both had their youngest boys, who are literally a few days apart in age. Since those boys (in the case of the one who is my brother, that refers to Carl) are a year older than I am, it's not really surprising that they - Mam and Jane (the friend) - already knew each other well by the time I came along. So, with Pia being a year younger than I am I'm sure you wont be surprised to hear that Pia and I had a lot to do with each other when we were very young. In fact, we were good friends from the time Pia was old enough to play with me. And it stayed that way right up until we were heading in to our teens. Unfortunately, about that point we started drifting apart, as often happens, hence the creation of all those sites designed to help you find old friends. I did get updates on how Pia was doing vvia Mam, who got them via Jane, and sometimes I was even there to hear the news directly from Jane myself. But that's about it, since - by the time I was no longer in the school I went to in Hastings - Pia was living in England.

Plenty of times I'd find out at the last minute - or after the visit was over - that Pia was visiting Jane, but nothing was ever done about arranging for us to meet up. Until, that is, this latest visit. Which will answer the question some of you have probably been trying to figure out the answer to since last Sunday when I hinted that I'd done something special the day before. I finally - after more than ten years of not seeing her - met up with Pia. And got to meet her little girl, Emilee. I didn't meet her little boy though, because Ryan was asleep, and we obviously weren't going to wake up an 18 month old just so I could meet him. After all, we don't have death wishes, and there was enough chaos at Jane's house with everyone who was there, without adding a tired toddler to the mix. LOL! So I'll have to meet Ryan another time.

I didn't actually go in Jane's house though, Pia and Jane (and later Jane's youngest - and only other daughter - Louise) came out to the car to talk to me for a while. The main reason for this was that I'd neglected to mention our plans to Kelly, and he'd arranged to go up to my parents' place for a gaming session with some friends, which meant I had Kero with me (since he can't be left alone). And we really didn't think that a day when there were eight adults, an 11 year old, a 5 year old, a 4 year old, a toddler due to turn 2 in September, and - had he been awake - an 18 month old, all trying to fit in one living room (and that was before Mam and I got there) was a good day for Gerrard and Kero to meet for the first time. Especially since we're not sure they'll get on, since Gerrard is quite energetic, and Kero tends to be a little snappy towards dogs who pounce him too much. Especially if those dogs are bigger than him, which Gerrard is. So Kero going in wasn't really an option, and he couldn't be left in the car on his own. So, I stayed out there with him, and Mam went in and told them we were out there so that anyone interested in coming to say, "hi," to me could come out to us.

Anyway, I had a long-ish chat with Pia and Jane, then Mam, Kero and I went for a walk in the park near where we used to live (which is also near where Jane lives) and Pia's little girl, Emilee, and Daniel (Jane's eldest son)'s daughter, Chelsea, came with us. And Chelsea walked Kero for part of the walk.

I know that walk well... I walked it enough when we still lived close enough... so I figured it would be a good time to practice using my cane. And my Mam - who had my camera - decided to take a photo of me using it.

I never gave a thought to getting photos of my Mam, Pia, or any of the other adults, and wasn't sure if Mam had gotten one of Chelsea. Doesn't look like she did. Ryan was asleep - as I already mentioned - so I couldn't get a photo of him. I did, however, get some photos of Emilee. OK, my Mam did, but let's not be picky. And these are the photos I wanted to wait for before writing this post.

The leaf Emilee is studying is one Chelsea made a happy face out of. You probably can't see anything special about it in the first photo, but you'll be able to see it more clearly in the next photo.

After the trip to the park, I had a long-ish chat with Louise before going home.

Anyway, by the time we got home it was after 2:00 pm, then my Mam did a load of baking. She made some risoles for Louise, and some cakes for the rest of us. She made three different kinds of cakes... All what we call fairy cakes, and you guys in the states and such insist on calling "muffins" even though they aren't really muffins.

She made double chocolate ones, blueberry ones, and cherry ones.

I didn't have any of the chocolate ones, though Kelly says they were really tasty. I'll have to take his word for it, since I don't eat chocolate cake. I did, however, have and enjoy some of the cherry ones, and some of the blueberry ones. I also enjoyed licking the bowl from the cherry ones. I was good though... I only had the one bowl to lick, even though I could have had three if I really wanted. ;)

After the baking, Mam made dinner for us both, then she had to go and get something Jane had asked her to pick up, and fetched Kelly to bring him home, and it took me the rest of the evening to get the kitchen properly cleaned up from our baking. It was a right mess! You couldn't touch anything (including cupboard doors) without getting something sticky on your hands! You'd swear we'd had a food fight or something. LOL! I asked my Mam how she got cake mix on some of the things she did, and she has no idea. *Shaking head* I think the cleanest thing in the kitchen was the chair I was sat on, and that's only because I was in the way of it getting dirty, I think. LOL!

OK, so this post probably wasn't quite as exciting as you thought it might have been. But it was a fun day!

Enjoy your weekend! :)


P.S. Kero's photos from last Saturday will be posted in his next post. So, look out for them Friday.


AliceKay said...

It sure sounds like you had a great day to me. I'm happy you and Pia finally got together and you met her daughter Emilee, who seems to be a happy child. The happy leaf is cute. We used to do that, too.

Your Mam sure is one busy lady. LOL

Hope you're having a good Saturday. Time for me to get ready for work. *hugs*

MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like a super fun day, and what a joy to meet up with a dear friend from 10 years ago....

Love the photo of you with your new cane, it looks just right for bopping someone on the head with LOL


MarmiteToasty said...

oh yeah, and whats with them doodles not usuing the proper name for 'fairy cakes' they say muffins or cupcakes LOL

loonies that they are :)


Tori_z said...

Yes, Mam's always busy... She tires me out with everything she fits in to her day.

We used to do that with leaves too, but I still thought it was cute. And it was nice to see that kids are still doing things like that.

Works best on the shins, because nobody can prove I meant to do it at that level. And I once showed someone (not Kelly) that it hurts a lot in certain places just below the waste.

And I don't know what it is with them not calling them fairy cakes. But - even after all this time - Kelly still insists on calling them muffins.

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like a great day to me!

Ohh I think I gained a couple pounds just reading about that food!

Wendyburd1 said...

Sounds like an eventful day!! It must have been fun to catch up with Pia. I have a friend kind of like that, we were so close and then the teen years hit. We have exchanged some emails in the last few years, which makes me miss the friendship we HAD. I hope I get to see her soon now!

Tori_z said...

LOL! Yeah, it wasn't the healthiest of foods she made. ;)

Hope you do get to catch up with your friend.

Deanna said...

It is always exciting to hook up with old acquaintances.

You look like an old pro with that cane - how are the two of you getting along these days?

And what the heck is a fairy cake? (we aren't looney marmie! lol - ok, maybe we are...)

It sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day.

Celticspirit said...

Sounds like you has such a fun day. It's always nice to meet up with old friends. I'm still in contact with my friend Lisa (who I met in 2nd grade) but only by internet now. And I just met up with a girl I knew in high school and found her on facebook.
Fairy cakes sound so much better than plain ole muffins. They sound like they would be lighter than air. :)

Tori_z said...

I'm not doing too bad with the cane. It's easier in areas I know though (like that park) and helps that my mobility officer seemed to have confidence in my ability to use the cane enough to skip straight to teaching me routes. She originally was going to give me practice on cane techniques, but I guess she doesn't think I really need that. Not really bothering with cane use updates until my mobility lessons start back though.

Fairy cakes are small cakes in little paper cases, made with the same sort of mixture you'd use to make a sponge cake, and often with icing on top (and sometimes other things on top... Like chocolate sprinkles, or a chocolate button, or a little jelly sweetie) but ours didn't have stuff on top of them.
It's good that you're still in touch with a friend from that long ago, evven if it's only really via the internet.

Intense Guy said...


You are looking good with the cane and I'm glad you had a nice visit with the family friends!

Muffins...Fairy Cakes...whatever, I'd like some blueberry ones!

Anonymous said...

awe! finding old friends is a blast!!

Tori_z said...

Thanks. And I'll save you some blueberry ones next time. :)

Yes, it is.