Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009 craft update: Dragons and more

It's time for September 2009's craft update!

As you can see from the photos included in this post, I've finished the dragon candle holder.

It's not been painted yet, but Kelly will be helping me to do that soon.

Kelly will also be helping me to paint the ducks I made recently. I'll get more photos when they're done.

I've also finished the gloves I was making, but I didn't take a photo of those yet. I should have one to share for next month though. They weren't as complicated as I'd expected them to be, but they were definately one of the harder projects I've attempted. I'm not even going to pretend I did as good a job as the people who make them to sell in shops and such, but I don't think I've done too bad of a job. Like I said, I'll get a photo for you for next month's craft update.

I now have several projects on the go.

I'm making a blanket for Kero for Christmas (I figured it would be cheaper than buying him a new one). I've made a start on the items for the handmade giveaway thing. And I've promised to make a few Christmasy themed items out of clay for a fair type thing the bsg is planning to run shortly before Christmas (money from which will go towards paying for transport for us to go on outings). I also have a couple of other Christmas presents I'm working on for people. Plus, I promised to make something for a family friend. So I'm spending a lot of time with either a pair of knitting needles or some clay in my hands. And, yes, I'm enjoying every minute of it. :)

Actually, that's why I'm sometimes slow replying to comments, or leaving comments of my own. I spend little to no time on the laptop on the weekends, and - with my new routine - my totally free time is limited through the week already. I think it will be like this until Christmas now. After that things will calm down, because I wont have so many projects on the go at once (or such a short deadline for completing most of them by). All I should have left to finish by Christmas is anything I haven't managed to finish for the handmade giveaway thing... Although, I'm hoping that wont be much, since I'd like to avoid keeping you all waiting for too long for your gifts. :)

OK, this about does it for this month's craft update.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post's here! :)

As most - if not all - of you know,I recently signed up to a
handmade giveaway with Styxie and Iggy

My package from Styxie arrived a couple of weeks ago, and - on Friday - my package from Iggy arrived.

And - when I managed to get it open - I found this...

The sheets of paper contain a written account - in braille - of one of Iggy's walks, as well as some quotes he found for me that he thought I would like... And, I did! :)

The CD contains audio versions, read out by Iggy himself.

I enjoy getting to share Iggy's walks with him, and I enjoyed the quotes too! So... Thank you, Iggy! These were great gifts, and I hope I'll get to share in more of your walks soon! *Hugs* :)

And, the bubble wrap I found in the box was great fun too! ;)


Monday, September 28, 2009

For Better, For Worse

"For Better, For Worse" is a book by Margret Bacon. It's one of the books I got from the library recently.

It tells the story of Felicity Crawly. A young girl who grows up during the second world war. Her brother dies when they are still young - and the war is still going on - and that causes her and her sisters to drift apart, since it was her brother (Arthur) who seemed to have kept them all close. Also, her parents had already drifted apart, but her mother was refusing to divorce her father. So - in the hopes of making things better for them all - Felicity decides to do all she can to get her mother to agree to divorce her father, so that he can find someone who loves him like he deserves to be loved.

It was a pretty good book. Not one of those great books where you just can't put it down, and you know you just "have to" own a copy. But still quite good. Better than "Paris Summer" for certain, but not nearly as good as "Wintersmith"... Still, quite a good book. :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Something fishy

Coi, to be exact. :)

These were taken at a pond near to Laugharne castle.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Laugharne Castle

On our way to and from the beach at Pendine we passed this castle, and Dad stopped the car to get a photo for me. We may go back and have a proper look one of these days, but for now I thought I'd share the photo we took, and post some information about the castle for those who are interested.

Laugharne is perhaps best known for its associations with Dylan Thomas, but for the past 20 years, the picturesque castle, sited on the Taf estuary, has been the subject of painstaking archaeological investigation and gradual restoration. There was probably a Norman castle here by the early 12th century, though the upstanding remains can be traced back no further than the work of the de Brian family in the late 13th century. From the de Brians and their descendants, in 1488 the lordship and castle passed to the earls of Northumberland. In 1584, Elizabeth I granted Laugharne to Sir John Parrott, said to have been the illegitimate son of Henry VIII.

The castle stands on a low cliff by the side of the Coran stream, overlooking the estuary of the river Taf. Laugharne may be the castle mentioned in about 1116 as the castle of Robert Courtemain, but the first definite reference to the Norman castle is in 1189 when, after the death of King Henry II, it was seized by the Lord Rhys, prince of Deheubarth. It attracted further hostility from the Welsh in 1215 when it was destroyed by Llywelyn the Great and later, in 1257, when it was again taken and burnt.

The early 12th century castle was probably a ringwork, and traces of an important building with a large hearth have been found during excavations at the site. The castle was remodelled in the second half of the 12th century; the interior of the ringwork was partially filled in, new defences were constructed and a large rectangular hall was built on the north. By the time of the Welsh attack in 1257, the castle was in the ownership of the de Brian family and it was Guy de Brian IV who, evidently determined to create a much more defensible structure, started to build the strong masonry castle which we see today.

The de Brians remained the lords of Laugharne until the end of the 14th century, and during their long occupancy, carried out considerable additions and repairs. In 1349 the lordship was inherited by the distinguished Guy de Brian VII, who greatly improved the overall standard of accommodation within the castle. Guy de Brian's death in 1390 was followed by a long period of decline and in the late 15th and early 16th century only parts of the castle were occupied. However, a real change came about in the castle's fortunes when, in 1575, Elizabeth I granted it to Sir John Perrot, an important dignitary who converted the old medieval castle into a comfortable Tudor mansion, rather as he did at his main residence at Carew. Unfortunately for the castle, Perrot became too powerful for Royal comfort, and in 1592 he was sentenced to death for high treason; he died, though from natural causes, in the same year. An inventory made in 1592 suggests that Perrot's building was of rather poor quality and that the castle 'is like within a few yeares to run to utter ruin again'.

The castle ruins are, therefore, the end result of a long development from earthwork castle to Tudor mansion. This complex history makes the castle, at first sight, difficult to understand. Little visible now remains of the ringwork bank, nor of the first stone hall, which was probably demolished in the late 12th century. The rebuilding under the de Brians in the late 13th century is far more evident within the standing remains. The two strong round towers on the north were built at this time along with the curtain wall, some of which survives. The impressive north-west tower still retains its fine medieval domed roof. The tower acted as a keep and also as a guardian for the simple entrance through the curtain to its south. The other tower, a solid three-storey structure, has partially fallen, and the section through the tower exposed by the collapse gives a good view of the two extra storeys and the circular stair added in the Tudor period. A new hall was built in stone against the south curtain wall during this late 13th century rebuilding, and the outer ward, if not already in existence, may also have been added then, but probably with only timber defences at this stage.

At the end of the 13th century, the defences were further strengthened. A forward projecting gatehouse was built against the earlier, simple entrance into the inner ward. A new round tower with deep spurs was built at the south-west corner of the inner ward and the defences of the outer ward, including the outer gatehouse, were rebuilt in stone. The castle had so far been constructed in red sandstone, but in the mid-14th century Guy de Brian VII used for his building a distinctive green stone, which is quite easy to detect. The whole south-western corner of the inner ward, including the round tower and the inner gatehouse, was considerably heightened. This building phase is particularly clear on the outside of the castle, where the green stone heightening can easily be seen distinguished from the older masonry on the south-west tower and adjacent curtain wall.

Sir John Perrot drastically altered this medieval castle by converting it into a substantial Tudor mansion. The old hall against the south curtain was completely remodelled and the curtain wall heightened with mock battlements. Ranges of Tudor buildings extended around the south and east of the inner ward and, on the north, the curtain wall between the two towers was demolished and replaced by a large rectangular accommodation block. Its upper floors were reached by a splendid projecting semicircular stair tower. The inner gatehouse was made more impressive by being considerably raised to its present height and gardens were laid out in the outer ward.

During the Civil War, Laugharne was captured by Royalists in 1644, but was quickly re-taken by besieging Roundheads. The castle was partially destroyed soon afterwards and gradually fell into decay. It was left as a romantic ruin during the 18th century and at the turn of the 19th century the outer ward was laid with formal gardens. The gazebo overlooking the estuary was used in the 1930s and 40s by the author Richard Hughes, who leased Castle House during this period.


Information taken from:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kero's Korner: Photos, my week and a planned car ride

Hi Humans. It's Kero here... You may have recognised my ear in the above photo.

Firstly, I would like to share a couple of photos Mami took during one of the times we went for walkies last week. I think it was a week ago Tuesday that they were taken. Either that or the Wednesday.

As you can see from this next one, I don't have time to stay still properly for photos while we're having our walkies. There's just too many things to sniff! My nose is kept so busy I don't have time to pose.


This week has mostly been like they all have this month. Mami and Dadi have been going for their walkies and car rides, Mami has been taking me for my usual walkies, and so on. So, not much to report. Although, Willow did come for a couple of quick visits, and I met a new friend while on walkies.

Willow's visits were very short.

She came with Mamgu after lunch on Sunday, and stayed long enough for a quick romp around the garden, and a snack. Then Willow and Mamgu went home again. I think they came to drop something off... I think it was the lawn mower... I think Mamgu borrowed it for the morning or something.

Willow and Mamgu also stopped by for a quick visit on Wednesday afternoon. Just to say, "hi," and have another romp around the garden. I heard Mamgu say that we would have gone for walkies, but it kept raining, so she didn't want to chance it... She already has a cold, so I suppose she doesn't want to make it worse. Most of the humans have colds. I think all except Mami and uncle Wayne.


The friend I met is called "Robbie" and Mami and I seem to meet up with him and his human most mornings when we go for our walkies. A lot of the time he's just setting off on his walkies as we're coming home, but sometimes we walk together for a bit. I think his human takes him further than Mami takes me, but to go further you have to cross a busy road, which then has another path you can walk on at the other side of it. It's basically the same walk, it's just that they split it and put the road there for another way to get out of the town. Anyway, we don't want to cross that road if we can help it. For one thing, it's easier for Mami if we don't cross. For another thing, I don't do busy roads! I hate all the noise and smells of the traffic. It's not so bad on the small side roads, but busy main roads are a no-no if they can be avoided.

That's about all that's happened this week. Although, I heard something about this afternoon that I don't like the sound of. If I heard right - and I don't usually get things like this wrong - then Mami and Mamgu are taking me to the vet this afternoon! I hope I actually heard wrong for once... But it's not very likely, because I have excellent hearing! Mami has told me I'm going for a car rride, but she hasn't been willing to confirm if I heard her say what I think I did to Mamgu. She changes the subject whenever I nudge her to try and get her to tell me. I even tried kisses and tail wags... She's not telling!

It's afternoon now, so I'm going to go and watch for Mamgu, since Mami never told me what time Mamgu was coming. So, I'll let this do for this week, and let you know next week whether I heard right.

Licks and sniffs

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cave at Pendine

Beaches tend to have cliffs... Even if you can't get to them, or can't get to their caves (or both).

Here's a photo of Kelly standing in front of the cliffs at Pendine.

And the entrance to one of the caves...

Kelly looking in to the cave...

The floor of the cave, with white and grey rock strata...

Me exploring the cave walls...

Just a shot of me standing in the cave...

Me outside the cave...

That was fun! :)

After the caves we started heading back across the beach to get back to the car. Time for lunch, ice-cream, and a look around the couple of shops just off the beach. We didn't really buy anything - except the ice-cream, which was very tasty - but it didn't hurt to look... There may have been something we wanted to buy, after all. You don't know these things if you don't look. :)


P.S. The photos Mam is posting will be up on her blog later this evening... Just thought I'd let anyone interested in seeing them knoww, in case you don't follow her blog (her blog can be found here if you're interested).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rock pools/tidal pools and sea creatures

Pendine being one of those "proper beaches" with rock pools - or, "tidal pools" as some call them - we, of course, had to take some time to explore those. I got a lot closer to some of the things in those rock pools than I would have liked to, but I did enjoy investigating the rock pools.

Feeling the different textures of the sea weed, and the limpet covered rocks...

A little bit of information for you here... I MOST DEFINATELY DO NOT like the feel of sea enenimies! They feel sort of like half set jelly, and I DID NOT like it one bit! There were some on one of the rocks I was examining, and I decided I didn't like that rock any more after touching the sea enenimies.


We were also investigating shells... Like this "Razor shell"...

And discovering the other items that get washed up... Like this crab claw...

And this whole crab...

(Yes, it was dead... I wouldn't have held it otherwise).

Another one...

Unfortunately several jellyfish were also dead in the sand...

They get left behind when the tide goes out, and can't always survive.

I didn't feel one of them though, because they can still sting you after they die, and none of us were eager for me to get stung.

As you can see from this next photo, even finding some water is no guarantee of survival for a jelly fish.

The rock pools were interesting though... Despite all the dead jelly fish... And had all kinds of things in them.

Like these little minows...

(Another thing I didn't like the feel of).

As well as all kinds of other little sea creatures, like winkles, cockles and shrimp. Plus all of the different kinds of sea weed. I know we spotted at least three different kinds of that. Not to mention all the tiny little sea creatures that you need a very powerful microscope to see.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The beach at Pendine

As I mentioned in Saturday's post, Mam, Dad, Kelly and I went to Pendine to spend the day at the beach. We picked a good day for it... Not many others there, but it wasn't deserted. And, it was perfect weather for the beach too... Sunny and warm, but not hot, with a slight breeze.

Here's a photo of me and my Dad at the beach...

Just me...

Me on the beach with the town/village (not sure which it is... Town, I think) behind me.

Kelly on the beach with the town behind him...

Kelly and myself together...

You can't go to the beach without going in the sea, right? Well, that meant a bit of a walk. It's a big beach at Pendine, and the tide was a fair distance out when we got there. We weren't sure if it was coming in or going out, so we didn't wait... We started walking...

And walking...

And walking...

Until, finally, we got there!

Well, Mam and I did... Kelly was happy to stand on the edge of the water - he had the perfect excuse of taking photos - and Dad stayed a little way back up the beach. But Mam and I agreed that you can't go to the beach without going in the sea.

Even if you don't go deep...

"Don't go too deep, you'll get soaked," Mam said to me. So, I laughed...

Then, I made sure I got soaked. ;)

I did bring aset of clothes to change in to if needs be - though Mam didn't know this at the time she warned me about getting soaked - but I was dry by the time we got back to the car anyway. ;)

I think running most of the way back up the beach probably helped with the getting dry thing. I enjoyed my run up the beach... I don't get to run often... Not properly... It's not safe. The only time I get to run is on the treadmill at the gym, and that's not the same. Nothing beats running barefoot on the sand, with the sea breeze in your hair, and sand flying up in clouds behind you!

We had a lovely day at the beach, and would have stayed longer if we'd known the chocolate farm would be such a waste of time. We only left when we did in an attempt to get to the chocolate farm before it closed. We all ended up wishing we'd stayed at the beach. Mam and I would have gone back in the sea (especially since it had come in some by the time we were leaving) and I'd have made some sand castles afterwards. Kelly and Dad both agreed we should have stayed at the beach too.


That's it for today's post. I have another one scheduled for tomorrow, and another scheduled for Thursday... Both from the beach. I also have a couple of posts set up for Saturday and Sunday. Not actually from the beach, but from the same day. Basically, photos, photos, and more photos! :)

Oh, and... There are more photos of Mam and Dad from the beach, but they're on my Mam's blog.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Battery powered humans (AE&D)

During an e-mail conversation the other day the idea of humans' sleep patterns being a bit like recharging a battery was touched upon. The idea behind this suggestion being that after a busy day people are generally more tired, and generally need more sleep to "fully recharge" again. Where as, after a quiet day of relaxation, people generally aren't as tired, and generally need less sleep.

This got me thinking.

Hey! I heard you groaning then! ;)

What I thought was... That seems logical. I mean, battery powered items work in the same sort of way.

Different people need different amounts of sleep to function well, and to be fully "recharged" and ready to face the day. The same applies to battery power... Different items need different amounts of battery power to function, and different rechargable batteries need different amounts of time to fully recharge.

Also, different activities use more energy from people. And the same applies to battery powered items... Doing different things with some items uses more battery power than doing others.

So, I've come to the conclusion that people are, in fact, battery powered.

What I can't figure out is...

What kinds of batteries do people run on? Does it vary like with the battery powered gadgets we all use?


3 birthday wishes

There are three people I want to say happy birthday to. Two of them the birrthday wishes are a bit late for (sorry) but the third is for tomorrow. So...

Happy belated birthday wishes to our friend Sam, who had her birthday on September 17th.

Belated happy birthday to MarmiteToasty, who had hers - as you know - just two days ago... On September 19th!

And, happy birthday to our friend Jason, who will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow... September 22nd!

I hope you all had - or will have - a fantastic birthday! :)


P.S. If I missed your birthday... Happy birthday to you too! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blue sky, white clouds

Hope you're having a super Sunny Sunday! :)

And, if you're not, then I hope this photo cheers you up! :)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gym, diets, outings and more (LBE & FD)

Other than the stuff about my head, I don't seem to have done an update post lately. And I know there are a few things I neglected to mention before. Or, at least, I don't think I mentioned them. If I end up repeating a couple of things then I'm sorry. But I know some of you - like myself - enjoy reading about what your fellow blogger buddies get up to when they're not on the blogs. So, for those of you who are curious, here's a catch up post from my part of the planet. :)

Got your cuppa and snack ready? Excellent! Sitting comfortably? Fantastic! Then I'll begin, shall I? OK!

As mentioned in Kero's post yesterday, we've been doing a lot more since the start of Septtember. I hadn't done all that much - other than things like shopping and hospital trips - since before my operation last year, but we all agreed it was high time we put a stop to that. So, we held a sort of family conference, and we decided we were going to start doing more as a family, and going to some of the places we keep saying we'd like to go to, but never get around to going. On top of that, Kelly, Mam and I joined the local gym, and Kelly and Dad got their gaming club back up and running (for more on that, see Kelly's latest blog post). Now it's only really Sunday that neither of us goes anywhere. The rest of the week at least one of us goes somewhere.

Monday, Kelly goes to the gym with Mam in the morning, and I have a mobility lesson in the afternoon. Tuesday, I go to the gym with Mam in the morning, then we go shopping after we're done there. Wednesday, the three of us go to the gym in the morning, and Dad puppy sits. Thursday, we arrange some kind of family outing. Friday, Kelly goes to the gym in the morning, and has role playing. Saturday, Kelly goes to the gaming club at my parents' place.

Also, the "blind person social group" thing is on the third Wednesday afternoon of each month. I went to it for the first time this past Wednesday. They seem like a nice group of people. You can tell they're only just starting the group up yet, because there are still several things to work out. But the general idea of it is for a group of blind and partially sighted people who live locally - and any family or friends they want to bring along - to meet up, have a cuppa and a chat, and sometimes to go on outings together. They're also hoping to have people come in from places that may be of help to some of us. This week, forr example, they managed to get the people who run the "Talking news" service. Which is a sort of local newspaper, only they dropped the word "paper" because they didn't think it was appropriate since they provide the news on CD or cassette. Anyway, it seems like a nice group, so I'm planning to go again when they have their next meeting (October 21st, I think... Third Wednesday in October, anyway).

The gym trips are going quite well. My knee - the one I tore the tendons on a couple of months ago - is protesting a bit, but that doesn't surprise me. I'm sure it will get used to it. We haven't had proper sessions this week though, because Mam's not well, and I was semi-doped up on pain killers until Tuesday evening. But - now that my head is better - I'll be able to go back to nicely burning those calories. ;)

I did originally consider just buying gym equipment for use at home. But then I thought about it, and I changed my mind. For one thing, the trip to the gym gives me extra outings. For another thing, each piece of equipment would cost a couple of hundred pounds. Now, I pay about £30 ($60) per month to have unlimited use of all the machines, the other exercise equipment, and the pool. Plus free admission to any exercise or swimming classes I want to go to. And don't then have the problem of trying to find somewhere to put the equipment at home where I wont fall over it. So, on reflection, I decided I'd go to the gym.

The gym trips combined with the diet - for lack of a better word - I'm now on, have meant that I've lost about 4 lbs this month. And the month isn't even over! It's weight I really do need to get off too... Weight I put on between my first and last ops last year. I'm now only a couple of lbs off weighing what I did when I went in for the first of the ops, so that's a good start. Once I get down to what I was when I went in for that first op, I can see about getting down to what I was at before my sight actually went (which means losing about 14 lbs more than I've lost so far). After that I can see about getting off the weight I was trying to get off before all this happened.

As regards the "diet" I mentioned...

At the start of this year, Kelly and I agreed to exchange microwave meals and take-away meals for proper homemade dinners. We also agreed to cut back on snack foods and fizzy drinks. For the most part this went well, but we did end up using the chipper a bit too often. Because of this, the chipper is soon going to a new home. The only problem we had with the homemade meal thing was my "meat issue" as we called it at first.

You see, ever since I learned where meat came from, I've had periods where I've had "meat issues" and either refused to - or been unable to - eat meat that was given to me. I never seemed to have issues with the processed meats, but give me a piece of "proper meat" as my Mam calls it, and at least half of it will end up in the dog. So, I decided not to bother dishing up the meat for myself, and - after a couple of months of this - decided I might as well make it official. So, I've been officially saying I'm a vegetarian since about May or June. And, funnily enough, I've actually been eating more of a variety of things since I stopped eating meat (or anything containing animal products). It does make food shopping take longer, because we need to check labels on things that may or may not contain animal products. Some yoghurts, for example, contain animal fats to thicken them. I did try the soy based alternatives, but they are disgusting. So, I just get someone to check the labels, and if it's not "suitable" then I don't have it. I haven't been as ill since I started eating a vegetarian diet. I'vve had the odd bit of a cough and bit of the sniffles, but nothing like I had been having. I think it's because I'm eating healthier. Also, I'm not eating as many "treats" as I was. And sweets and chocolates are now actually treats instead of daily snacks.

We've also agreed to introduce "portion control" again. I had started using this before, and it does work. Basically, we have smaller meals with healthy snacks in between if needed. We're finding we don't really need those though, so we usually have one of the items meant for snacks as a supper. I, for example, usually havve some cereal or toast for breakfast, a sandwich or wrap of some sort for lunch, some kind of veggie meal for dinner - perhaps a salad, some soup, or a pasta dish - and a bit of fruit and a small yoghurt for supper if I find I'm hungry enough to want a supper, which I'm often not.

In Kelly's case it's basically portion control and eating healthier meals rather than fried things. He had this nasty habbit of only wanting fried chicken, sausage and chips/fries, pizza, or cheese burgers. Now he's eating proper meals like chicken with potatoes and vegetables, chicken and rice, and that kind of thing. He's not as willing as me to try new fruits and vegetables - or new vegetable dishes - though. But he'll eat broccoli, carrots, peas and corn OK, and a few others too. And at least he's now having homemade healthier meals rather than take-aways, microwave meals, and other meals that are processed or full of fat.

Plus, we're both drinking fruit juices and flavoured water most of the time. Well, when we're not drinking tea or coffee (tea in my case, coffee in Kelly's case). We take lemon water with us when we go to the gym, and keep a supply of it at home. And I even had plain water rather than a bottle of Cola or Fanta the other day. Which - for those who don't know what I'm like - is a big deal, because I don't like plain water. Why? Because it has no flavour to it. That's why I tend to go for flavoured water, ffruit juice, or tea... With the occasional fizzy drink thrown in as a treat. And a milkshake or smoothie if I decide I want one (which I don't very often, to be honest).

Staying on the subject of food for a moment...

Because of our attempts at eating healthier, we've agreed to take packed lunches with us on our outings rather than actually eating out. We figure that way itt will be cheaper, and also easier to avoid eating the foods we don't want to be (like pizza, chips/fries, etc). So, I got us all special lunch bags with matching drinks bottles. This is my one:

Mine is kitten themed, Kelly's is a Top Gear one, Dad has Star Wars, and Mam has Hannah Montannah (I think that's how you spell that).

This week was our first "proper" outing. Two weeks ago we went to Swansea for the day, and all broughtt ourselves a little something (that was the day I got my "Torak" book). And we've all agreed to just spend some time together in one or the other of our houses on the week where we tend to be short on money (which was last week) so we spent last Thursday playing Scattergories then looking through leaflets we'd picked up to look for more options on places to go. But this past Thursday we had a lovely day out. We went to Pendine - which I'll be telling you more about in coming days (complete with photos) - and we went to "Pemberton's Chocolate Farm" before coming home.

Most of the day was very enjoyable, but we were disappointed by the chocolate farm. The only thing they offer - other than a shop full of sweets - is a factory tour. This is fine, but we'd just missed the 3:00 pm tour, and they said, "the last tour is at 3:00 pm, but if you want to hang around until after 4:00 pm and see if anyone else shows up we will do another tour." Which made no sense, because if the last tour is at 3:00 pm, why does it matter if more people show up? There's either another tour just after 4:00 pm, or there isn't. Anyway, we decided not to bother waiting around when it was only a "maybe" so we got a couple of things from the shop and left. We wont be bothering to go back. And - had we realised we'd only be going there to buy a couple of treats - we would have stayed at Pendine for a while longer, then just gone home. Still, it's a place to cross off the "places we'd like to visit" list.

The photos from Pendine will be posted throughout the coming week. Iggy very kindly sorted them and labeled them for me yesterday... Thank you, Iggy! *Hugs*... So it's just a matter of me sorting the posts and adding the photos.

We do have a tidy sized list of places we want to go. They include theme parks, nature walks, cave explorations, boat rides for nature observation, places we can go to do crafts together, and a few other things. Also, Mam and I are hoping to go and see movies together from time to time. Plus, we would like to find some places to take Kero and Willow. That way they get nice outings too. :)

When I'm not out somewhere - be it on an outing, at the gym, walking Kero, or whatever - and I don't have blog posts I want to catch up on, I'm generally working on craft projects. I'll post about the craft projects nearer the end of the month though. It's already September 19th, so you only have about a week and a half before September ends anyway, and since I've taken to doing monthly craft updates near the end of the month, I'm sure you can wait that little bit. ;)

Let's see, what else? Oh yes!

We've been having beautiful weather! There has been the odd short rain shower, but for the most part the last couple of weeks have been lovely. Beautiful and sunny, and nice and warm. But not actually hot. The kinds of days where it's warm enough for Summer clothing, but still cool enough so you feel like doing things and can enjoy your day. Basically, the kinds of days that often show up in September here. Give a couple more weeks (if that) and I bet the rain and storms will be back though. They don't tend to stay away long in Wales! ;)

I've not really been playing my Valhalla game, because I've been so busy with outings, household chores, blogs, walks with Kero, and crafts, that I just havven't had the time for it. Well, there have been a few times I could have played. But I tend to choose crafts and making my walks with Kero last a bit longer instead. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game, but I think it's better to be outside in the fresh air - especially while we have this nice weather - or doing something productive, like making Christmas presents, or the items for that handmade giveaway thing.

Besides, while I work on the crafts and do the household chores I listen to audiobooks. I'm now a little over half way through the third one of the books I got from the library about a week and a half ago, and I have a couple of others to listen to that actually belong to me. Plus, I should be getting that potato peel pie book from the library at the end of the month, and will probably pick up a couple of other books while I'm there getting that one, and giving back the ones I got last time.

Kelly brought me "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville (I think I spelled his name right) because I've never actually gotten around to reading it. I know, I know! But I will this time!

Also, a very good friend sent me a package containing a couple of audiobooks. I'm afraid I don't remember their titles and authors right now - and they haven't been labelled yet, so I can't check them - but they sound interesting, and I look forward to giving them a listen. Thank you, Iggy! *Hugs*

Right, well, I think that covers everything for now. Like I said, I've got some posts with photos in them from Thursday, which I'll post soon. And I should have some book reviews for you again soon. This does appear to be about it for now though. ;)

Oh, before I close this though... For anyone wondering...

My head is basically back to normal. Well, normal for me, I mean. ;)

Enjoy your day! :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Kero's Korner: I'm confused!

Hi Humans!

I don't know what's going on around here lately. For a long time Mami has only really been going walkies without me if she had to go get some food for us, or if she had to go to one of them hospital places. Every other time she took me. But now she's going for lots of walkies and car rides without me. Yes, she still takes me walkies Monday to Friday - after breakfast - but now she goes other places afterwards. I don't understand, and I don't like it! I howl and howl, but she just keeps going. Then I have to waste hours and hours watching out of the window for her, and barking every time I see someone that might be her so that whoever has stayed with me can come and help me look. I could be using that time for naps, garden inspections, treat chewing, play time, or even walkies of my own! Dadi goes for more walkies and car rides too!

I'm just so confused about all the car rides and walkies Mami and Dadi are getting to go on without me. Does anyone know what's going on?

Licks and sniffs,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeding time for the birds

Sparrow 1: "Who's turn is it to eat first?"
Sparrow 2: "It's mine, I think!"
Sparrow 3: "Is not!"
Sparrow 2: "Is so!"
Sparrow 1: "If you guys are going to argue about it, I'll go!"

Sparrow 2: How come he got to eat first?"
Sparrow 4: "Because you and #3 were too busy arguing."
Sparrow 5: "What happened to #6?"
Sparrow 4: "I think she went to check on the kids."

Sparrow 1: "Stick to your side, OK?"
Sparrow 2: "Yeah, yeah! Shut up! I'm trying to eat here!"

Sparrow 1: "You guys ever heard of patience?"
Sparrow 3: "What's that?"
Sparrow 2: "Quit shoving!"
Sparrow 3: "I'm not!"
Sparrow 4: "Hey! Make room for the rest of us!"
Sparrow 5: "OK! I'm coming in! Move your tail feathers, and make room!"