Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disgusted (R/WP)

As was mentioned in Kero's post yesterday, Kelly, Kero and I are spending the weekend at my parents' place. Anyway, today, Mam and I left the two dogs with Dad and Kelly and went to go and spend a voucher I had for my birthday, because the shop it's for has recently announced that it will soon be closing down. I normally don't spend birthday vouchers and money until after Christmas, but we didn't want this voucher going to waste, so it had to be spent while we knew the shop was still open.

I have to say, I'm absolutely disgusted with them!

I had always liked this shop. They're pretty good at stocking most books and audiobooks, and reasonably priced. Buut - if it weren't for the fact they're closing anyway, so this is irrelivant - I wouldn't go there again! Why? Because they are obviously intent on making as much money as possible before they close (to cover some of their losses, I assume). And I wont believe anyone who tries to tell me differently. Not after what happened today when we were there!

What happened was...

The voucher was worth £10, and they have a 20% off sale. OK, fine, no problems. To make sure the audiobook I chose was going to still use up the voucher, we would buy one that cost more than £10, and pay the difference. The one I chose was £15 before the 20% reduction. Up to this point we were happy. So, we go to pay, and are told that...

"In order to use the voucher, you must spend double its value, and then we will deduct the value of the voucher from the price you have to pay. If you don't spend a minimum of double the voucher's value, then you can't use the voucher."

The first thing we asked, of course, was where it said that. It didn't!

Apparently, because they're shutting down vouchers would normally not be usable. Supposedly they had to fight to get even this option. The guy claimed it was the same when Woolworths closed down. Supposedly people had vouchers ranging from £5 up that they couldn't use anywhere, so their money was wasted. The problem with that is... We know it couldn't have been. You know why? Because all Woolworths' vouchers are usable in several other shops, all of which are still open now. So, how can those vouchers have no longer been usable when they still were, even if not in the same shop?

Anyway, the vouchers from Borders UK (the shop in question) are only usable in Borders... Hence us being there today... So, that left us with basically just two choices. Either forgetting it and having my £10 voucher go to waste, or spending £20 or more so as to use the voucher.

After both of us had let anyone within earshot know how disgusted we were that those were our only options when they weren't even as recently as the middle of the week (apparently, the new rules came in on Thursday) and that if those were thhe planned rules then that information should have been printed on the vouchers, we decided that our only real option was to spend the £20 so as to use the voucher. Though both of us are disgusted that we had to do so, since we shouldn't have had to spend more than the voucher unless we chose to do so. And - like I said - if they had plans to do this, they should have printed the information on gift vouchers. Or, even better, stopped selling gift vouchers all together!

I don't care what anyone says... This is just another example of how people want to make as much money as possible out of other people, since what they're basically saying is, "you either don't use your vouchers and we keep the money that was spent on them originally as well as the items in store. Or, you give us more money to thank us for letting you still use the vouchers. Either way, we make money off of you, so we really don't mind which one you do!" And they have the 20% off sale going on so as to soften the blow, and lure in customers without vouchers to use before they close down!



Deanna said...

Hey Tori. I've not been around the blogs lately. Have missed you. That is just not right! If you have a voucher, then the voucher should be honored as long as that place is open. I would be disgusted too. And I'm afraid I would have made quite a scene.

AliceKay said...

This seems to be way it works anymore. It's the little people (like you and me) who always pay in the end. *hugs*

MarmiteToasty said...

ToriZ was there proper signs stating that rule? cos dear you, I think its a load of bollocks and if I had been there I would of so fought against it, and you would of just spend a tenner...... you should of laid on the floor and had a screaming hissy fit LOL sorry you were duped :(


Celticspirit said...

That seems very wrong. Is a voucher like a gift card that you can put any amount of money on? If so, then one should not have to spend double the money to use it.

Tori_z said...

Good to see you on the blogs again! :)

Trust me, I made my feelings perfectly clear!

Yeah, I've noticed that's how it seems to be.

I don't think there was. But I can't be 100% sure. I considered phoning and complaining, but - as my Dad said - they'd probably do nothing anyway.

Yep, a voucher is like a gift card. Some places call them gift cards, but mostly people call them vouchers around here.

Intense Guy said...

Well, that's just the pits.

Tori_z said...

Yeah! Aint it just!