Tuesday, November 03, 2009


By Janet Dailey

"Delaney Wescott, a beautiful security expert, is urgently summoned to New York after Lucas Wayne, a rock star turned movie star, is attacked and almost killed in hotel room. His assailant is Rina Cole, a sultry sex-siren actress – and an old flame – who holds him responsible for her career’s plummet. Delaney’s first priority is to protect Lucas from Rina. As they head out to the breathtaking snowcapped mountains of Aspen, Colorado, Delaney figures that keeping Lucas safe will be a straightforward case. But the situation is complicated by an anonymous Lucas Wayne fan – a woman who sends him three love letters a week (some with locks of hair, others with romantic presents) and whose psychological profile is growing more disturbing by the minute; it isn’t clear just who Lucas’s enemies are.

Focusing all her attention on her professional responsibilities, Delaney tries to ignore the fact that Aspen happens to be the hometown of the man who broke her heart. When they finally meet again, he throws her for an unexpected loop – just as Delaney begins to wonder whether she and Lucas might share more than a professional relationship. And then there’s Riley, ruggedly confidant. Could it be that he wants to be more than friends? Before Delaney can decide, a horrendous crime is committed behind the Wayne estate – and fingers begin to point to Delaney herself. Has she been set up? Delaney suddenly finds herself fighting to prove her innocence as well a s trying to protect Lucas. With Riley’s help and her own sharp instincts, she discovers the truth – and a true love – hidden among many Illusions."

(Above text taken from this site)

I really enjoyed this book. I especially liked the ending, since it wasn't what I'd expected to happen, and I much prefer surprise endings to the predictable endings you get with some books.



AliceKay said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Always a better read if the ending comes out differently than what you "expected". :)

Tori_z said...

*Nods @ AK*

Intense Guy said...

I enjoy a nice plot twist at the end of a good story too!