Monday, January 18, 2010

The few things I've done (kinda FD)

The snow has gone. I think it got washed away with all the rain we've had since Friday. LOL! Well, actually, it was only really Friday and Saturday that the rain was really bad, but it definately seems to have been enough to wash away the snow. And the temperature has risen too. It's been like -1 C or lower most of the time lately, but it's now up around 5C or higher... I believe that would be a change from being 30F or lower to being 42F or higher. And that temperature change really does make a difference. I've gone from being curled up in blankets and wearing a jumper most of the time, to wandering around in joggers and a t-shirt.


Though we took the dogs out a couple of times during the snow, they didn't get to go out properly, because it just wasn't safe to be walking them. So, I'm sure you can imagine how pleased they were when Wayne and I took them for a walk yesterday before dinner. They were extremely excited, and very bouncy. We took them then because it wasn't raining, and because it then kept them - and us - out of the way while Mam finished making dinner and got it dished up. We got back just right for it being put on the table.

The other day, Mam and I went to Asda to get a couple of bits we can never get in Tescos. It was Saturday afternoon we went. We couldn't go before, because it was too far to risk going most of the time. Besides, we haven't been able to even get the cars out some days. It was raining hard, but at least the roads weren't covered in ice and snow. It was nice to be out somewhere, but I kinda wish I'd passed on the shopping trip. I guess a lot of other people needed to get to the shop now that they could do it more easily, because it was pure chaos! The entire shop was crammed so full of people that it took us two hours just to grab a couple of bits. Mind you, I don't suppose it helped that most people had to bring their kids with them, because it was, after all, the weekend.

I haven't done much else. We had the Chinese food on Thursday, and watched the movie I posted about yesterday after that. I spent a large part of Friday updating my e-mail address on things I'm registered with, and sending my new e-mail to everyone in my address book. Saturday evening is always roleplaying (unless nobody is available to be DM/GM, or the person scheduled to do it can't make it, and nobody else has had time to prepare anything) so that's what I did for the part of Saturday I wasn't on the laptop or out shopping. And Dad and Kelly couldn't go to the club again this week (for a different reason though) so we had another session of roleplaying again yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. So my Sunday was taken up with dogs, roleplaying, and computer time. As for today (Monday) well... I haven't really had time to do much, since it's still morning here. All I've really done today is get washed and dressed, have breakfast, and sort blogs and e-mails. I suppose I should go and sort some washing. After all, it's not going to sort itself... Even though I asked it nicely! So, I'll let this do and go sort it.

Enjoy your day, stay warm, and stay safe! :)



AliceKay said...

It started raining here yesterday afternoon, switched to freezing rain and then to sleet, and then to snow. We have a mess out there this morning. Lots of ice under the little bit of snow that fell last night. I hope the main road isn't icy. :\

Time for me to get ready for work. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Deanna said...

I hate changing my email address! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

I'm glad your snow is gone but putting up with rain is a pain too.

Hope you hve a wonderful week.

Toriz said...

Hope the roads aren't too bad there.

We're kind of used to rain here. We get it a LOT!

Intense Guy said...

Dang spammer... go away!

Glad you are now about to get out - I'm sure Kero wants some quality walkies!

Toriz said...

Yep, Kero is very excited about getting some walkies.

LadyStyx said...

I so despise shopping on the weekends. Actually, anytime past Thursday evening is way too busy for my liking. I always try to do it Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. The stores aren't nearly as crowded then.