Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bedtime story: The Little Lame Prince

By Miss Mulock (also known as Dinah Maria Mulock Craik)


YES, he was the most beautiful Prince that ever was born.

Of course, being a prince, people said this; but it was true besides. When he looked at the candle, his eyes had an expression of earnest inquiry quite startling in a new born baby. His nose -- there was not much of it certainly, but what there was seemed an aquiline shape; his complexion was a charming, healthy purple; he was round and fat, straight- limbed and long -- in fact, a splendid baby, and everybody was exceedingly proud of him, especially his father and mother, the King and Queen of Nomansland, who had waited for him during their happy reign of ten years -- now made happier than ever, to themselves and their subjects, by the appearance of a son and heir.

The only person who was not quite happy was the King's brother, the heir presumptive, who would have been king one day had the baby not been born. But as his majesty was very kind to him, and even rather sorry for him -- insomuch that at the Queen's request he gave him a dukedom almost as big as a county -- the Crown-Prince, as he was called, tried to seem pleased also; and let us hope he succeeded.

The Prince's christening was to be a grand affair.

...

Note: There are a few chapters to the story. They should only take a few minutes each to read, but you should probably read the story later if you don't have much time right now.


Deanna said...

You read and watch the most interesting things. I will definitely have to catch it later though!

Stay safe!


Toriz said...

Well, hope you enjoy it when you read it later. :)