Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Heart Full Of Diamonds

By Anne Marie Jenner

I couldn't find an actual online plot summery for this one, so I'm on my own this time. Basically, the story was about a woman named "Mary-lee" (not sure on spelling) who discovered while unpacking her husband's suitcase that he had been stealing diamonds right under her nose. Deciding she didn't want to be a part of it, and fearing for her life after over-hearing a phone conversation of Tony's, she made a run for it. But Tony wasn't going to let her get away that easily, and sent people after her. She managed to stay hidden for a while, during which time she struck up a friendship with her neighbour Richard, and his son, Derick. But now Tony has found her again, and her very life depends on him not getting his hands on her.

It was a fantastic book. I'm pretty sure it was from the ones that came from Iggy, so thanks Iggy for the awesome book! :)



AliceKay said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

(that iggy is a great friend, isn't he?) :)

Deanna said...

That sounds like a really interesting book. Good job on the review!

Intense Guy said...

:) I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

I always keep my eyes open at garage sales and flea markets and such, never know when I might spot a bargain audio book for you!

Toriz said...

Yes, he really is a great friend! :)


Thank you! I really appreciate that! Hugs! :)