Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Cubby dog

That's what I've called him ever since he was a puppy... Cubby (or Cubster). It started because Mam thought Keroberous was two words so called him K.B. and I thought she said Cubby. Besides, he reminds me of a polar bear cub.

At the end of May he will be turning six. It's hard to believe he's almost six already!

His health has been good for the most part. He suffers with anxiety issues - seporation anxiety affects him worse - but other than that he's been fit as a fiddle. Well, until recently.

Those who follow my blog regularly and read Kero's Friday posts will have noticed a couple of times lately it's been mentioned that he's been sick, then seemed to be better, then was sick again. Well, the sickness has become more frequent, and has been happening most mornings.

On top of that he has a lump that's come up above his eye, which is irritating his eye. The lump showed up a few days ago, so yesterday we took him to the vet. And while we were there we mentioned the fact he keeps being sick, and hasn't been completely himself lately.

The vet doesn't think the lump is anything to worry about, but he wants to remove it anyway because of the fact that where it is it's irritating his eye. So, he has to go and have the lump removed under anasthetic. As for the sickness... The vet has given me some tablets and medicine for him to take three times a day for a couple of days. If by next week he's still being sick then the vet will want him to go in for tests and such to find out what's making him be sick so often. I've got to talk to the vet next week to either arrange an appointment for him to be seen for tests if he's still being sick, or arrange for him to go in for the lump to be removed if he stops being sick.

The good thing is, he hasn't been sick at all today - so far - and today is almost over.

The bad thing is that - although getting him to take the tablets is easy, because wrapping them in his favourite human food means they are gone in two seconds - I don't think I can continue giving him the medicine. After this evening I daren't try, because either he's going to get so stressed he ends up sick that way, he's going to end up stressed out and having a heart attack or something, or his attempts at freeing himself from the blanket I had to wrap him in so as to stop him kicking himself free will result in him ending up with a broken back or something. So I really daren't try again with the medicine.

The tablets are to "fix" any issues with the stomach that can be sorted with these kinds of tablets (like stomache ulsers) and to prevent him being sick. The medicine was to line his stomache to lessen the damage to it if he does end up being sick. So I have to hope the tablets do their job, because if they do then it shouldn't matter that I only managed to get about 3 & 1/2 doses of medicine in to him before Mam and I agreed it wasn't worth the stress it was causing him to continue trying to make him have the medicine.

My Cubby boy isn't a happy dog. All he wants to do is cuddle up with people and sleep. Or lay somewhere where he can see out of the window to bark at anyone who walks up or down the road. But I can't say I blame him... I'd be miserable if I was being sick all the time, or if my eye was bugging me because of a lump just above it.


P.S. I'll catch up on blogs when I get around to it. I don't feel like it right now.


Intense Guy said...

Knowing just how important Kero is to you - I can understand how upset you are.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs...

I hope Kero feels much better soonest - and so do you.

AliceKay said...

I hope Kero is feeling better soon, too. I'll say a few prayers for him, it's that's okay with you. Hang in there. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Thanks both of you! *Hugs*

And, AK, yes, that's fine with me. :)

LadyStyx said...

I hope he's feeling better. When we took ours to the vet for shots a few weeks back I had the tech take a look at the lump that had appeared on Dharma's tail. Turns out it was a cyst and easily taken care of. It wasn't anything major but you could see how much it had irked her to have it there.