Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day 2010

Today is Earth day. Did anyone remember? Not that it matters. No, I don't mean Earth day doesn't matter. I mean that it doesn't matter if you remember the date, because - as I said last year - you shouldn't only be thinking about what you can do for the planet on just this one day. Avoiding littering for just this one day, recycling for just this one day, walking instead of driving for this one day, turning off the lights - or electrical gadgets - when you're not using them for just this one day, and using environmentally friendly items for just this one day... That doesn't make much difference. But making a habit of doing just some of those things every day of the year... Now, that can make a huge difference!

Happy Earth day, everyone! And remember... If you look after the planet, the planet will look after you!



AliceKay said...

Happy Earth day to you, too.

(i still smell pig s**t outside my door)

Intense Guy said...

Happy Earth Years and years and years and years! :)

Toriz said...

Well, as long as you don't end up stepping in it, you're OK! ;)

And to you too! :)