Sunday, May 09, 2010

Almost 2:15 (PTMI)

It's almost 2:15 am, and I'm still not even slightly sleepy. I actually started trying to go to sleep around midnight, but gave up after two hours of just laying there only achieving boredom. So, now I'm sat up in bed hoping that if I spend a bit of time on the laptop I'll tire my mind out enough so that I become sleepy. I don't hold out much hope, really. But, hey, at least if it doesn't work then I'll have something to do rather than being bored. LOL!

My appointment with Eirona (the one who deals with my artificial eyes) went well on Thursday. Well, eventually. It almost didn't happen, because when we got there we discovered that she hadn't been informed she was seeing me. As luck would have it, I had my letter with me, so she phoned her secretary (she works at various different hospitals, depending on the day, and her secretary doesn't go with her). She had to get confirmation that it was in my notes that I was going to be seen, because without that she couldn't legally see me, if you know what I mean. Once that was cleared up though, she polished my eyes, and did a bit of an adjustment I needed on the one eye. Then we went home.

It was Kelly and Dad who went with me to the appointment. Dad was playing taxi, but he doesn't like to go in to hospitals if he can help it, so Kelly had to come too, so that someone could come in with me. Mam usually takes me, but she was at an appointment with Wayne, which was slightly earlier than mine, but in a totally different hospital. That's why Kero spent the afternoon with Willow and Nan... Because there was nobody but Nan to look after the dogs, so she had to have them both. I suppose, if it had been necessary, we could have rearranged one of the appointments. But since Nan could have both dogs if Kero was taken up there, we figured it was easier to just get them over with.

Anyway, the Sky guy came and finished the job the first one had started. He said he'd be here between Noon and 3:00 pm on Friday. Luckily we didn't go anywhere, because he was with us around 11:30 am. He made sure the wire was nicely out of the way of me tripping over it, and that the boxes were receiving and sending their signals through the wire. Then he had us sign to say he'd done the job, and left us with his direct number, so if anything goes wrong within 30 days of him coming, we call his direct number, and he'll come to sort it at no cost to us. That's what the other guy "should" have done.

I got to hear the story of the forgetful squirrel the other day, thanks to Iggy. And also the story of the king of the forest. So, thanks Iggy for taking the time to type up the one, and read the other for me. It's been a while since someone has read me a bedtime story. Well, unless you include the people who are paid to read out the books on to tape or CD, which I don't, because it's not the same as having someone read it just for you.

I spent a lot of yesterday (Saturday) reading through rules for the Star Wars figure game we plan to try out at the gaming club. Only, as it turns out, I needn't have bothered. We're still going to try it out at some point, but not today. At least, I'm not. Because I'm not going to club this week. Neither is Kelly. Roleplaying is cancelled due to the GM not feeling up to it, and the people planning to go all seem to be in an "I don't feel like doing much" frame of mind, so we decided we weren't going to go all the way up to club to possibly spend the entire afternoon and evening sat on our own doing things we could easily do at home. And there's no club next week, because Dad and Mam are away for a long weekend, and nobody really bothers going if Dad doesn't go. Besides, Dad is our transport, so even if club was to be on, we wouldn't be going without Dad.

I watched "Over The Rainbow" on TV last night after Doctor Who. For those who don't know, it's along the same lines of "American Idol" and "Britain's Got Talent" only they're looking for someone to play Dorothy in a West End Musical version of The Wizard Of Oz. They did something similar to find Nancy for a version of Oliver Twist they were doing. Anyway, it was pretty good. I've not seen enough to know who I'd like to win though, and all of the five girls now remaining are pretty good, so I can't really pick a favourite.

Being totally honest, those are the only parts of the past couple of days worth mentioning. So, I'll let this do, and go and find something else to do. I might post again later. Actually, I have a book review that I scheduled that would have been posting itself while I would have been at the club. So, I might just let that go ahead and publish itself. Besides, I have a ton of posts in draft that need to go up, so there's no sense adding another to them when that one's already scheduled for this afternoon anyway.

It's my honorary sister, Elizabeth's birthday today. (May 9th) So, happy birthday to her.

I hope you are having a good weekend. And, that you're having better luck sleeping than I am.



AliceKay said...

So sorry to hear you were having trouble sleeping. I hope you were able to fall to sleep after posting this blog. I woke up around 4AM feeling cold, and instead of getting up and putting something warmer on, I laid there for the next few hours, dozing on and off, feeling cold. It's cold here today. Freeze warning out for tonight, too.

Happy Birthday wishes to Elizabeth.

Toriz said...

It took me until about 8:00 am to fall asleep, and Kero woke me up about noon, because he was desperate for a pee. Hopefully the fact I got up before I was really ready to stop sleeping will mean I'll be able to sleep at the right time tonight?

Intense Guy said...

Hmm... I got to find more soothing and sleep-inducing stories to read ya. :)

Sounds like the second sky guy won't end up buried in the back garden next to the cable dudes. Nice to see someone caring about the work they do.

I hope you get your groove back!


Toriz said...

Yeah, guess so (about the stories).

That's right, the second guy gets to live! ;)

Thanks! *Hugs*