Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunny Midsummer (FD)

Now, I don't want to start an argument as to whether today is the start of Summer or the middle of Summer. According to the old Celtic calender it's the middle of Summer, and that's what I work the seasons by. So, as far as I'm concerned it's the middle of Summer, but if you think it's the start of Summer... Well, that's up to you, and we'll just have to agree to disagree. Anyway... Whichever you think it is, it's a beautiful Sunny day. It's in the early 20s C (early to mid 70s F) so not too bad temperature wise. Mind you, that is the temperature now, and it's around 8:00 pm here. Luckily, it wasn't much warmer earlier in the day than it is now. The weather was beautiful all weekend, and most of last week too.

The sleep thing has been sort of working for me. It's just a shame it's happening in short naps and not at the right time of the day/night. At times like this I just take sleep when I can grab it though. After all, a nap is better than no sleep at all, right?

I didn't feel like going to the gaming club yesterday. The usual roleplaying session was off, and a one-off session was planned, which I wasn't all that bothered about playing. Plus, the person planning to run it isn't known for showing up when he's meant to. On top of that, with the sleep thing I figured I'd be too tired. So I stayed with my Mam and Nan for the afternoon instead. That way if I got to the point where I really needed a nap I could have one, but at the same time Mam didn't have to waste petrol taking me home then bringing Kelly back later. Mind you, that did almost happen, since around 7:30 pm I got to the stage where I desperately needed to sleep, but with the time I didn't want to be napping then having to be woken up to go home. So, Mam was just taking me home when Dad's car pulled up. A few seconds later and she'd have ended up basically turning around and coming back as soon as she got back from dropping me and Kero off. Thing is, we didn't know for sure they'd be home then, since if the GM had shown up it could have been about 11:00 pm by the time they got back to my parents' place, since that does happen a lot.

Speaking of the club. I took a photo of my Mechs for the Classic BattleTech game, so here is the photo.

The bigger one of the two is a BNC3S Banchee, and the smaller of the two is a CRD3D Crusader. I doubt that means anything to any of you, but that's what they are anyway. For anyone interested... The Banchee is a 95 ton mech, equipped with an auto cannon, 2 partacle cannons, a short range missile launcher, 4 medium lasers and 2 small lasers. The Crusader is a 65 ton mech, equipped with 2 long range missile launchers, 2 short range missile launchers, and 2 medium lasers. As you can probably tell from that, the Crusader is my smaller mech, and the Banchee is my larger more powerful mech.

Anyway, we usually have roast dinners on Sunday, but Mam, Nan and I had salad instead. Wayne and Kelly aren't salad fans though, so Nan and Mam made a shepherds pie for Kelly, Wayne and Dad to have for their dinner.

After dinner, Mam, Nan and I went for a walk with Kero and Willow. It was a nice walk. We had planned to go to the park, but decided we'd rather just a walk instead of bothering with driving to the park. The park is walking distance from my parents' place, but it's down quite a steep hill that none of us like to walk back up, and I'm not sure Nan could do it any more anyway. I mean, she is 82 years old, after all, and the walk we did - which was mostly all on flat ground - tired her out. I'll talk about the walk more another time though.

Kelly went shopping this morning and filled our almost empty cupboards and fridge back up. Well, some of it didn't come until this afternoon, but he went to get it this morning. I plan on making some home made meals and frozen desserts this week to put in the freezer, so we have a load of fruit and veg for me to do that with.

He got back with just enough time to have lunch and make sure all chores were done before our visitor showed up. What visitor? you ask. Well... Remember I mentioned the work being done by the council? The woman who was helping us actually design our kitchen showed up today. I think Mam wanted to be here for it, but we didn't have much notice (slow post delivery... As usual) so I didn't get a chance to tell her the woman was coming. Anyway, our kitchen is all designed now, so "in theory" it should only be about 6 to 8 weeks before the work actually gets started. In practice, it could be longer than that. But it's "meant to" only be about 6 to 8 weeks now.

Since Kelly went shopping while I did the chores I could this morning, then the woman was here, and then we were waiting for the food to show up, we were both really hungry and neither of us wanted to cook - because of the heat - so we decided to have a treat and have a take-away. There's a new place that opened, and we got the leaflet for it a couple of weeks ago, so we thought we'd try it out. Especially since it's a cheaper place than the one we usually use. Well, let me tell you, we will NOT be eating from there again! It was absolutely disgusting! And - despite neither of us ordering anything involving fish - everything tasted and smelled of fish. Kelly had a meat feast pizza, and swears it had fish on it. I had a veggie burger with chips, and both were disgusting. The chips were barely edible, and the veggie burger tasted as though someone had mashed up some fish with some potato and fried it in the grease left over after cooking some meat burgers. I've tasted some disgusting veggie burgers, but there was no way I could eat this one. The others have at least been edible, even if they weren't very good. But I couldn't eat this one, because the combined fish and meat taste was making me feel sick. Like I said, we wont be using that place again. I'd rather pay the little extra and have nice tasting food.

I think that's all I wanted to say today. So...

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe! :)


Rita said...

That new place sounds like it has disgusting food! How will they ever stay in business? Yes--doesn't save you any money if you can't even eat it.

Dagan and Leah are gamers. I know there are all different kind of gamers, but I know Dagan has some little metal figurines and they both have so many dice it amazes me. (They love to collect them, I think.) They have a convention in Fargo every year and Dagan and Leah's group runs a booth/room there each year. I'll have to tell them you are a Welsh gamer!! :):)

I hope your kitchen gets done without unnecessary delays and is like you want it. And that it doesn't get too hot over there! ;)

AliceKay said...

Sleep is sleep, so if naps are all you can manage right now, take them as you need them and when you're able to.

I hope your kitchen doesn't take as long to get done as the roof they plan to fix.

I'm not into gaming, but I know some people who are.

Sorry to hear that new place had such disgusting tasting food. I sure wouldn't like it if pizza tasted like fish. :\

Deanna said...

I'm glad you are getting more sleep - even if it is coming ini the form of naps.

I hope your kitchen remodel comes along better than my bathroom remodel has. I'm to the point where I don't really care if it even gets finished. I'm sure that will change once it is done. But it is so frustrating!

That new place sounds awful!

Intense Guy said...

I wish I had a mech like that... I'd tell him/her/it to clear the traffic off the road so I can get to where I'm going a lot faster!

:) The carnage would just be a plus.

Toriz said...

You often need loads of dice for the games. For one of the games I play, for example, you need to have 24 dice. They do come with the starter sets usually, but because I can't see the marks it meant buying 24 six sided dice, and trying to find three different types of tactile dice so as to have the 10 of one kind, 10 of another, and 4 of another that's needed. Then there's the fact that some games need different types of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and percentile dice) and various numbers of each of them. So, I'm not surprised they have loads of dice. They probably need every single dice for one thing or another. Mind you, some people do also collect dice.

I hope so too (about the kitchen).

I agree! Naps are better than no sleep. :)

Yeah, I hope it doesn't take that long too! I mean, it was three weeks ago the scaffolding went up, and almost a week ago it came back down without anything being done. Maybe next time? *Shrugs*

Quite! (about the food place)

I'm glad too. Naps are fine, as long as I get some sleep.

I hope my kitchen (and the other work that's going to get done) doesn't end up being as much hastle as your bathroom work.

LOL @ "the carnage would just be a plus."

Actually, if you had a mech like either of those, you wouldn't need a car. They're meant to have a pilot in the head. Only problem with that - from the gaming perspective - is that if you get hit in the head, you stand a chance of losing purely because your pilot gets knocked out... Even if the rest of your mech isn't even slightly damaged. You can lose any other limb, and still function (providing you have a weapon, arm or leg still properly atatched, and providing your pilot is concious and can keep the mech running). But lose your head, and it's game over.

Rita said...

They have hundreds of them! ;)