Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Good Witch's Garden

"Middleton prepares for its bicentennial, and Grey House is to be the party venue. Good witch Cassie is remodeling it as B&B. her first and only guest, Nick Chasen, claims to be a distant relative. He produces papers to prove he's the heir of the builder, colonial era captain Hamblin, while the Grey lady was his mistress and stole it. Police chief and lover Jake Russell goes all the way to motivate her to fight and disprove the claim before she's effectively disowned. Brandon is dared to pass a rascals-initiation by local brat Steve and Duke. George's gardening skills lead to romance."

(Above taken from here).

I watched this not long ago. Actually, I did watch the end of it some time ago, having turned the TV on and ended up getting in to it - despite it almost being over - but this time I watched the whole thing. Anyway, it's a great little movie, which I recommend to anyone who is a fan of these types of movies. Meaning, movies with subtle magic, and mysteries.


Intense Guy said...

Sounds sort of like that Casper the Ghost movie - but less ... whacky and more cerebral.


I liked Casper.. I bet I'd like this one too!

Deanna said...

I liked Casper too. Sounds like a good movie.

AliceKay said...

I liked Casper, too.

This looks like a good little movie, Tori.

Toriz said...

I suppose kind of. Except that there's no actual ghosts.

Rita said...

Netflix had The Good Witch available (so I added it) and The Good Witch's Garden will be available later but not yet (so I put it in my "save" queue).

I have a tendency to watch a lot of more serious stuff and not as much lighter stuff, so these will be good, I'm sure. Thanks! :)

Toriz said...

You're welcome! :)