Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mini story: The Cat Stretched

By Tori Zigler

~Written after being given instructions to write the sentance, "the cat stretched one grey paw, sinking his claws in to..." then leave it, go and do something else, and come back to it later.

The cat stretched one grey paw, sinking his claws in to the sofa cushion, and purring happily. He was all alone, but he didn't mind since the humans had left him plenty of food to eat.

With a soft little, "meow," he jumped down from the sofa, landing gracefully on the fluffy carpet.

He stretched again, allowing his claws to sink in to the thick carpet. Then he slowly ambled towards the kitchen where his bowl was kept. He was in no hurry, since he knew he had his house to himself for the whole day.

When he arrived at his dish, he sniffed the contents cautiously. After establishing that the food was acceptable to him he began to eat. Purring contentedly between mouth fulls, while listening to a bird singing in a nearby tree.

To most cats that bird would be enough to turn him away from cat food and have him chasing the poor bird. But not this cat. This cat had no interest in chasing birds. For one thing he was never hungry enough to bother with it, for another thing, the humans had sprayed him with a water bottle one time too many, so he had gone off the idea of bird chasing.

After his meal, the cat returned to the sofa, gave himself a good wash, then curled back up so as to go back to sleep.

He was still there when the humans came home several hours later.

The End


Intense Guy said...


So this was for one of your online classes?

Such a gentle story. And obviously you've had such a cat too!

Deanna said...

I liked the part about getting sprayed with water one too many times.

Good story and like Iggy said, it is very gentle.

Great job!

AliceKay said...

Nice story and very good writing.

Toriz said...

Thanks all. :)

Yes, for my Creative Writing class.

Rita said...

I think that is what Karma does the whole time I am gone whenever I do leave--eats and sleeps! ROFL! :):)

Are you taking this creative writing class right now? Or is this something you did a while back?

Toriz said...

I did it not long ago. Though I did do one a few years ago too (though the other was more of just a writing group than anything).