Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clocks, cookers, Christmas, etc (LBE and FD)

Since I'm not doing much today, I figured I'd do a proper post (especially since Iggy has very kindly sorted the photos I wanted to put in this post... Thank you Iggy!) So...

A couple of weeks ago I broke my talking cube alarm clock. It still told the time, but nothing could be changed, the alarm was stuck set at 8:00 am, and with the clock changing coming up, and no way of resetting this clock's time, it's days were numbered, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to take the batteries out and would have no alarm clock to tell the time by at night (not to mention the fact that it's annoying being woken up at 8:00 am when you have a sleep schedule that could mean you only went to sleep at 7:30 am). Anyway, not knowing the time is a big deal for me, since knowing the time is what helps me to figure out when it is (especially when I just wake up and need to know if it's time to get up, or time to try and go back to sleep). So, I went looking for a new talking alarm clock right away. I knew where to look, but I didn't expect to find more than the standard - usually expensive - ones the RNIB usually stocks. But I found one for a reasonable price, and it sounded cute from their description, so I brought it. And here it is:

Yes, an apple alarm clock. Not just an alarm clock either... It also tells the temperature. You press the button (apple stalk) on the top, and it tells you the current time and temperature (the temperature of the room it's in though, obviously). Plus... Isn't it cute?

A load of other new stuff came in to the house (OK, flat) lately too. Like my new cooker:

It's had plenty of use, between Mam's baking weekend and dinners that have been cooked in and on it. Not to mention the grilled cheese on toast that we've enjoyed a few times since the cooker arrived. Mmm... Grilled cheese on toast! Also among the meals we've made have been an Autumn Crumble, which was our supper for the past couple of nights, and a Stuffed Butternut Squash roast, which was my introduction to butternut squash (it was one of the foods on my "to try" list). For the record, I liked the Butternut squash very much.

Anyway, after getting the new cooker - and while helping my Mam find a few items for her kitchen in the new home she will have some time in the near future - I grabbed some new items for my kitchen. Some I still had but was replacing (like a plate set, which I didn't bother with a photo of, because I'm sure you can visualize plain white plates, tea plates, mugs, and bowls) others I didn't have. Among the items I didn't have were some glass tumblers (again, not pictured below, because I didn't see the point), and the items below:

An apple corer/slicer:

A garlic crusher:

(Another picture of the above items, but with them together):

Among the items I did have, but was replacing were some cooking utensils (not pictured, because I saw no point... I'm sure you know what slotted spoons and such look like) as well as the following items:

A sieve:

A "sink tidy" or "kitchen caddy" for all my sponges, etc:

By the way... If you were wondering... The lantern thing beside the kitchen caddy thing isn't new. It's a small lantern that was brought for me several years back. It's meant to be used to put scented candles in, or as a candle lantern that can be used for a short time (only a short time, due to the fact the handle gets so hot), but that's not what I use it for. I use it to put insense cones in, because it provides a safe place for them to be while they are lit, while still allowing the scent from them to freely escape around the room, and make the room it's in - the kitchen, as you can see from the photo - smell nice. I just thought I'd explain that before anyone asked about it. Anyway...

A new washing up bowl to replace my rather battered - and slightly cracked - yellow one (I'm sure you do know what one of those looks like, but you'll see in a minute why that's pictured):

And a dish drainer, which you can see below beside the sink:

That's why I photoggraphed the bowl... If I was going to do part of the set, I might as well do it all, right? And I wanted to do the dish drainer, since if any of my readers weren't 100% sure what I meant by one, the photo would be there to show them. I'm pretty sure you all would have known, but with the weird ways that English and American English differ... Well, you just never know, do you? And I figured that having a photo available would be easier than trying to explain one, should the need have arisen to do so.

So, anyway, those are all my new kitchen items. Well, all the ones that I either have so far (I should be replacing more items soon) or plan to post yet (a couple of items will be waiting until Halloween to be shown and talked about). I figured that with my new kitchen, my new cooker, and the fact that many of the items in my kitchen are rather battered and in need of replacing anyway, I should start replacing the items. Besides, while I'm looking at the stuff with Mam, I might as well look at the items for myself too... Right?


Winter is most definately just around the corner here. The mornings and evenings are becoming quite chilly, and the rest of the day is often not all that warm. Two mornings in a row there has been frost on the ground, and even I am reaching for the controls for the heating system. And, yep, my fluffy socks are out of their drawer, and beginning to be in use! That - for those who don't know me well - is evidence of how cold it is,since I prefer bare feet, until the weather starts getting really cold, at which point I have a collection of "fluffy socks" (knitted socks of various types, almost all of them with cute designs on them) that I start wearing around the house to keep my toes from freezing off!

If things continue the way they have been lately, we're going to get the sort of Winter we had last year. Not that I really minded that much, since it meant snow, snow, and more snow! I can see it now... Another snowy Christmas! *Sighs with contentment at the thought of it*

I can see me now... Playing in the snow until my hands are so cold I can hardly feel them, then coming inside to warm them up by wrapping them around a steaming mug of cocoa, then curling up in front of the fire with another mug of cocoa, some cookies (or maybe some mince pies) and my braille book of Christmas stories! Yes, that would be wonderful!


Speaking of Christmas...

Most of you will probably wish I hadn't reminded you - that's the reaction I've gotten when mentioning it in real life anyway - but it's only a little over 10 weeks until Christmas.

Yes, really, it is!

I know it is, because Carl's birthday is on Saturday, my birthday is exactly 4 weeks (to the day) after Carl's birthday, and Christmas is exactly 6 weeks (again, to the day) after my birthday. So, if you haven't started Christmas shopping, it might be an idea to start thinking about starting it, because in 10 weeks and 2 days it will be Christmas day!


OK, on that note, I'm going to end this post, because I'm hungry, and it's lunch time.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, stay safe and well, and so on! :)


AliceKay said...

Your cooker looks nice. Good to hear you're putting it to good use already. :)

Your apple clock is really cute. I've never seen anything like it.

I'm glad you're getting a few new things for your kitchen. (we call them dish drainers here, too) I liked the older style better than what you can buy these days, so I'm hanging onto my old one until it just won't do the job anymore.

It's been chilly here lately, too. We had a heavy frost Sunday morning, and today the temp only reached the low 50sF and we had rain most of the day.

Speaking of Christmas...Kmart now has their Christmas trees decorated and on display at the store in Wysox. Karen and I saw them today. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

I hope you enjoyed your lunch and your day today. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

Deanna said...

Oh my gosh - you mentioned Christmas! I am so not ready for that!

Your cooker looks like it is going to get a lot of good use. Making me hungry.

MarmiteToasty said...

The new kitchen and all its bits and bobs looks smashing.....

DONT MENTION CRIMBO I aint even put up last crimbos post yet lmfao..... which I was aiming to do this week, well actually, been trying for months but things just keep cropping up preventing me from computer time....

you will be able to cook up a feast in your new kitchen :)


Rita said...

Love your new "cooker" and all the new kitchen things. The clock is really cool! My dad has a wrist watch that talks every hour and tells him what time it is. He can turn off the voice any time he wants to.

I love, love, love Christmas, too! The season of love!! :) We get a lot of snow here, too. Was 30 degrees last night, so it sounds like our weather is similar. I can't imagine Christmas without snow. That's a depressing thought for me. We'll have to enjoy hot chocolate together this winter--even tho we are thousands of miles apart. ;)

Toriz said...

Neither had I, that's why I brought it. I thought it was very cute, and very different.

My old one was in bad shape, besides, this one is almost identical to the old one anyway.

I agree. It's a bit too early for Christmas decorations. Once Halloween is over, fine. But before that... *Shaking head*

Is anyone ever totally ready for Christmas?

Yes, I plan on putting the cooker to good use. ;)

Thanks! :)

Just 'cause you're about 9 and a half months behind on posting your Christmas post, doesn't mean the rest of us can't get excited about Christmas! ;)

I have one of those wrist watches too, but since alarm clocks take regular batteries, and wrist watches take special ones that cost almost as much to replace as the watch cost in the first place, I like to have my alarm clock for use at home.

We don't always get a lot of snow. We usually get a bit (though not always in time for Christmas) but the wetness of Wales' weather often means it turns in to slushy mess rather than proper snow. Although, the past couple of years our snow has been fantastic. Still, snow or no snow, I'll join you in a mug of cocoa this Winter! (In fact, probably more than one!) :)

Intense Guy said...

The green apple clock looks really cool!! Nice that it tells the temperature too! Now to find one with an alarm that says, "Time for Kero's walkie!")


The kitchen looks so much nicer now - its like night and day over what it used to look like before the renovations.

Toriz said...

I think as far as Kero's concerned all clocks say that, because if he's not on walkies, then he thinks he should be going out for walkies. ;)

Thanks... Glad you like it. :)