Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some of my 2010 Christmas presents

When I did my post about Christmas last week, I mentioned a couple of presents that I would be mentioning when the photos were sorted for me. Well, Iggy very kindly sorted them at the end of last week for me... Thank you again, Iggy... So here they are:

With how cold it's been here lately I've been missing my cuddly Eeyore slippers, which used to keep my feet nice and warm. A few months back they had an unfortunate encounter with a sharp nail though, so they had to be thrown away. Anyway, Kelly went looking for some new ones for me. I guess he decided to give me a change from Eeyore this year though, because this is what he brought me:

Homer Simpson slippers (yes, they do keep my feet nice and warm like the Eeyore ones did).

On Christmas Eve a parcel arrived for me, in it were these:

Plus two more identical birds.

They have little pieces of wire atatched to their little feet so they can be tied in the branches of a tree, or tied to something else. But for this year I just placed them nicely where they could be seen. They've now been put away with my Christmas decorations, and next year they will be placed in the branches of my Christmas tree.

The birds weren't alone in the box though. They had a little friend in the box with them:

Hey... It's Kero! :)

Thanks Iggy for the beautiful birds and Westie ornament!

I did have - as I mentioned in the other post, the one about my Christmas - a bunch of other stuff, but these were the only ones I felt needed to be photographed and shared.


Rita said...

LOLOL! I didn't know they made Homer Simpson slippers! But--then again--why wouldn't they? hehe! They do look warm, tho.

The tree ornaments from Mr. Iggy are just perfect!! Where on earth did he find a Kero ornament?! :)

Thanks for sharing these!! :):)

AliceKay said...

Yep, those slipper looks nice and warm.

The bird ornaments are really cute, and the little Westie is adorable. That Iggy finds the nicest things for his friends. :)

Intense Guy said...


I got to laff and laff at those Homer Slippers!!

Toriz said...

I've seen the Homer slippers before, but never had any before. Yep, they're definately nice and warm!

Yes, Iggy finds fantastic stuff for his friends! :)

Yeah, they are kinda funny. When my Dad arrived Boxing day I had them on, and rather than just telling him to look at my new slippers I said, "Dad... Someone's eating my feet!" To which Dad replied, "Duh-oh!" ;)