Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mam's sofa throw

OK, as promised, here's a photo of the knitted throw I made recently for my Mam's sofa:

I think the stripes of colour look yellow, but they're actually meant to be white and gold... A thin stripe of white, with a really thin stripe of gold, then another thin stripe of white.

I'm making similar ones for the chairs. They're not as long, obviously. In fact, I finished one of the two chair ones last night before I went to bed. I haven't had a chance to even take a photo of it yet though, so you'll have to wait to see the chair versions.


AliceKay said...

Very nice throw you made for your Mam. I'm sure the ones for the chairs will be just as nice. (i love that it's mostly green too) :)

Rita said...

She's going to love them! So nice of you to make a matching set. Looks great! :)

Toriz said...

I thought you would probably like it. :)

I'm told her sofa is a greeny colour, so she wanted green to match it.

Well, she needs a whole set, so I figured since I was making the sofa one I might as well make matching ones for her chairs.

Deanna said...

Your mam is a lucky lady. Very pretty throw!

Intense Guy said...

:) She's gonna be comfy tucked in under that throw!

Toriz said...

I hope so! :)

I think she's using it more as one of those decorative throws than anything. Besides, it's a bit small for an adult to be covered with properly. Although... If she curled up a bit it could work!