Friday, April 29, 2011

Furkid Friday: Easter 2011 (FD)

Hi there humans. This is Gwydion again.

Well, something the humans call "Easter" happened this past week. Now, I have no idea what an "Easter" is, but I do know that it involves treats, so I approve of it. I didn't, however, approve of being involved in photo taking, so you'll have to settle for a photo of the treats I got for that "Easter" thing instead of a photo of me eating one of the treats, because I refused to allow a photo of me to be taken. You may notice in the photo I'm about to show you of my treats that the packet is open, and one of the treats is missing? Well, that's because the other treat (it's a pack of two) was in my cage by this point. Like I said though I refused to have my photo taken eating it, so the humans figured they might as well just take this photo:

Kero, however, had no issues with having his photo taken with his treat, and quite happily chomped away at it while the humans took photos. He loves having his photo taken though; and - since he loves treats too - having his photo taken while eating a treat is his idea of fun. I don't get why, personally, but there you go! Mind you, there are a lot of things that dog does that I just can't make sense of (or wouldn't do in a million years). Anyway, here are his photos:

Also - on top of those treats - I got some fresh fruit and veggies, and Kero got some ham and cheese. Mind you, that happens regularly anyway, but still...

I hope your Easter was as good as ours!

Squeak soon,


Rita said...

Wow! Great Easter with all those treats for both you and Kero. I hate having my picture taken, too. ;)

Deanna said...

It seems to me that you could expect a little privacy while dining! You are just one of those shy celebrities who doesn't like having your photo taken. Glad you and Kero had a treaty Easter!

AliceKay said...

But...but...but...I'd like to see a recent picture of you to see how much you've grown. :)

I'm glad you had a good Easter.

Intense Guy said...

You wouldn't want those folks that read your words every other week to see you huh? Hmm... are you getting 'piggy-sized' are you?

:) Kero's looking great.. as super handsome as ever...

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Yeah, it was great! And, glad it's not just me who hates having photos taken!

Exactly! Wow! You know me so well! Thank you!

I'll think about agreeing to a photo some time soon... Maybe!

I'm just a bit camera shy.

Squeak soon,

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thank you Iggy!

Licks and sniffs,