Friday, April 22, 2011

Furkid Friday: neighbours and invaders

Hi there humans. This is Kero here.

Well, my Mami human is still not well, so I have to keep a close eye on her. Dadi and Mamgu said she wasn't allowed to take me walkies though, which is so not fair! Dadi has been taking me, but I wish my Mami could take me. Mami says if I just give her a couple more days then she will take me no matter if she's fully better or not, and no matter what Dadi and Mamgu say. Like I said, Dadi has been taking me, it's just... Well, I just like walkies when Mami comes best! Dadi doesn't really do anything different. I just don't like leaving mami at home while I go out for walkies.

I've seen a few of my doggy friends while out for walkies with Dadi. Including a pair of Jack Russels. I don't remember the male's name, but the female's name was Roxy. I don't think I've met them before. They seemed really nice; from what I could tell. Roxy refused to let me sniff her properly. I let her sniff me from nose to tail, but she wouldn't let me sniff near her tail end. Some females are like that. I have no idea why, but it's just something I've noticed with some females.

Anyway, I may have saved Gwydion's life the other day. Dadi opened the kitchen window wide, because the thing that beeps when there's smoke in the house is very sensative and goes off with even just a little steam. That wasn't a big deal. The thing was, he forgot to close it afterwards. Anyway, next thing I know this big cat has gotten in through the window and is on top of Gwydion's cage. I wasn't having that!

I barked and growled at it, and made it get down. Then I chased it around the kitchen until I had it cornered by the back door. And then I called Mami (who was asking me what I was barking for this time) to show her. When she realised about the now hissing cat I'd cornered, she told me I was a good dog. I was really pleased about that, and stepped back a bit to tell Mami she was in charge of what happened to the cat from this point. Only, the cat took advantage of me taking a step back from it, and it jumped back out of the kitchen window. I was worried Mami would be mad I let it get away, but she wasn't. She still said I was a, "good dog," and she even gave me a treat to show me she meant it.

The cat didn't dare come back after that (I did patrol the house - especially the kitchen - for about an hour afterwards to be sure).

Oh, yeah... I know you'll be wondering, so... Gwydion was completely fine after it... I guess I got to the cat in time. He was a bit quiet that evening, but that's about it, and he was back to his noisy self by the next morning.

When Dadi found out what happened (he was at the shop when it happened) he checked on Gwydion, made sure the window was closed, and then... Well, then he noticed that I'd knocked over a tray of his special little soldier figure things that are in the room Gwydion is in. I was sure I was going to get in big trouble for that; nobody does stuff to Dadi's figures and gets away with it. I was pleasantly surprised though when Dadi said he wasn't mad about the mess I'd made of the figures, since Gwydion was more important, and I was a really good boy for protecting Gwydion.

That's about all that's happened recently; maybe things will pick up when Mami gets better?

Licks and sniffs,


Deanna said...

Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Kero's on his way...

Way to go! No way were you going to get in trouble for anything, having saved Gwyd like that. You could probably even get into a bit more mischief if you'd want to and your humans might look the other way!

Hope your Mami gets to feeling better real soon.

Intense Guy said...

Kero, you are my Hero!!! I bet Gwyddy would give you a big ear licking if he could!!

I hope your Mami gets well soonest!! That cold has been a lingering one and those are the worse kind.

Soon you will be getting a good walkie with her!! I just know it!

Intense Guy said...

P.s., aren't dogs like Roxy... just snooty?

(yeah, you can boo the bad pun!)

AliceKay said...

I'm sure Mami will be taking you on your regular walkies very soon. (i hope so, anyway)

You did a great job protecting Gwydion from that cat. You deserved the treat Mami gave you afterwards. Treats are much better than a gold medal most of the time. :)

Toriz said...

Kero said...

I wouldn't want to tempt fate with seeing what I could get away with after doing such a good thing.

I hope Mami is better soon too!

Yeah, maybe... Gwydion's not big on the ear lickings though.

I know; it's like she's been sick forever! Hope she hurries up and gets better so we can have those nice walkies again!

Yes. Dogs like Roxy are just snooty.

I hope so too (about Mami being well enough to take me for walkies soon).

I agree; treats are much better than gold medals. More useful too.

Rita said...

That must have been a bad cat. I'd be afraid of some strange cat sneaking into my home and I'm a cat! I am going to have to keep a closer watch when the grocery person comes and the humans have the door open for so long. No strange cat is coming in here, either! You are very brave, Kero. Very brave.

And it is good that you are staying close to your sick human. They really need some extra cuddling when they don't feel well. I hope you get to go on walkies soon with your Mami, but you want her to be well. Don't want her to be sick longer. Humans can take a long time to get well sometimes.

You are lucky to still have your Dadi to bring you outside on adventures meeting new friends. I don't think I'd like meeting other cats, myself--especially after hearing they can attack someone in your home! Goodness! Glad you didn't get in trouble. Brave. You are very brave.
Love, Karma

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thanks! I didn't know cats did that either, but this one did. I've always liked cats, but I wasn't going to tolerate one coming in to my home and attacking my little brother.

I hope no strange cats (or other animals) sneak in to your house when the grocery person keeps the door open for a long time. I'm sure you'll see them off if they do though.

Licks and sniffs,