Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just another Thursday afternoon

I did a post earlier, but I'm bored, so you can have another one. ;)

My throat's stopped hurrting. My cough is practically non-existent (it just shows up from time to time during the evening). I still hardly slept last night though. Can't say I'm all that shocked. At least it was at night I slept. Almost. The first part of the night, anyway. Still, it was at night... Sort of!

I've done nothing exciting so far this week; houshold chores, labeling blog posts, that sort of thing. Very exciting... Or not! Actually, some of the old posts are amusing. I have to wonder why I have so many followers; I post some rubbish... No, I really do! Funny thing is... I think it's those posts that have the most comments. LOL!


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a peaceful afternoon. Is it raining?

And I know what you mean - the blog posts with the most comments always leave me scratching my head...

AliceKay said...

My week so far has been very tiring, sometimes exciting (both good and bad), and also terrifying at times. Someday I might get some time to post a little about it.

I hope you have a good Friday. *hugs*

Rita said...

Sounds like you are restless because you are finally feeling better. :):) That's a good thing.

Glad you're sleeping at night and hope you sleep much better during the night, too, in future.

I'm always a little amazed that I get any comments at all.

Toriz said...

No; it was - and still is - lovely and sunny. I was waiting around to find out what I was doing and when though... Hence the boredom. ;)

I think it's amusing the kinds of posts people seem to enjoy most. Mind you... Some of them I really enjoyed writing, so I guess it works out for everyone? LOL!

Hope you do get some posting time soon; I'd like to hear about your week.

Yeah, that was maybe part of it. It was at least partly due to waiting around for people though. Still, I am feeling much, much better!

I'm "sort of" sleeping at night. From late evening until around midnight. Still, it's technically night time, so... *Shrugs*... Who am I kidding? I prefer it to be night time I sleep (for convenience sake) but as long as I sleep at some point, I'm happy!

It amazes me that I get any comments too; I have no idea why people are so interested in reading my blog.