Friday, April 22, 2011

A List Of "Green" Things To Do For Earth Day 2011

By: Kristal Roberts

April 22, 2011 marks the 41st anniversary of Earth Day -- a distinctively American tradition that not only encourages people to appreciate the wonders of nature, but preserve the environment and its natural resources.
The best part about celebrating Earth day is that there are many ways to honor the planet. From the grandiose to the simplistic, here are a couple of ways to have an impact on the planet that you call home.

Pledge an act of green
Help the Earth Day Network reach a 'Billion Acts of Green' by pledging a Green Act of kindness on their website .
According to Earth Day Network’s website, “Every Act registered will be counted toward our ultimate goal of amassing one billion actions in advance of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At millions of actions, A Billion Acts of Green is the largest environmental service and advocacy campaign in the world.”

Green Acts
- Plant a tree
- Brush your teeth without running water
- Carpool. Tampa Bay residents can reduce carbon emission by visiting Tampa Bay Ride Share and finding a group to carpool with.
- Sign petition for Green Jobs Legislation. Tell Congress that you want comprehensive green jobs legislation to help put Americans back to work and solve the climate crisis here .
- Commit to recycling in your home and office
- Donate clothes and toys to the Salvation Army
- Eat more locally grown food
- Start a garden
- Bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store
- Fight Deforestation. For every dollar donated to the Canopy Project, a tree will be planted at a minimum donation of $10.
- Use green cleaning products

(Above taken from this page).


Rita said...

I remember the first Earth Day! People thought it was a bunch of crazy hippies, actually. Those hippies and people who love the earth and its people have perseverance!! And I'm glad they do. It has taken all these years, but eventually people started to recycle and now it is thinking green. Makes me very happy!! And it is all those little things that help and do make a difference. :):)

AliceKay said...

All very good ways to help preserve our environment.

(i don't let the water run while brushing my teeth)

Toriz said...

I agrree. I also think I'd do quite well as one of those tree hugging hippies. ;)

*Nods in agreement* indeed!

(Good for you!)

Intense Guy said...

Lots of things to do for the Earth... Now to do it for the other 364 days of the year.

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement with Iggy's comment*

Exactly! One day a year makes no difference; making at least some of these things year round habits does!