Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"The dog everyone loves now leaps into the '90s in this all-new exciting, updated version of Lassie! Determined to start a new life in the country, the Turner Family - Dad, stepmom, little Jennifer and teenager Matt - leaves the city for the wilds of Virginia. The move creates problems for everyone, especially Matt, who feels lost and alone in his new surroundings. Fortunately, the Turners are helped by a homeless collie who becomes part of their lives - and Matt does a lot of growing up as a result of the dog's unflinching loyalty. Watch the extraordinary collie protect Matt from a snarling wolf, rescue him from a raging waterfall or just nuzzle up for affection, and you'll know Lassie is more than a story of a boy and his dog - it's the story of a boy and the most remarkable dog in the world!"

(Above taken from here).

As you can probably tell from the above text, the version I watched recently was the 1994 version. What can I say about this one? I've seen it loads of times - couldn't find a review for it on my blog though - and would watch it again. In fact, I'd watch any of the Lassie movies or TV show episodes over, and over, and over again! I mean, come on, who doesn't love Lassie?


Rita said...

I remember the original Lassie show in TV. I was glued to the set! I also remember a really old movie--maybe even two of them--in black and white, I think. Lassie Come Home? They were awesome! But I have never seen a new version. Not sure I would want to, you know? I loved my old Lassie. ;)

Rita said...

I had to go check on IMDB and the one movie was called Lassie Come Home. Even tho it was older (1943) than the black and white TV series (1954--I was three!), the movie was in color. And Elizabeth Taylor starred in it!! Now I'd love to see that one again. I adored Lassie when I was little! Lassie is why I begged and begged for a dog till I finally got one when I was 10 years old. ;)

Intense Guy said...

Lassie is like why they call a dog, a dog... (it spells god backwards)...

I bet Kero looks up to Lassie and watched the movie with you with his ears perked reverently.

I enjoyed Lassie... it was Old Yeller that I couldn't deal with!

AliceKay said...

Lassie was one of my favorite tv shows when I was a kid. Not sure if I've ever seen this movie, but who wouldn't love watching a Lassie movie.

Old Yeller is a heart-breaker.

Toriz said...

The new ones can't beat the old ones, bt they're still worth a watch, and still fantastic, I think! :)

Kero did wake up from time to time to pay attention to the movie, but mostly he just sleeps through movies.

I've never seen Old Yeller, and I don't think I want to!

Toriz said...

Agreed (about Lassie).

Like I said, haven't seen Old Yeller, and I'm not sure if I want to!