Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Craft supplies found and craft items created

Mam found a few of my craft items, she says there may be more, but she found the items I most wanted, so that's good. I think it is, anyway.

I had a box full of card shapes... Dogs, cats, balloons, flowers, and other shapes... Some of the compartments were long since emptied, but there are still several shapes left in the box, as you can see from this photo:

And the sections no longer containing any shapes were just right to sort my new foam shapes in to, so now all my shapes are seporated, and all the sections of the box are full with a variety of card and foam shapes... Card cats, card balloons, foam snowmen, foam snowflakes, various actual shapes in both card and foam, etc.

The box has a pull-out drawer in the bottom of it, and in it I found these:

Beads in various sizes, sequins in various shapes, and some stickers. There were also some cards and envelopes, but I didn't bother getting any photos of them. They were all perfect additions to my craft supplies though! :)

The drawer is now full of cards and envelopes, and the sequins, beads and stickers are with my other sequins and such, awaiting the arrival of a box with lots of little compartments in it, which I ordered for putting all the sequins and such in.


I mentioned the other day that I had made a couple of cards. Well, here they are:

The taller, slightly narrower one was done using one of the cards among the items Mam found. The flowers are card flowers with bauble sequins in their centres, and the hearts and stars are also sequins.

The other card was made using a card from the pack I recently brought, with card cat shapes, a card heart, foam angels, and heart sequins.

The foam shapes and all the sequins were atatched using glue dots.

I also made this:

Yes, that's right... I finished Max's plane.

As you may have noticed - if you remember Michael's plane - I made Max's plane a little different to the one I made Michael. I hope he likes it.

I'm now working on a rocket, which is also a Christmas present for a baby. This baby will be only a few weeks old (at most about 6 weeks or so) when Christmas rolls around. They said it was OK to mention the baby after the 20 week scan, and that was a couple of weeks ago, so I can tell you about the baby now. Anyway, he's Emma's little brother. I'm making him a rocket ship for two reasons:

1. I don't really want to make another plane right now.
2. Max and the new baby will have regular access to each other's toys, so I thought they should have different toys.

Besides, everyone should have a rocket ship to play with at some point, and this way both Max and new baby get access to both a plane and a rocket ship, which can only be a good thing, right? ;)

I've got a whole list of projects to complete, including several more cards, a blanket for Willow (I've got a load of dark wool that I aquired - those of you who have followed my blog for a while may remember when I aquired a load of wool? I got it from Eleri, who used to live upstairs - so I'm making Willow a blanket with it to use it up, and at the same time to give her a new blanket), a blanket I want to make for Emma's baby brother, and a couple more presents I want to make for people. They all have to be done by the start of December, since some are needed before, and others need to get to people in time for the holidays. Hmmm... I better get crafting!


AliceKay said...

That's great your Mam found a few of your crafting supplies you wanted. The box looks nice for sorting some of the things you already have. The cards you made are pretty cute, by the way. :)

I'm sure Max will love the airplane you made for him. Handmade toys are sometimes the best toys.

A new baby brother for little Emma? Congratulations to the expectant parents. Hope all goes well.

And yep, you better get crafting. LOL

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

So far everything's going just fine with Emma's baby brother. Will let you know when he's here, and what he ends up being called (they haven't settled on a definate name yet).

I've just got to sew up the rocket ship, so that's almost done, but I still have a lot of things to make, so I'm going to be spending a LOT of time working on crafts (in between sorting stuff ready for moving).

Rita said...

Nice that the craft supplies arrived. I like the box they are in, too. And you're already making cards!! :)

A new airplane toy and the rocket is almost done. You are on a roll. So happy for you! :):)

Intense Guy said...

Oh goodness... all that crafting and I had forgotten about you needing to pack up for moving! You are going to be a busy woman!! I can picture you knitting away on a steamship trunk while you move (for some reason).


Toriz said...

Yeah, it's a pretty neat box, which is was hoping to find it (plus I was hoping for the shapes that were in it, lol).

Finished the rocket earlier and started my next project. :)

LMAO! I don't think that will be happening. Pretty nice image though. LOL!

Yep, trying to pack as well... And we're sorting through things as we pack to clear clutter while we pack what's coming with us.

Queenie Jeannie said...

You KNOW I'd find all of this super interesting, lol! What wonderful goodies, and all organized too. Total bliss!!! I hope you have fun with it all, because that is the most important thing.

Great job on the plane and cute cards! Handmade items are always more appreciated!

Have fun!

Toriz said...

Oh yeah, I knew you wouldn't want to miss this post. LOL!

Yep, having fun with it so far. Would like to be having more fun with it, but life keeps meaning I get a bit less crafting done than I would like.

Oh, and thanks! :)

Deanna said...

You have quite a trove of craft supplies now. Happy crafting!

The plane is very cute, as are the cards you have already made. You are one busy lady!!!!!


Toriz said...

Thanks Deanna! :)