Friday, September 02, 2011

Posts, pets and paperwork (kinda FD)

I'll get to all your blogs soon. Tonight I just want to write this post and go to bed! I'm only doing the post because it was bugging me that there wouldn't be a post on my blog for today. I'm not sure why it was, but for some reason it was!

Gwydion seems to be really happy in his new home so far. He's already "talking" to them. But then, since they gave him some fresh dandelion leaves and fresh veggies, well, I'm not surprised... The way to that guinea pig's heart is most definately through his stomach! I'm glad he's so happy. I miss him though... ~Especially when I open the fridge and no weaking can be heard... It's like my fridge had an alarm on it, only now the alarm has been deactivated. It was comforting hearing him. Especially early in the morning when nobody else was up, and I'd go in the fridge to get some milk for cereal and, "weak, weak"... The guinea pig alarm would go off! At least he seems to be happy and safe where he is though... That's what's most important!

We sent the paperwork off for our" new place on Wednesday. We sent it recorded next day delivery... Expensive, but worth it for the security and speed of the delivery. They got it yesterday (I called this morning to make sure they had definately gotten it). So now we just have to wait for them to check it all out and get back to us. They say 10 days at most from when they get the paperwork, so we should know one way or another what's going on by September 12th. And, if it is definately ours - which it should be, since we see no reason why they should have a problem with us - then I will be able to give you more information on the place and an actual moving date.

OK, I'm struggling not to use my laptop as a pillow here, so - before I get past the sleepy stage and end up being up all night (again) I'm going to end this, publish it, and go for an early night (yeah, very early, I know... it's only 5:45 pm... But when you have the type of sleeping pattern - or lack of - that I do, you sleep when you can. Even if that means you're going to bed about when most people are having dinner!)

Hope everyone is - and stays - safe and well... *Hugs to those in need of them*


Rita said...

I totally and completely understand odd hours--LOL! I'm glad Gwydion likes his new home and I am sure you will hear good news on the new place!! Hope you slept well and long. :)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad Gwydion likes his new home, too. I'm sure that must give you some comfort.

I can't wait to hear about this new place. You certainly have peaked my interest. I hope you hear soon and things go smoothly.

I hope you were able to get some sleep, too. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Rita & AK:
Yes... Knowing he's happy and safe gives me some comfort. As I said, I really miss him, but... Well, I'd rather lose him this way than have him suffer through the journey and probably not make it. He's happy, and that's what counts... Plus, it helps me to be happy about it!

We don't see any reasons why we shouldn't get good news about the place... This waiting is killing me though! Like I said though, I don't want to tell you about the place then find they find a reason not to accept us and we don't get it. Once we get the confirmation that it's ours though I promise to give more information. :)

Yes, I got some sleep. I published this post, switched off the laptop, curled up on the bed, and woke up almost 6 hours later... Haven't slept that well in more than a week! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

You must be so excited!!! *crossing my fingers* for you guys!!

Sleeping problems are a huge drain on your energy! I hope you are back on a normal pattern soon. I bought a blue light for this and it really helps A LOT! Hugs back!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Lack of light perception is half my issue... Sometimes my body just gets confused about when is day and when is night. Of course, having lots of things to keep my mind active doesn't help... I really wish I knew where to find my mind's off button sometimes!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I hope all goes well, my lovely. And about using your laptop as a pillow, I, too, have that longing desire every once in a while lol

Susan said...

I am so sorry that you had to give Gwydion away (is it temporary?---small animal like that you could sneak) I know pet loss, it sux! I always thought Guinea pigs were so cool, but yet never owned one, I thought about it once. I had, had hamsters, and build them a tubular city, LOL (not that big) but they had the big house then 2 little houses plus the "ball" they could take turns running around the house, and I bought a playground area for them to play with on the carpet --supervised of course. I thought what about the guinea pig, they do not make such things for them, you buy a big fish take and a mesh lid and that's it. I didn't want to do that to him/her. We had rabbits once. That was the life they had...not good.
oh well, that is why I never got a guinea pig.

I wish you MUCH luck(you won't need it) and send much love and positive energy your way!


PS...that giveaway I posted about, they aren't even announcing a winner til Sept. 20, you can enter til the 18th. Do you have friends or family that would let you temporarily get mail at their place? as in "in care of"---just a thought

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW, that's so exciting about the new place! I hope the paperwork goes through quickly, I can't wait for details!

Aw... and I'm sorry about Gwydion, but I'm so happy he sounds happy. :) Are you ever able to visit him? I imagine that'll get harder after you move, but at least you can get some time in with him before you go.

I had a friend who had to re-home her dog recently. I can't have pets, so I don't know exactly what this is like... but I imagine it's a cross between being sad that he's gone and happy that he's in a good home.

:HUGS: to you, too! It sounds like some are in order. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

As for the Gwydion thing... Nope, it's not temporary. Thing is, although pets are allowed at the new place, there's no safe way to get him there. Small animals suffer badly with stress and go in to shock - usually not surviving the experience - and we have to make a long train ride to the new place. Since the chances of him surviving the journey are slim we decided it would be kinder to rehome him. Kero (our Westie) is still coming with us, but - unlike guinea pigs - dogs can do train rides relatively easily, and stress doesn't usually have too much of an effect on them (at least, not too much more than it does with humans). Plus, Kero's done the journey once - a few years back - so I know he can cope with it.

As for the giveaway thing... Yeah, I could use my Dad's address if I need to (though I expect he'd prefer me not to if I can avoid it). Thing is though, if we get the place and can move as quick as we hope, then I may not be able to get online on the 20th to give any address at all, since if we move when we're hoping to we might be going on the 19th. At least with the closing date being the 18th I can maybe do a last minute entry though... I'll know by the 12th if we're getting the place, and know the same day (or the next day) when we're moving if we get it. So if we either aren't getting it or aren't moving until after the closing date then I could enter by the 14th if I'm going to be able to get online to give details on the 20th. Thing is, my mobile does have internet access, but since we wont have the home one set up for me to have it access, it costs a lot. Plus, it doesn't let me go in and check my e-mail (it's picky about which e-mail servers it can access, and - of course - mine isn't one of the ones it accesses).

Thanks... I hope so too! As I've already said, we should know by the 12th of September, so as long as they don't find any reason not to accept us, then it's all ours! And if it's ours then I'll do a post about it as soon as I get confirmation. :)

No, I can't get to visit him. I can call his new human and check up on him though. And, yes, that's just how it is... Sad that he's gone, but happy that he's happy (and also that he's safe from the stressful journey that might have cost him his life).

Deanna said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and you get your new place. Can't wait to hear more!

Hope you got some good sleep!


Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

And, yes, I did... I've just slept most of the weekend! Seriously! (And man do I feel better for it... LOL!)

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you got a bunch of sleep!!!

September 12th will be here before you know it.

Toriz said...

Yep... It's getting closer! :)