Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A blanket and a Charlie And Lola tin

I managed to get Willow (Mam's Black Labrador)'s other blanket finished before we left. Officially the blankets were her birthday presents from me, but apparently, "wait until your birthday," means nothing to Willow, since Mam ended up giving them to her already. I guess she must like them then? LOL!

Anyway, here's a photo of me holding up the blanket:

"No... Just the blanket... I don't want to be in the shot!"

(I hope I look at least half decent in those photos... I didn't plan on being included in the shots, but apparently Kelly had other ideas and thought I should be, LOL!)


The other thing I wanted to show you today is my new lockable money tin... It has Charlie And Lola on it, and - not sure if you can read it - but it says something like, "they aren't carrots, they're orange twiglets from planet Jupiter," on it. LOL!

Here's the tin:

Kelly was helping with the photos, and he tried to zoom in so you could see it better, but I'm told the photo ended up a bit blurry. Here it is anyway though:

I brought it because the money tins we were using were the kind that you had to destroy to get the money out - I had to chop off the top of SpongeBob's head to get the money for the move out of the tin - and I wanted one you didn't have to do that with (this one has a padlock). Besides, it has Charlie And Lola on it... One of the cutest little TV series and book collections around! Yeah, OK, so I'm a big kid. I don't care... I like Charlie And Lola; they're cute, funny and relatively educational!


Intense Guy said...

Ack!!! Poor spongebob!!! He's walking around headless!!! no wait.. he's .. well mostly all head!!! Ewwwwwww! just pants and a yellow head.... did he bleed much?

I think that blanket was too nice for Willow... LOL - shes a lucky and spoiled dog!

Toriz said...

A load of money poured out of him... Wish I bled money! LOL!

Rita said...

You had to behead Sponge Bob? And that is a bad thing, right? ROFL! (Just kidding, Iggy.)

Nice blanket! So funny that you didn't think he was taking a picture of you. Sneaky. You look fine, BTW. :)

Looks like Kelly needs some camera practice, but we get the idea--LOL! At least this one won't have to be cut open to reveal the treasures within.

Hope you guys are doing okay with all the unpacking. :):)

AliceKay said...

Nice blanket. I'm sure it will keep Willow nice and warm for a long, long time. (yep, you look fine) :)

That's a cute little money tin. Great idea, too. This way you don't have to smash it to get the money back out. (poor SpongeBob) LOL

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad Willow liked her blanket. You did a great job making it.

I just knew Iggy would be upset over the beheading of Spongebob. LOL

That corgi :) said...

That is a very nice blanket!! I'm glad Willow liked it! I bet it is warm too! What a cute money tin! I need to get one of those, especially one that locks, LOL, so maybe the money will stay in there and not get spent as it seems to do so easily these days!


Serena said...

You look great and so does that did an awesome job, Tori! My Cody loves snuggling up to blankets. I've just finished my crochet blanket recently and am now tying in all the loose ends. There are a lot of them because the blanket has lots of stripes.

Cool money tin!

Ahem...I'm thinking the beheading of SpongeBob was a good thing. Sorry, I couldn't stand SpongeBob but my son, Aaron, loved him. lol

How's the unpacking coming along?

Toriz said...

You're bad... LOL!

Glad I look "fine" in the photos. ;)

Yeah, he does, but it doesn't help that the lighting wasn't great... Rarely was in the old place (it was decorated dark for me because of how much light hurt when I could see light, which was the case when we first moved in there). Bad light = bad shots.

The unpacking is getting there. At a decent pace too! :)

That's good; about the blanket, and about me looking fine! :)

Yep, poor SpongeBob; first they squished him in to a rounder shape for the tin, then I chopped the top of his head off... He's having a bad year, I think! ;)

Thanks! :)

Absolutely; I had to mention it anyway though... LOL!

Yes, nice and warm... Kept my legs really warm when I was knitting it. LOL!

That was the idea of the SpongeBob tin; you can't just sneak in there and grab money. Only thing is that you have to replace the tin if you do have to open it (it works by having the top of it cut off with a can opener). Padlocks are good, but easier to get in to... As long as you don't lose the keys anyway. ;)

Thanks; hope you're happy with your blanket now it's done! :)

I know a few people who would agree with you. I happen to like him. Not nearly as much as Iggy, but still...

The unpacking is coming along nicely. Will be doing more in a bit (after I sort some stuff online and have some lunch).

Deanna said...

LOL about Spongebob. I knew Iggy would feel awful for him. The new bank is a smart idea.

You look great in the picture and that blanket is gorgeous. You are very talented!

Toriz said...

Thanks Deanna! :)

*Blushes a little*