Saturday, October 15, 2011

Get Off Your Broom: Week 2 reviewed (LBE and FD)

This is my post for this week for the Get Off Your Broom witchy fitness challenge that Serenity over at The Domestic Pagan is hosting. Before I begin it though...

A note to my fellow participents: I am 100% behind you, and supporting you with your goals for weight loss and healthier lifestyles. The reason for the lack of commenting on my part on your posts is purely due to a combination of the issues Blogger seems to keep having with the embedded comment form (fixable if you change your blogger comment form to a different type; like the full page one), and word verification, which is impossible for me since I'm blind and the "listen and type" thing rarely works, and is a lot of hastle anyway. The other reason I may not be commenting on your updates is if they're on Facebook, which I gave up on, or if - since after writing comments on several posts, only to find I couldn't comment because of word verification - I had given up commenting as a lost cause and resorted to just reading the posts by the time I got to your blog, or if your blog was difficult to navigate in general, so I couldn't even find the post. Anyway, it's nothing personal; if I could I would comment on every single post; it's frustrating when so many sites aren't accessable though. I'm not complaining, just letting you know so that you know why I'm not returning comments, and not checking in on Serenity's blog, or whatever.

Anyway, on to my own post...

The challenge set last week was to look at the where, when, why, etc, of bad eating habits, and research/think about ways to improve things. Well, I didn't do it last week, because I had so many things to catch up on, so I'm doing it today instead.

Not that I need to think too much about it. I know my problem, and I know what I should do to fix it. Actually doing it is the hard part...

My problem is that I'm a boredom eater and a comfort eater.

If I'm bored, I reach for something to eat; because it's something to do.

If I'm upset, angry, etc, I reach for something to eat... Usually something sweet, or some crisps/potato chips; because they taste good, so I feel better (well, for a while).

As for what I should do about it...

Find other things to do when I'm bored; craft projects, or whatever... Anything that keeps my hands busy, and - if possible - my mind off food.

Find other things to satisfy my cravings when I'm upset or whatever; meaning healthier options... Things that are naturally sweet, and not full of sugar, fat and chemicals.

Also, find alternative ways to deal with the feelings that don't involve eating.

Now I just need to actually do those things... *Sigh*

Anyway, on to my stats and a review of this past week.

The review first...

Much better; I think so, anyway...

I haven't had a take-away since Tuesday night, and then only had one because I needed to (no way of cooking, nobody else here... I had to eat something somehow). Since then I've eaten better; proper meals, etc. I did have a couple of chocolate bars and a French pastry this past week, but only the one pastry, and two chocolate bars.

Not so good; I really don't drink enough! I have been drinking herbal teas and fruit juices basically all week (I just had the 1 500ml bottle of fizzy drink), but not enough of them... I think the most I've had to drink on any given day has been about 3 pints of liquid; I need to work on that... That can't be good for my kidneys!

I'm pretty pleased with the exercise too...

I still haven't started back with the Yoga exercises, but I've been doing plenty of walking. I haven't done 3 walks every day, but I've definately walked more than I used to:

Three 20 minute walks on Sunday
A 20 minute walk and a 40 minute walk on Monday
A 30 minute walk on Tuesday
Three 20 minute walks on Wednesday
A 20 minute walk and an hour walk on Thursday
An hour and a half walk on Friday (yesterday)
An hour walk today, with another walk planned later (which should be a 20 minute walk)

Bearing in mind my walks used to be anything from 0 to 4 short 10 minute walks each day; so sometimes no walking, and a maximum of 40 minutes, if I could be bothered. So the fact that the least amount of walking has been the 30 minute walk on Tuesday is, I think, a good improvement. Not great, but better.

I think Kero's appreciating the extra walks too!

I have had quite a workout with dragging boxes about and getting things unpacked though... Does that count for anything? It's exhausting work, if that helps you decide. LOL!

The Stats:
No change to my measurements, but I lost 2lbs., which - considering the... Erm... Time of the month - is fantastic, I think; I normally put on about 2lbs at this time of the month, so I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to hear the scales announce a lower number when I stepped on to them this morning!

To sum up:
I'm pretty pleased with this week, and only hope I can keep it up; and find some way of avoiding the temptation of chocolate bars, and stop the boredom and comfort eating!

My goals for this week:

* Drink more.
* Find healthier options for those sweet tooth moments.
* Find alternative anger and stress relief to eating.
* Find alternative boredom busters; have healthy snacks on hand for when they don't work.
* Finish unpacking so there's room to use the Yoga mat; actually use it.
* Stop making excuses for avoiding the 3 walks a day.

OK, I think that covers everything for this week... Besides, I need to go have my dinner, get some things done around the house (OK, flat), get that other walk in, and - if I can stay awake long enough after all that - catch up on blogs, and read some more of the posts for the Grim Blog Party that Magaly from Pagan Culture is hosting.


Rita said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds!! I figured you'd have to lose something with all the unpacking and longer walks. Whoohoo! Good plans, too. :)
Have a great weekend!!

Diandra said...

Two pounds? That's great! Now to keep it up, right?

That corgi :) said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds gone! It is hard to get the fluids in, schedule them in your day. I drink a glass of water (14 ounces, but you can start lower, like 8 ounces) first thing in the morning. Then I drink another one after the gym, etc throughout the day. Try to make it a habit every time you are in the kitchen to grab a glass of water, even if it is not a full one, but just to establish the habit!

Great exercise too! That is awesome. And yes, unpacking is exercise! It is hard work to do it!!

you are doing great!!!!!!

keep up the good work!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Yay! 2 pounds! How lovely. Gee, I din't think you would be doing anything, with moving and all. You are such a motivator!

Toriz said...

Thanks; I'd have been a bit ticked off if I hadn't lost anything with all the walking and unpacking. I want to do more walking, but what I did was more than I had been doing, and I did much better with food, so I deserved to lose those 2lbs, I think!

You have a great weekend too! :)

Thanks; yes, now to keep it up... Hope you had a good week with the challenge too! :)

Thanks! :)

Yeah, I know... I really should do that with the drinks thing. Even if it's just a small cup each time; they all add up, right?

Thanks! :)

Well, I figure if I can do it in the middle of moving, then I can do it in general, right? So, what better time to prove to myself - and everyone else - that I can do it?

Intense Guy said...

You and Kero and going to have sculpted walkers legs! Moving is a lot work - and stressful too - so you had some comfort food... I think "now and then" it's not only okay to eat it - it might even be a good idea (pamper yourself a little - avoid the stress headaches).

The boredom eating is a tough one - I do the same thing... if you find something that works, I'd like to hear it. Its just too easy to "just" munch on things.

2 pounds in light of things is excellent! Go Tori!!

AliceKay said...

I think you're doing great in light of everything that's going on in your life right now. I say keep up the good work and things will fall right into place. *hugs*

Furry Bottoms said...

Yeah, I think you're doing excellently! Keep it up.

My problem is midnight eating. I lay in bed, my stomach growls... and I know I will never be able to go back to sleep until I have something. So I usually have a bowl of cereal. and then I immediately fall asleep. I need to STOP doing that!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

I just hope other bits get toned a bit too; could do with losing some stomach, LOL!

I agree; as long as it's not every day, then it's fine! :)

Will make sure to let you know if I figure out what to do about the boredom eating!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Have you tried weaning yourself off it? Like have something a bit smaller until eventually you get down to not needing anything (or at most having a really small bit of fruit or something). Just a thought! :)