Monday, October 17, 2011

Moving - part 2: right by our new home (LBE)

Continued from yesterday...

It's time for the second part of my posts about my recent move; part 2 of 5!


I didn't want to make each post too long, so I had to seporate it in to several posts... LOL!


Time to go for a walk near our new home.

Note: These photos were taken during two different walks; the first was the day after we got here (during our Thursday evening walk), the second was a couple of days later (I think it was our first Sunday morning here... In fact, I'm sure it was!)

OK, Kero's ready to go...

Kero says, "let's go this way!"

Just around the corner, and down the hill, there's a hotel...

It's called "The Royal Victoria Hotel" and - if anyone wants to visit - they seem to accept pets, and have reasonably priced rooms (I looked it up, and if I have the right hotel, the rooms start at about £50 a night, which is somewhere between $80 and $100, depending on the exchange rate at the time.) Just thought you'd like to know, LOL!

Anyway, it has a nice view of the ocean, and there's a park right beside it...

...Which is where we were heading. I'm not sure what the park's "proper" name is, but they call it, "the park for the blind," or, "the blind park," here.

You can see it clearly from the other side of the road...

...The beautiful park, with its lake...

Ducks live on the lake, but none were visible when we had the camera... They were there when we went without it though, of course!

Anyway...If you join Kero and myself for our walk...

...You can see, smell, and touch the flowers...

The weather wasn't great during this visit - well, it was until we started walking around the park, then it started raining - and when we went back - on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day - we forgot the camera. But Kelly says he'll help me get some better shots another time. It's only about 5 minutes away though, so I'm sure that will happen at some point; we'll have plenty of oppertunities, anyway!

For anyone wondering... They call it, "the blind park," because it was created to be enjoyable to the blind; the flowers are well perfumed, and can withstand being touched. Plus, they used to - or so we're told - have plaques up around the park that were in braille. The only reason they no longer do is a lack of funding. It's still a nice place to walk though; we've been there a few times. To take a walk around the entire park at a reasonable pace would take about 2 hours (judging by our calculations based on how long it took us to do half of the park in one walk).

OK, it's time to go home now; here's the top of our steps...

Down we go to our little patio area...

...Here's our living room window; it looks out over our little patio area...

It's not a very big area, but Kero seems to enjoy being out there...

And, hey, it's a private area that's big enough for Kero and I to go outside when it's nice; with a gate at the bottom and top of the steps, and nobody going through the gates unless they're coming to or going from our place. So, Kero and I are happy with our little outside area!

Here I am in the doorway...

I'd invite you in, but we haven't taken photos of the inside of our new home yet. LOL!


I've "sort of" learned the walk. Just one problem; I can't find our gate when I get back to it. I learned this the hard way when Kelly went back to Wales at the start of last week to get the stuff loaded on the removal van, and I thought I'd be clever and take myself for a walk. We did great, until it came to attempting to locate the correct gate. It turned out funny though... Well, you have to laugh really, don't you?

Anyway, what happened was... I asked a passing neighbour for help, only he wasn't even sure if it was the right road (it was, and I was sure it was, but he didn't want to get me more lost). So, he stopped another neighbour, who also wasn't sure. They'd both lived in this area for years (he for 12 years, her all her life) but they didn't know the roads by name. I can see how that could happen; I have the same problem in the area we lived in back in Wales. Anyway, they stopped a passing car and asked the driver, who - luckily - did know the roads by name and was able to confirm that we were on the right road, and also point the first neighbour in the direction of the right gate. He then led me to it, and watched me until I'd unlocked the door; just to be sure we really had located the right place, which we had.

YAY for helpful neighbours! :)

Hmmm... I think I'll wait for my mobility lessons before I try that again!

Speaking of which; I called about a "rehabilitation officer" (since that's what they call them these days), and one is meant to be coming to see me on October 25th at 2:00 pm. That's a lot quicker than I expected, actually; I expected to be waiting until early next year before I even got a call back, let alone a visit!


We saw a squirrel during one of our walks.

Of course, it was one of the walks where we left the camera at home!


Anyway, I think this will do for today...

Come back tomorrow for part 3!


Parsley said...

Great photos! I have to ask about Kero. Is he a Westie and does he have training as a seeing eye dog?
For some reason, I thought bigger dogs were mostly used in that area.

Have a great week. Hope you get your bearings in the new neighborhood soon.

That corgi :) said...

That park looks like a great place to walk; lots of new adventures when you go there fo ryou and Kero! I liked that hotel and I do think the rates were very reasonable, especially if they did allow pets! Always good to know, too, that you live in a friendly area with people available and willing to help! Glad you got home safely that day!

looking forward to part 3 :)


Intense Guy said...

That park looks beautiful - as does the hotel. So, the hotel is named after you... or rather you after the lady they named it after...

Looks like a great place for Walkies!! You need to tie something to your gate so you can find it!! Perhaps a tin pie plate that will bang quitely when the wind blows...?

Rita said...

What a beautiful park!! Kero does look very happy and interested in everything!! ;)

I was thinking, too, that if you tied or attached something to the gate that you could feel (you obviously have the right street down) then you would be able to find your gate more easily. You'll have it all memorized pretty quickly, I'm sure. But it wouldn't hurt to have something on the gate to reassure you.

This is fun for us to see your new home and surroundings! Can hardly wait for the next installment. :):)

AliceKay said...

I'm with Rita...can hardly wait for Part 3. :)

It looks like a lovely park and a safe place for you and Kero to take your walks. Nice looking area, too. Your new home looks great so far. :)

Also great news on the quick appointment time for you to meet with a rehabilitation officer. I hope it goes well.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad you and Kero have a place where you can take him for a walk. What a lovely park, with all the pretty flowers, I can almost smell their fragrances, enticing me with every step. Glad you made it back to your gate safely, with a bit of help. I like Iggy's idea, maybe put something on your gate to identify it from the others.

Toriz said...

Kero is a Westie; and, no, he's not a guide dog. he could be - though they mostly use big dogs, small ones can be used - but he isn't for two reasons. 1. When we got him I had enough eyesight not to need to use a cane all the time, let alone need a guide dog. 2. He doesn't have the right kind of temprement (the deciding factor in whether a dog can be a guide dog). Besides, I don't want a guide dog, I'd prefer to just use my cane. I mean, I need to learn the routes I walk either way, and I don't really feel I could fully trust a dog. Plus the fact it is generally larger dogs, and I generally prefer smaller dogs. Kero does kind of help me a bit, but he does so out of loyalty and love, not because he was trained to. That's why he wasn't much help with finding home; he will - when he learns home - "sometimes" take me home when I tell him, but right now he's too interested in all the new smells to pay any attention to anything other than what his nose is leading him to.

Yes, those rates are really good. And, it seems like a nice park, and I'm glad people around here are friendly and helpful too! :)

There are a lot of places with the name "Victoria," because of the queen; Victoria and Elizabeth are very common names for... Well, just about everything!

I was thinking about doing that, but I wasn't sure what to tie to the gate that would both be easy to find and also not get damaged or blow away in bad weather.

Yes, Kero's very happy, and that nose hasn't stopped working since we got here, LOL!

I agree; having something tied to the gate would be a good plan. I'm just not sure what to use that wouldn't get damaged in bad weather, blow away easily, etc... *Shrugs*... I'll think of something. Maybe my mobility officer will have some ideas? Only one more week until she - or he, I suppose, since I still don't know for sure - comes.

Yes; nice place to walk! :)

And thanks; if she - or he - is as nice as the person I spoke to who made the appointment then I should have a good meeting with the rehabilitation officer next week. :)

Yes; I could have stayed at the park longer than I did... So peaceful, and such pretty scents! :)

I like Iggy's idea too!

Serena said...

Tori, thanks for taking us on your walk. What a lovely area you live in and the blind park sounds beautiful!

As I'm late getting to these posts, you've probably already found a solution for the gate but I was thinking about getting a sign made in Braille and attaching it to the gate? You did really well though, all considered.

Toriz said...

Actually, we still haven't figured out what to atatch to the gate; Kelly's coming on walks with me at the moment.

A braille sign would work, except I wouldn't know where to get one. Also, they'd probably cost a fair bit.