Monday, January 16, 2012

A blanket, a card, and a couple of toys

I thought I'd show you photos of some recent craft projects.

On November 24th Emma-Jane became a big sister (which you'll know already if you read my Mam's blog; I can't remember if I mentioned it at the time, but I know she did... I think I did, but I'm really not sure). Anyway, Emma's baby brother is called Harrison, and I promised I'd make him his very own blanket. Well, the holidays were approaching, Harri was almost a month old, and I hadn't finished his blanket, so I promised myself I'd finish it before the start of the new year; I thought it would be nice to go in to the new year without a load of unfinished craft projects (which I achieved; I wasn't in the middle of any projects when New Year's Day arrived). Anyway, here's the blanket:

It got posted to my Mam last week, and she'll be delivering it to Harri for me.


Remember how I said on Friday that my Nan recently celebrated her 84th birthday?

Well, here's the card I made her:

I also made a start on some of the handmade presents I plan to give out this year. I had planned to do my things first, but I was done with Harri's blanket before my blue wool arrived, so I figured I'd make a couple of small presents while I waited.

So I made this bear:

Which is to be Emma's birthday present (her birthday is in March).

And then I made this ball:

The blue wool I'd ordered arrived the day I finnished the ball, so that was well timed!

I'm now about a third of the way through the scarf for my scarf, hat and mittens set. But it's currently been put on hold while I work on something else. I can't tell you what I'm working on though, because it's for a swap I'm doing, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Once it's finished though I'll continue working on my scarf. And, don't worry, you'll get to see what I've put my scarf on hold to make, but not until after it arrives at its destination.


Autumn said...

Your crafting AMAZES me!!! Wow...great job!

Intense Guy said...

:) Little Harrison is going to be so pleased (and so warm!)

That bear is incredible! :)

I like the ball- I hope Kero umm... don't make it soggy!

Toriz said...

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :)

Kero wont be getting near the ball, so it's OK.

AliceKay said...

That's a very nice blanket. I'm sure little Harri will love it.

What a cute idea for a birthday card. I bet your Nan really loved it. :)

Cute bear for Emma's birthday. I'm sure she'll love playing with it.

I was wondering if the ball was for Kero. Now I know it isn't. ;)

You're doing great with the knitting. I'm looking forward to seeing the set you're making for yourself.

Rita said...

Nice blanket! I love the buttons for the "4" on your grandma's card. That bear is just adorable!! And the ball...if that's Kero's it will be chomped on and played with a lot!

You've been very busy, lady! This is the time of year for settling inside and doing crafty things, that's for sure. Be waiting to see more pics. :):)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Yes, she seemed to like the card.

Thanks; yes, it's the time of year to be inside in the warm working on projects and being greatful for things like central heating, warm blankets, etc. ;)

Nope, the ball isn't for Kero. I expect he'd love one though... Maybe I'll make him one; we'll see. But this one isn't for Kero.