Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Furkid thoughts: Kero's holidays 2011 continued (FD)

Hi humans, it's Kero again!

OK, so I told you about the first few days, now I want to tell you about the final couple of days of my holidays; the part where Santa Paws came!

As I said at the end of December, despite my best efforts, I didn't catch him. He left me a stocking full of treats though; here I am seeing what he left me with Mami:

There were some yummy treats in that stocking; here I am with one of them:

In my stocking were all my favourite treats... Jumbones, schmacos, rawhide treats, and several other treats. That Santa Paws seems to know exactly what my favourite treats are; he knows me as well as Mami does!

After stockings it was time for the last of the presents from under the tree.

Santa Paws had left me a present under there; the turkey teddy in these photos:

It's a squeaky turkey teddy; I look confused because I was trying to figure out how he snuck the present among the ones under there without me noticing they'd been moved; he must be really sneaky, or very magical!

I also had a big package - which I'd been sniffing at longingly since it appeared - waiting under the tree for me from my humans; there were three things in it.

A polar bear teddy that squeaks...

A selection box (alright; more treats!)...

And a new bed...

Here I am trying out my new bed:

My new bed is now in the living room, and my old beds (which are actually small beds; they're meant to be decent sized cat beds) are in the bedroom; Mami put them side by side with my blankets spread over them so I can stretch out better. They're looking a bit tatty, so Mami planned to throw one away, but I got upset, so she used them to make a big bedroom bed instead. I'm not quite ready to part with them yet!

When my humans had their holiday feast I had some ham; I love ham!

And that's it for my holiday post. I know the holidays are all over with now, because on Monday Mami put away the decorations. She says she'll pull them out again when it's almost time for Santa Paws to come back. I'm already excited about him coming back; especially if we'll be having lots of present days again... I love presents!

Licks and snifss,


Intense Guy said...

Wow Kero! Looks at all the treats and toys - and a new bed to sleep in when you get tired of eating and playing (now that doesn't seem possible does it? smiles)

I hope Sandy Paws was good to your Mami and Daci too!

Rita said...

A new bed!
I love my bed.
My human put it up on my chair and I was upset...until I tried it out. Now I love it up there. I don't have to worry about anybody stepping on me.
Your new bed looks nice. Treats are always good. Thanks for mine!
Love, Karma

That corgi :) said...

Indeed you were very blessed with lots of goodies this holiday season, Kero, including that comfy looking new bed! I bet next year when those decorations come out you will be eagerly anticipating the days until you can open whatever gifts lie waiting for you then!! Thanks for sharing your holiday and goodies with us!


Deanna said...

Ahhhh there is nothing like a new bed to sleep in. Sweet dreams Kero. I'll bet the dreams will be about treats and toys and Santa Paws coming again!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Sometimes even I need a nap; especially now I'm creeping up on my 8th birthday... Only a few more months until it comes! Anyway, thanks. And, yes, my humans got lots of stuff too. My stuff is better, of course, but they seem pleased with what they got.

Being where you can't get stepped on is always a good thing! You're welcome about the treats; happy birthday!

I'm glad you enjoyed my holiday posts; yes, I'll be eagerly watching for Santa Paws and longing to know what's in those packages as soon as I see the decorations go up and the presents start appearing under the tree!

Thanks; absolutely!

Licks and sniffs,

AliceKay said...

You must have been a very good dog because Santa Paws was very good to you. :) Are your squeaky toys still squeaking? LOL

A new bed is the bestest thing. Hope you have many happy and comfy sleeps in there.

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Yes, I must have been very good!

And, yes, the rest of my squeaky toys are still squeaking; it's only the bone and pudding from the other post that no longer squeak, the ones mentioned in this post still squeak... For now!

Licks and sniffs,