Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mid January scribbles

We've had several nasty "sea storms" and it's extremely cold, but no snow. There's often a fair amount of frost in the mornings though. Perhaps it's too cold for snow? I'm no weather expert, so I don't know the right sort of temperatures for snow. Not that it would help me much if I did, since I don't know what the temperature has been lately. All I know is that it's really cold, and I don't really need to know more than that. I would like some snow though... Please?


For a few minutes this morning I wasn't sure if it was really Sunday. Why? Because we got post. Not special delivery type post, but the normal post. I only remember one other time that happened, and I'm pretty sure that was around this time of the year too. I can only guess that they're doing a couple of Sunday deliveries to get caught up on all the stuff that usually piles up with the holiday deliveries. It threw me for a few minutes though, and I had to check what day it was before I was satisfied I hadn't added or lost a day somewhere, which - I have to admit - would have been a possibility, hence the need to check; it wouldn't have been the first time!


I'm almost done with my Harry Potter book marathon. I would have been done before now, but I figure I should do things like sleep too, and I can't listen to it while I use the laptop. I can't remember how many disks it is in all, but I know they range from about 10 disks to 24 disks, and I know I'm about a third of the way through the final book (with plans to listen to a couple more disks later).


OK, well, I know this isn't much of a post, but I'm going to let this do for today anyway; I need to spend some time catching up on reading the blog posts I haven't read from the past couple of days.


AliceKay said...

If I could send you some snow, I would. LOL

Yep, you need to sleep sometimes, too. Enjoy listening to your books. :)

Rita said...

All we have is a dusting over here.
Usually when it gets down to single digits it rarely snows here so that's why people always say it's too cold to snow. ;)

Have fun with the Potter books! :)

Intense Guy said...

Its really gotten cold here!!

But no snow....

Is the harry potter marathon, books or movies?

Toriz said...

Thanks; wish you could send some! :)

At the moment I wouldn't mind even just a dusting. Of course, I'd rather some decent snow, but a dusting would be a start, LOL!

Books; done the movie marathon already. ;)